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EHEIM GmbH & Co. KG, named after its founder, Gunther Eheim, is of German origin. The company extends a broad spectrum of aquarium accessories. Right from Aquarium Filters to Aquarium Filter Media to Aquarium Pumps to Feeding Equipment to Gravel Cleaners to Garden Ponds, EHEIM delights its users with all its products. Fresh Marine offers some of the best picks from the competent products range by EHEIM. The ensuing discussion explores some of them.

Aquarium Filters.

Aquarium Canister Filters. An Aquarium Canister Filter is an external Filter, which contains Filter Media in a sealed Canister body. These filters offer Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological Filtration to both, Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums, of any size. Aquarium Canister Filters are more reliable and versatile as compared to the other type of Aquarium Filters.
  • EHEIM Filter Ecco External. These Aquarium Canister Filters are compatible with both, Marine & Freshwater Aquariums, and come equipped with Mechanical, Biological, and Adsorptive Filter Media (with adjustable flow rate) for durable & efficient Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical Filtration, respectively. Overall, EHEIM Aquarium Canister Filters are safe to use, easy to operate, and are energy efficient, while being silent all the time due to their Ceramic Shaft and Carbon Bearing. EHEIM Canister Aquarium Filter 2232 (Up to 35 Gallons), 2234 (Up to 60 Gallons), and 2236 (Up to 80 Gallons) with Media, are the key models of EHEIM Filter Ecco External.
  • EHEIM Pro Filter xternal. These powerful Aquarium Canister Filters are very efficient, reliable, & durable, and perform Biological Filtration with Ehfisubstrat Filter Media in place. EHEIM Pro Filter xternal 2227 and 2229 are the options in the range.
  • Other Aquarium Canister Filters. EHEIM Pro 3e Electronic Adjust Water Flow External Filter 2078 (Up to 185 Gallons), and 2076 (Up to 105 Gallons) with Media.

  • Hang on Filters. Hang on Filters hang externally on the back wall of an aquarium, with an Intake Tube going into the tank to process its water. These Hang on Filters execute Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical Filtration in an aquarium.
  • EHEIM Filter Liberty. Hang on Liberty Filters keep the quality of aquarium water good for long time. The easy to maintain device has a large Filter Sponge for better Biological Filtration. EHEIM Hang on Liberty Filter 100, 150, and 200 are the key Hang on Filters in the range.

  • Aquarium Heaters. They help maintain the desired water temperature in your aquarium.
  • EHEIM Jager Heater. This very effective automatic Aquarium Heater, meant for both, Freshwater and Marine Aquariums, are designed ergonomically. EHEIM Jager Heater is available in 75W-10”-Up to 20Gallons, 100W-12”-Up to 30Gallons, 150W-13”-Up to 60Gallons, 200W-15”-Up to 90 Gallons, and 250W-17”-Up to 120Gallons, capacities.

  • Feeding Equipment.
  • EHEIM Feed Air Automatic Feeder. This electronically controlled Automatic Feeder can accommodate up to four feeding cycles per day, consisting of single or double serving.

  • Filter Media. An Aquarium Filter Media helps filter out all or most of the undesirable substances present in tank water. As a result, the aquarium water is cleaned, and aerated, thereby benefiting the quality of life therein.

    Mechanical Filter Medias. A Mechanical Filter Media actually performs the straining part.
  • EHEIM Ehfimech Filter Media. This Mechanical Filter Media traps large waste particles, while also enabling a smooth water flow in the next layers of aquarium water. This product is available in 1 liter 2 lbs, and 5-liter 10 lbs packs.
  • EHEIM Ehfisubstrat Filter Media. This actually is a Biological Filtration Media rather than a Mechanical Filter Media, which is made of Sintered Glass. Just like any other Biological Filtration Media, Ehfisubstrat also supports the beneficial Nitrifying Bacterial Colonies. This product is available in 1 liter 2 lbs, 2 liter 4 lbs, and 5-liter 10 lbs capacity.
  • EHEIM Ehfilav Filter Media. This is a Freshwater Biological Filtration Media, which consists of natural, porous Volcanic Rock. This Filter Media supports a Mechanical Filter Media, especially in the Freshwater Aquariums with excessive waste. The product comes in 1 liter 2 lbs, and 5-liter 10 lbs capacity. EHEIM Ehfisynth Fine Filter Media, made of fine Filter Wool, is another variation in the range.
  • EHEIM Substrat Pro Filter Media. This Biological Filtration Media boosts Ehfisubstrat’s performance. This Pro Filter Media is easy to maintain, as it does not require very frequent cleaning. This product comes in 1 Liter, 2 Liter, and 5 Liter capacities.

  • Foam Filter Media. Foam Filter Media act as Biological and Mechanical Filter to clean and aerate the aquarium, thereby benefiting the quality of life therein.
  • EHEIM Ehfifix Pad Coarse Filter Media. This Mechanical Foam Filter Media Pad is made of Coarse Foam to hold out waste particles present in aquarium water. This product is available in 1 liter and 5 liter packs. Its variant, Eheim Ehfifix Pad Fine Filter Media, is made of Phenol free Neutral Filter Wool to trap even the tiniest of dirt particles, and comes in 1 liter and 2 liter packs.
  • EHEIM ECCO Canister Filter Pads. They are available as Blue colored Coarse Foam Filter Media & White colored Fine Foam Filter Media, and are meant for 2231, 2233, and 2235 EHEIM external filters. These pads come as three units per pack.
  • EHEIM Liberty Replacement Filter Cartridge. This is a Bio Foam Filter Media, which supports the growth of beneficial Nitrifying Bacteria. This Cartridge fits the EHEIM filter models 2040, 2041, and 2042. These Cartridges are available as two units per pack.

  • Power Head-Aquarium Powerheads. They help stabilize a desired water current in your aquarium for its aeration and maintenance. EHEIM 1212 Aquaball and EHEIM Universal Pumps are a couple of effective options in the range.

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