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Aquarium PharmaceuticalsAquarium Pharmaceuticals

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

For around 40 years now, Aquarium Pharmaceuticals has been delivering high quality aquarium solutions. With the use of diverse Aquarium Pharmaceuticals products, the aquarium inhabitants have shown positive response in the terms of their growth and well-being. Employing natural methods optimally, Aquarium Pharmaceuticals has been taking care of even the most delicate variety of aquatic flora and fauna. Fresh Marine brings to you the choicest of tank solutions by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals. The ensuing discussion deals with these.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Air Pumps
  • RENA Air Pumps. These are Diaphragm Air Pumps and support flows from 50 liters/hour to 325 liters/hour. The high flow rate of the RENA Air Pumps is credited to the machines’ high pressure. These pumps leverage your Aquarium’s maintenance by facilitating additional aeration and filtration, that too quietly. RENA Air Pumps inherit their silence from the innovative designs of their Expansion & Noise Suppression Chambers, Curved Casing, a sturdy Diaphragm, and a Precision Lock Base. The Air Pumps can be placed in an Under-Gravel Filter System to boost Biological Filtration, Aeration, and healthy Gaseous Exchange. You can also use RENA Air Pumps to power Aquarium Accessories, such as, Underwater Ornaments and Bubble Displays. RENA Air Pumps are UL/CUL approved and Tune-up Kits and Replacement Filters are now available for these. RENA Air 50, 100, 200, 300, & 400 Pumps are some key capacity variations available in the range. RENA Air Pumps are UL/CUL approved.

  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Algae Scrapers Scrubbers
  • Doc Wellfish’s Algae Scrapers. These sturdy Algae Scrapers Scrubbers have an 18" long Handle, along with a Scrubbing Pad and a hard Scraping Tip, which can remove the toughest of algae easily. These devices are available for Acrylic and Glass Aquariums.

  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Aquarium Canister Filters
  • RENA FilStar xP Canister Filters. These Aquarium Canister Filters are one of the best in the industry, which are easy to start, and provide a well-organized three-stage filtration, Mechanical, Chemical, & Biological, that too very quietly. The ergonomic & firm design of FilStar, coupled with high definition technology, provides large Filter Media capacity enabled with a smooth water flow rate, while yielding it reliability and easy maintenance value. The self locking Water Shutoff System for avoiding accidental water loss, and the Anti-Airlock System for ensuring continuous water flow, work in coherence to maintain the right and continuous water flow through the Filter Media. On one hand, a watertight connection is realized with Barbed Nozzles & Safety Clips; on the other hand, its Ceramic Shaft is sturdy enough to stay perfectly fine, even when exposed to salty water of a Marine Aquarium. RENA FilStar Aquarium Canister Filters are available with Filter Foam, Micro Filtration Pad, and Bio-Chem Zorb Pouch. The handles equipped multi-utility Filtration Baskets have divisions, and facilitate easy maintenance of the Filter. Complete Inlet and Outlet Accessory Packs, with the Nozzles capable of 160 degrees of rotation, Flexible Tubing, Disposable Filtration Pouches, and an easily accessible Impeller, are just some of the additional features towards perfecting the machine. For further details, please go through the complete product description. RENA FilStar xP1, xP2, xP3, and xP4 Canister Filters, are the options available in the range at Fresh Marine.

    Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Hang On Filters.
  • RENA SmartFilters. One of the most popular Hang on Filters, RENA Smart Filters immensely boost an aquarium’s Biological Filtration They filter with their universally replaceable 4-sided Cartridges, which fit to all sizes, and Bio-Chem Zorb executing the flexible and superior filtration. RENA Smart Filters have a unique removable Motor Rack for an easy cleaning of the vital parts of the filter, without taking out the main unit from the aquarium. Bio Chem Stars, 4, 8, & 12, meant for Biological Filtration, are slotted in their unique Towers for optimal filtration. These Hang on Filters facilitate a precise and thorough dispersal of aquarium water treatments & medications through their Dosing Ports. RENA SmartFilters 20, 30, and 55 are the models available in the range.

  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Aquarium Heaters
  • RENA Smart Heaters. These Aquarium Heaters, with a temperature range of 69 to 93 degree Fahrenheit, are though Inline Heaters for the RENA SmartFilter or XP Canister Filters but can also be used as an independent Aquarium Heater. If attached to the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Filter, waste is filtered out before the water enters the tank. Equipped with Tubular Design, RENA Smart Heaters continuously heat the water flowing through them. The heaters guard your fishes from temperature fluctuation by alerting you with their RED Alert Light. The light begins to blink if a temperature fluctuation of +/-5 degrees happens. RENA Smart Heaters are safe to touch even when operating. RENA Smart Heater 50W – 20 gallons, 100W – 35 Gallons, 150W – 50 Gallons, 200W – 70 Gallons, 300W – 90 Gallons, are the different capacities available in the range.
  • RENA Cal Top Light Excel Heaters. These CSA approved, fully water submersible heaters with watertight Triple Seal to prevent water from leaking into their body. A 500 Micron Silver contact Thermostat prevents the heaters from overheating. Digitally calibrated temperature control enables easy temperature regulation and readings. The heaters can be placed vertically or horizontally in the Aquarium. Double power Indicator Lights, and 6-foot long Electrical Cord touch up the perfection of RENA Excel Heaters. RENA Cal Top Light Excel Heater 11.625” – 100W, 11.625” – 150W, 14” – 200W, and 14” – 300W are the capacity options in the range.

  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Aquarium Plant Supplements
  • Leaf Zone Aquarium Fertilizer. As is evident from the name, Leaf Zone mainly helps the leaves’ health of aquarium plants, which in turn are significantly important for a plant’s growth due to their Photosynthetic nature. The fertilizer employs chelated Iron and Potassium for the purpose, which the plant leaves easily absorb. Overall, Leaf Zone encourages the growth and the health of aquatic plants. This Aquarium Plant Supplement is available in 8 oz and 16 oz packs.

  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Ammonia Chlorine Removers.
  • Tap Water Conditioner. This removes Chlorine and detoxifies Heavy Metals, present in Tap Water. Safe for aquatic fauna and flora, the conditioner is especially helpful when you require Tap Water to add to the tank or while setting up a new aquarium.
  • Ammo-Lock. This Aquarium Water Additive is a Water Conditioner, meant for both, Fresh as well as Salt Water. The Ammonia Chlorine Remover instantly detoxifies Ammonia by converting it into non-toxic forms, which are later eliminated by the Biological Filter. In addition, Ammo-Lock eliminates Chlorine by neutralizing it and Chloramines by breaking their chemical bonds. As a result, aquarium inhabitants get a stress free environment and stay healthy.

  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Feeding Equipment
  • RENA LG 100 Automatic Fish Feeder. This is an UL approved Automatic Feeder, equipped with eight different feeding settings and meant for dry foods feeding to aquarium inhabitants. The Drying Module of the feeder prevents food clogging, while Light Sensors enable nighttime shut-off of the feeder.

  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Medications.
    Aquarium Pharmaceuticals medications are usually meant to treat several types of infections in both, Freshwater as well as Marine Aquarium Inhabitants, until otherwise mentioned.
  • Bacterial Medications. These include Furan -2, EM Erythromycin, & Triple Sulfa Medications. Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacterial infections including Hemorrhagic Septicemia (blood spots without the sign of skin damage), Body Slime & Eye Cloud, Open Red Sores, Fin & Tail Rot, Bacterial Gill Disease, Mouth Fungus, and Furunculosis (open lesions and swelling), are some bacterial complications that can be treated with these medications.
  • Parasite Medications. For Parasitic diseases, such as, Velvet, Anchor Worm, Fish Lice, Hole-In-The-Head Disease (Hexamita species & Spironucleus species), and Gill & Skin Flukes (Dactylogyrus species & Gyrodactylus species). General Cure Medications are the options in the range.
  • Ich Medications. Within 24 hours of administration, controls Ich or White Spot Disease, a highly contagious infection. The medications also prevent secondary Bacterial Infections from setting in. Super Ick Cure Medication is the option in the range.
  • Fungus Medications. Fungus Cure Medication, PrimaFix, MelaFix, and Liquid Fungus Cure can treat Fungus (Saprolegnia species & Achlya species), Mouth Fungus (Cotton Mouth Disease), Body Slime & Eye Cloud, and Fin & Tail Rot infections.

  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Nitrate Removers.
  • Nitra-Zorb. Meant for Freshwater Aquariums, this Nitrate Remover contains an optimal blend of natural and synthetic Ion-Exchange Resins, which helps clearing the aquarium water of Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate. This Phosphate free formula is contained in a flow-through pouch, which filters the water as it passes through the pouch. This Nitrate Remover can serve as a Filter Media in any Aquarium Filter, and can easily be recharged in a solution of warm Table Salt. Nitra-Zorb is especially helpful while setting up a new tank with low levels of Ammonia and Nitrite in it. Use Nitra-Zorb regularly in the new tank to help avert the Fish loss. Keep testing the aquarium water for Ammonia and Nitrite. If the results are positive despite the installation of Nitra-Zorb then, this suggests that the Nitrate Remover requires recharging. Nitra-Zorb is also very helpful during the phase when the Biological Filter of your aquarium is still in the process of setting up. Nitra-Zorb is safe for delicate fish and plants and does not alter pH, Hardness, Alkalinity, or Trace Elements such as Iron levels.
  • Ammo-Carb. This Nitrate Remover, meant for the aquariums housing Tropical Fishes, contains a highly Activated Carbon. This Filter Media can be employed in all Filter Cartridges to remove colors, odors, & poisonous waste from Fresh and Marine Aquariums.

  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Phosphate Removers.
  • Phos-Zorb. This Phosphate Remover eliminates Phosphate and Silicates present in Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums. In addition, it also removes the residues of fish metabolism and decaying organic matter. This Phosphate Remover does not affect pH and the Trace Elements levels in aquarium water. It comes in 5.25 oz. pack.

  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Red Slime Algae Removers.
  • Algaefix. This Red Slime Algae Remover controls the growth of several types of algae found in Planted Freshwater Aquariums. In effect, the aquarium water is cleaned, creating a healthy environment for its flora and fauna.
  • Algae Destroyer Advanced Liquid. This Red Slime Algae Remover controls the growth of ugly Green and Brown Algae growing in Freshwater Aquariums. A weekly application of Algae Destroyer significantly eases out the maintenance of Freshwater Aquariums.

  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Stress Reduce Supplements.
  • Stress Zyme. This Stress Reduce Supplement is a Biological Filter Additive for both, Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums. Stress Zyme speeds up the evolution of Biological Filter in a tank by cleaning the organic waste from its water. The formula contains beneficial live Bacteria for decomposing the harmful Organic Pollutants present in the tank water. If allowed to stay, these Organic Contaminants can slow down the growth of Nitrifying Bacteria, resulting in Ammonia & Nitrite Poisoning, and low Oxygen levels. As a result, this Stress Reduce Supplement maintains a positive aquarium environment by keeping the water clean and of high quality, which in turn benefits the health of fishes therein. Its regular usage can gradually improve the water quality and the health of the fishes living in it.
  • Stress Coat. Suitable for Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums, Water Gardens, and Ponds, this Stress Reduce Supplement is an excellent Water Conditioner containing Nature’s Liquid Bandage, Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera in the Stress Reduce Supplement prevents the loss of important electrolytes from the body, while also guarding the injured tissues from the disease inducing germs. In addition, Stress Coat helps fishes recover from their Skin Wounds and heal their Torn Fins. The formula quickly removes Chlorine & Chloramines, and neutralizes Heavy Metals (e.g., Copper & Zinc) from tap water, to make it safe and healthy for fishes. Stress Coat also replaces natural Slime Coating on fishes with its synthetic one, during their stressful time, such as, fighting, shipping, netting, and handling to name some. For optimum results, use Stress Coat while setting up an aquarium, changing tank water, when fishes are stressed, or while adding fishes to the aquarium.

  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Water Test Kits.
  • Saltwater Liquid/Aquarian Freshwater Master Test Kits, and Freshwater / Saltwater Nitrite Test Kit. These Test Kits accurately measure the levels of pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrates in Marine Aquarium water.

  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Water Clarifiers Treatment.
  • Bio Chem Zorb. This Water Clarifiers Treatment is a perfect mixture of powerful Adsorbents, two Research-Grade Scavenger Resins, two Pharmaceutical-Grade Ion-Exchange Resins, and high porosity Activated Carbon, packed in a convenient Filter Pouch. Bio Chem Zorb is one of the most hi-tech Filter Medias for any Aquarium Filter, which cleans the aquarium water and restores its quality for the well-being of its inhabitants. This Water Clarifiers Treatment does not liberate Phosphates, while it easily eliminates Organic Wastes, such as, Toxic Gases, Water Discoloration, Foul Odors, Yellow Refractory Organics, and Phenols, present in both, Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums, usually due to uneaten fish food. If allowed to stay, these pollutants may create a stressful aquarium atmosphere for the tank mates, while also inviting diseases, stunting their growth, reducing the oxygen level, and lowering down their resistance. Ion Exchange and adsorption are a couple of mechanics Bio Chem Zorb employs in cleaning the Freshwater Aquariums, especially from Heavy Metals (Copper and Lead).
  • Other Products. Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Pond care Pond-Zyme Plus, and Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Accu-Clear Water Clarifier.

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