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Hydor, a well-known name in the Aquarium Supplies industry today, brings to you a broad spectrum of Air Pumps, Heaters, Feeders, and Power Heads. Undoubtedly, with immense positive impact upon the health, and the growth of your aquatic pets, Hydor has made its special place when it comes to aquarium solutions. Fresh Marine offers an effective assortment of these Hydor products. The ensuing discussion deals with some of the key ones.

Air Pumps. Hydor Ario Air Pumps generate air with force or pressure to facilitate the working of Under Gravel Air Lifters, Air Stone, or Air Diffusers, and Foam Fractionators, fitted in an Aquarium. These Air Pumps are made of different materials and have different categories. The shape, size, and the effect of each type of Air Pump are also varied. The ranges of Hydor Ario Air Pumps at Fresh Marine have varying capacity numbers. The increasing capacity numbers reflect the Hydor Ario Air Pumps’ ability to manage increasingly large size of aquariums coupled with growing pressure levels. The size choice of a Hydor Ario Air Pump is contingent upon the capacity of the Aquarium it will be fitted in. High quality Hydor Ario Air Pumps last for years without any operational trouble.
  • Hydor Ario Air Pumps. Color Aerator Hydor Ario Air Pumps come in two capacities, Hydor Ario 2 (for aquarium capacity up to 100 liters or 26 Gallons), and 4 Air Pumps (for aquarium capacity up to 100 to 300 liters, or 26 to 80 Gallons). These pumps are available in Blue, Green, and Red LEDs. Hydor Ario Air Pumps work quietly yet effectively and are free of Diaphragms, and Check Valves, thereby eliminating the problems related to the pressure decreasing Air Stones clogging and vibrations. The compact size of Hydor Ario Air Pumps facilitates their placement anywhere in the aquarium, even under gravel. The pumps are easy to maintain, are reliable, have a long life, and can be used for both, Freshwater and Marine Aquariums.
  • Hydor Ario Deco Volcano Kit. This Hydor Ario Air Pump has more of ornamental value. Meant for aerating aquariums of up to 26 Gallons capacity, Ario Deco also enhances the visual appeal of tanks by supplementing them with a mini, erupting Volcano model. Ready to use, the Hydor Ario Air Pump in this plug and play kit works at 8-30GPH when placed at a depth of 14 inches. Hydor Ario Deco Geyser Kit is another candidate in the display game of Hydor Ario Air Pumps.

  • Aquarium Heaters. To maintain the desired temperature of your aquarium, Hydor brings to you a range of heaters.
  • Hydor Theo Shatter Proof Heaters. These submersible heaters, capable of any placement, horizontal or vertical, come in 100W-26 Gallons, 150W-40 Gallons, 200W-53 Gallons, 300W-80 Gallons, and 400W-105 Gallons. These are one of the best Shatterproof Heaters with automatic regulation for overheating. Fully control your aquarium temperature with these durable heaters.
  • Hydor ETH Inline Heaters. These are available in 201 and 300 models with a power of 200Watt-53 Gallons and 300 Watt-80 Gallons, respectively. These Hydor Heaters are fitted outside the aquarium with the return line of a Canister Filter or Sump to evenly heat the aquarium water.

  • Feeding Equipment. Feed your aquarium inmates with the battery operated Hydor Ekomixo Auto Feeder. This effective product has an efficient mixing system, which prevents any food clogging in it. You can connect the Hydor Auto Feeder to any Air Pump to keep it ventilated and regulate the moisture proportion in it.

    Power Heads – Aquarium Powerheads. Keep a desired current level in your aquarium with the help of Hydor Pump Power Heads. These Power Heads are available in Koralia range with Nano-265GPH, 1-400GPH, 2-600GPH, 3-850GPH, and 4-1200GPH capacity variations. The high performing Power Heads extend power efficiency, while being easy to maintain.

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