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Aquarium SystemsAquarium Systems

Aquarium Systems

Aquarium Systems, Inc. is a US company with multi-dimensional operations, one of these being, manufacturing Aquarium Products. With significant credit under its name, Aquarium Systems has been successfully taking care of your aquatic pets since quite a few years now. Be it Aquarium Devices or Aquarium Water Additives, Aquarium Systems proliferates its products into both the areas. Fresh Marine offers a fine collection of these effective Aquarium System Products. The ensuing discussion deals with some of these.

Mini Aquarium Filters. Mini Aquarium Filters are especially designed for small sized aquariums or ponds. Mini Aquarium Filters are usually capable of all three stages of Filtration, Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological, to eliminate wastes, including Fish Wastes, Odors, harmful Green Algae, and Bacteria present in the aquarium water.
  • Aquarium Systems Duetto Multi Filters. This Mini Aquarium Filter is a multi purpose, user friendly, and a submersible power filter with noiseless, three stage filtrations, Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological. Duetto Multi Filters can be used in several types of aquariums, such as Desktop Aquariums, Fountains, and Reptile & Amphibians Habitats to name some. Duetto Multi Filter - DJ50 and 100 are the options available in the range.

  • Foam Pre-Filter Media. As the name suggests, these are placed before the Foam Filter Media to hold out the large particles of aquarium water impurities. This prevents the fine Foam Filter Media from being clogged. Apart from Mechanical filtering, these Pre-filter Media also indulge into the Biological Filtering of Ammonia and Nitrite, due to the presence of Nitrifying Bacteria in them. The Media is compatible with Fresh as well as Marine Aquariums.
  • Aquarium Systems Foam Prefilter Replacements for Maxi-Jets. These consist of 2 Black, Coarse Foam Filter Media. The Prefilters can be used in Maxi-Jet Pumps/Power Heads, Visi-Jet Protein Skimmers/Pumps, Seaclone Protein Skimmer, Quicksand Biofilters, and several Aquariums Pumps.

  • Aquarium Maintenance. Aquarium Maintenance keeps the water quality of your tank high, while also keeping its internal physical environment favorable. Epoxy is one Aquarium Maintenance aid that helps create physical changes in your tank.
  • Hold Fast Epoxy by Aquarium Systems. Very easy to use and meant for, Freshwater and Marine Aquariums Hold Fast Epoxy comes as a stick. The stick is safe for fish and invertebrates. Now, creating Steps, Caves, Cliffs, and Aquarium Walls in your tank is very easy with Hold Fast as it strongly bonds different types of ingredients, including Rocks, Corals, and Slate to name some.

  • Power Heads. Aquarium Powerheads are fully submersible Water Pumps, meant to stabilize Aquarium Water Current at a desired level, while also powering up an Aquarium Equipment, such as, Protein Skimmer, fitted in your tank.

    Maxi Jet Power Head.
  • Aquarium Systems Maxi Jet Power Heads. These high performing and energy efficient Maxi Jet Power Head Pumps are just perfect for powering Under Gravel Filters, while circulating the Aquarium Water with the help of waterproof rotating Water Outlet. MP–1200, 400, 600, and 900 are the options in the range.
  • Mini Jet Water Pumps by Aquarium Systems. Good for small areas, such as Sumps, Canister Filters, or Fountains, these Maxi Jet Power Heads deliver high performance despite their Mini size. Mini Jet Water Pumps come in 404 and 606 models.

  • Water Test Kits. It is important that the quality of aquarium water is high for a sound growth and development of the inmates therein. The key quality parameters include the right levels of Ammonia, Calcium, Iron, Nitrate, Phosphate, pH, and Water Hardness. Even a slight disturbance in any of these may prove stressful, weakening, and even toxic for your aquarium members. Water Test Kits help you regulate the water quality fluctuations by indicating the existing level of any or all of these elements in the water. A weekly use of these Water Test Kits is ideal for a regular checking of a tank’s Biological Filtration efficiency.
  • Complete Test Kits. These all-in-one Water Test Kits measure all the vital parameters of water quality in a Freshwater or Marine Aquarium.
  • Products. Ocean Master Test Kit, & Reef Master Test Kit.

  • Hang On Protein Skimmers. Also known as, Foam Fractionators, Protein Skimmers help remove dissolved Organic Contaminants, including Proteins, Amino Acids, Phenol Oils and other Yellowing Compounds, from the Marine Aquarium Water, before they start decomposing into Ammonia, Nitrite, and other toxins. Hang on Protein Skimmers hang externally on the back wall of a Marine Aquarium, with an Intake Tube going into the tank to process its water.
  • Aquarium Systems Seaclone Protein Skimmers. Available in 100Gallon and 150Gallon capacities, these Hang On Protein Skimmers employ Turbo-Venturi Injector System for the efficient results.

  • Lighting Ballasts. Lighting Ballasts are equipment, such as, Resistors, fitted in a circuit for regulating the Starting and Operating Voltages of Electrical Gas Discharge Aquarium Lights. Lighting Ballasts manage their working with the current flowing through the circuits they are fitted in and do not require additional power.
  • Aquarium Systems Visi-Lux Electronic Ballasts. Capable of running Fluorescent Lamps of 30 to 40 Watts and measuring 36” to 48”, these Lightning Ballasts are water resistant and employ high efficiency circuit architecture to save electricity, while generating only little heat.

  • Aquarium Heaters. Aquarium Heaters are the devices, used to keep a consistent temperature inside an aquarium, be it Marine or Freshwater, for the health and the growth of its inhabitants.
  • Aquarium Systems VisiTherm Stealth Heaters. These Aquarium Heaters sport Ergonomic Design coupled with Water-Calibrated VisiTherm Technology for temperature reading precision and durable efficiency. These devices come in 75W, 100W, 150W, 200W, and 250W capacities.

  • Hang on Filters. Hang on Filters hang externally on the back wall of an aquarium, with an Intake Tube going into the tank to process its water. These Hang on Filters execute Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical Filtration in an aquarium.
  • Aquarium Systems Millennium Power Filters. These Wet/Dry Multi-filters execute Mechanical, Chemical, and Wet/Dry Biological Filtration in an aquarium. Millennium 1000 (90 GPH), 2000 (160 GPH), and 3000 (295 GPH) Power Filters are the Hang on Filter models, available in the range.

  • Pet-Tutorial-Educational-Book.
  • The New Marine Aquarium: Step-By-Step Setup & Stocking Guide (Paperback). This book guides an aquarist on avoiding the common Marine Aquarium set up mistakes, Planning checklists, equipment picks, Live Rock Filtration Techniques, Aquascaping Techniques, Pictorial Guide for hardy fish variety for beginners.

  • Salt Mix. Salt Mixes are a blend of essential sea salts, which are dissolved in tap water to convert it into Marine Water in order to support marine fauna and flora in it.
  • Aquarium Systems Instant Ocean Salt. This Nitrates and Phosphates free Salt Mix has all the required Major, Minor, & Trace Elements in the right proportions. A regular use of Instant Ocean Salt in your Marine Aquarium usually results in spawning, breeding, and growing of even the most delicate varieties of marine fish, invertebrates, and plants. The product comes in 5, 10, 25, and 50 Gallons packs.

  • Wavemakers. Wavemakers are aquarium equipment, meant to turn the Powerheads On and Off at intervals to simulate desired water waves in an aquarium.
  • Aquarium Systems Natural Wave Wavemaker. This is a multi-cycle pump with 3 adjustable cycled outlets and 3 standard power outlets.

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