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Hagen 8 Watt AQUA-GLO Fluorescent Bulbs - 8 Watt, 12 inch

Hagen 8 Watt AQUA-GLO Fluorescent Bulbs - 8 Watt, 12 inch
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Hagen AQUA-GLO Fluorescent Bulbs Accentuates fish colors and promotes plant growth. Ideal for freshwater and planted aquariums. Made in USA.

How much light does your aquarium require? Appropriate lighting for your aquarium is essential to create and maintain a healthy aquatic environment. Many factors influence the type and quantity of light required:

  • Size of aquarium
  • Fish species and other inhabitants
  • Plant life
  • Filter media
  • Aesthetics
To achieve appropriate lighting, a general rule is to have a range of 1 to 3 watts of light per gallon of water in your aquarium, subtracting 10-15% of the tank volume to account for volume of materials inside the tank. Adequate lighting range = (1 to 3 watts/gallon) - (10%-15% of tank volume)

For planted aquariums, the quantity of light for faster growing plant species should approach a minimum of 3 Watts per gallon.

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