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Zilla, officially Zilla-Rules, is a well-known Reptile Products brand. Taking care of your Reptile pets, especially the ones living in a Terrarium, has never been this prolific as it is with Zilla products. Fresh Marine brings to you this wide range of Zilla offerings. The ensuing discussion picks up some key Terrarium solutions categories and the Zilla products available under them.

Basking Fixture. Basking Fixture in an aquarium is used by a Reptile to lay on it, in order to increase its body temperature. Therefore, Basking Fixture is usually placed in a warm region of a tank.
  • Zilla Basking Platforms. These handcrafted platforms, similar to Natural River rock Stairstep design, come suiting to the Reptiles of all the sizes. The Steps enable the Reptiles to quickly climb up the platform. The Reptiles may adjust their body temperature by Basking on the Basking Fixtures for absorbing the UV rays, or burrowing below for cooling, as needed. Made of durable Poly-Resin and meant for both, Aquatic and Terrestrial Environments, these easy to clean Basking Fixtures do not alter the mineral balance of surrounding water. Apart from Reptiles, even the other domestic land animals may use these Basking Fixtures as a shelter. Small Ramp, measuring 12 x 4.75 x 3.75; Large Ramp, measuring 15.50 x 5.00 x 4.25; and Jumbo Ramp, measuring 20.75 x 5.00 x 6.87, are the options in the range. A variation in the range, Zilla Basking Corner Platform, is available in Small Ramp size measuring 7.75 x 7.00 x 3.75, and Large Ramp size measuring 11.25 x 9.00 x 4.00.

  • Digital Thermometer Timers. Digital Thermometer Timer is an “Automatic or Digital” Aquarium Supply, the Thermometer of which measures the temperature of any aquarium water, Fresh or Marine, while the Timer times the Aquarium fittings requiring cyclic operations, such as Aquarium Lights, Aquarium Heaters, etc.
  • Zilla Digital Timer. It accurately operates the Lighting, Filter, and Heater cycles, with a week’s on/off programming.
  • Zilla Single/Dual Analog Timers. Meant for Terrariums, Zilla Digital Timers accurately operate the Lighting, Filter, and Heater cycles, with a week’s day/night and Day Shift on/off programming.
  • Zilla Digital Thermometer. Capable of reliably recording the Temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius with +/-2.5°F accuracy, this Infrared Digital Thermometer Timer is quite sturdy and measures Temperature in the range of -27°F - 230°F. The Thermometer can measure temperature of any tank spot, even your Reptile Pets.
  • Zilla Terrarium Hygrometer Thermometer. The Zilla Thermometer measures Aquarium Temperature, while the Hygrometer measures Aquarium Humidity. The Thermometer has a range of 23°F-122°F, while the Hygrometer can measure Humidity in the range of 30%-90%. Zilla Digital Thermometer and Timer comes with inbuilt Calendar and Alarm for System Check, Medication Reminders, and Feeding Alarm.

  • Dome Light Reflector. Aquarium Lighting aims to simulate the natural light, both day and night, in an aquarium. Dome Light Reflectors help reflect the light rays for their optimal spread and intensity.
  • Zilla Clamp Lamp. This adjustable Gooseneck Clamp Lamp displays digitally the Temperature (between 23°F and 122°F) and Relative Humidity (30% and 90%). In addition, these Dome Light Reflectors have an in-built Calendar and Alarm for aquarium environment check, and replenish nutrition & medications.
  • Zilla Mini Clamp LED. This Mini Clamp Red Night LED Lamp allows you to view the normal activities of Nocturnal Reptiles with the help of a 0.75 Watt Red LED.
  • Zilla Premium Light Dome. This Long Term Reptile Light Dome, available in 5.5”, 8.5”, and 10.0” sizes, can allow Bulbs up to 250 Watts.
  • Zilla Reflector Light Dome. This Long Term Reptile Light Dome, available in 5.5”, 8.5”, and 10.0” sizes, is meant for new, beginner level Terrariums. These Dome Light Reflectors are meant to heat up and lighten up the Reptile Terrariums.

  • Hideout Shelter. A Hideout Shelter is a cool and a moist shelter, used by the living organisms, Reptiles and Amphibians here, to hide away from the attackers, in order to take rest, to safely raise their young ones, and to stay in peace. All the products are made of non-porous & a synthetic material, mostly Molded Plastic, which is light & strong, easy to maintain, to clean, and Bacteria resistant, while being non-toxic for the Aquatic and Terrestrial set ups.
  • Zilla Bark Bends. Owing to the side openings, this offering from Zilla provides a glance at the burrowing, shedding, and the nesting behavior of Reptiles & Amphibians. It comes in three size choices, small, medium, and large.
  • Zilla Creature Cubbyhole. This low-cost cubbyhole offers sizeable area to the Reptiles for burrowing, breeding, and basking. Sizes available are medium, large, & extra large.
  • Zilla Lava Rock. Presence of Lava Rocks provide Hideout Shelter, safety, and privacy to the Reptiles. The various size and shapes that are available, can fit easily into any Terrarium layout.
  • Zilla Herp Hotel. The layout of this Hideout Shelter provides enough empty spaces for the Reptiles & the Amphibians to bask & burrow. It has a spacious & an easy to clean top deck and a big space for nesting & cooling below. It is available in small & medium sizes.
  • Zilla Rock Den. This Heavy Weight Cold Burrow Energy Saver provides required nesting environment for the Reptiles. This Rock Den is available in five different sizes, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Jumbo.
  • Zilla Shale Rock Den. Shale and Lava Rocks provide natural looking rock niches for Reptiles to hide, while also adding value to your tank’s display.
  • Zilla Stump Den. This Energy Saving Basking Stump Den fulfills all the needs of the Reptiles. Here the Reptiles can easily bask in warm Terrariums, and can also climb & relax in the stress free environment of a cool burrow. This Hideout Shelter is available in small and medium sizes.

  • Heat Lamps. In a Terrarium layout, a proper heating system is very important, as Reptiles modulate their body temperature through radiant heat from the lighting system or the Heat Lamps. These Heat Lamps imitate the natural conditions by heating the rock or the substrate of the Terrarium, which in turn stimulates the natural heat-regulating traits of Reptiles. Some of these even facilitate Diurnal and Nocturnal viewing.
  • Zilla Ceramic Heat Emitter. Available in 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, & 250W, these Ceramic Reptile Heat Lamps Emitters warm the pets rather than the Terrarium resulting in vitality and overall well-being. In addition, they do not produce sleep-disturbing light.
  • Zilla Day White/Blue/Night Black/Night Red Bulbs. Available in 50W, 75W, 100W, & 150W, these Incandescent Bulbs for Terrarium boost health and comfort of the Reptile pets.
  • Zilla Desert Bulbs. These UVB Fluorescent Bulb Coils deliver UVB lights to boost Bone health & the UVA light accentuates the subtle colors of pets. Zilla Tropical 50 Bulb-20W Coil, 25 Bulb-23W Coil, & 25 Bulb-20W Coil.

  • Reptile Care & Medication. Reptiles are suited for the wild, but in captivity, they depend on us humans for proper care & medication. Therefore, it becomes imperative that we are aware of our responsibilities towards them and look after their health and well-being.

    Reptile Care & Medication – Calcium Based.
  • Zilla Reptile Calcium Supplement Spray (8oz).

  • Reptile Care & Medication – Health Supplements.
  • Reptile Supplements. These supplements provide essential Vitamins & Minerals to the Reptiles & Amphibians, while energizing them. The supplements on offer include Zilla Jump Start Reptile Supplement (4oz) and Zilla Vitamin Supplement Mist (8oz).

  • Reptile Care & Medication – Water Cleaners & Conditioners.
  • Zilla Aquatic Reptile Water Treatment (8oz). This Water Conditioner detoxifies the water. It neutralizes Chlorine, Chloramines, & Heavy Metals present in the water.

  • Reptile Care & Medication – Molting.
  • Zilla Shed Ease (8oz). This spray assists skin shedding in Reptiles and improves their overall health.

  • Reptile Care & Medication – Cleaners.
  • Zilla Terrarium Cleaner (8oz & 16oz). It is a general-purpose cleaner, which repels dust and is a deodorizer.

  • Reptile Care & Medication – Moisturizer.
  • Zilla Tropical Mist (8oz). This spray restores moisture level in Tropical Reptiles and keeps them healthy.

  • Reptile Pellet Food. The quality of Reptile Pellet Food is significantly important for the long-term survival, the health, and the growth of your Reptile pets. The importance of this aspect has led to the availability of many Off the Shelf products in the market.
  • Reptile Pellet Foods. These formulas, designed to ensure healthy musculo-skeletal system of your reptiles, are rich in Calcium. Zilla Juvenile (6.5oz) / Adult (6.5oz & 2lbs) Iguana Food; Aquatic Turtle Food (6.5oz); Bearded Dragon Food (6.5oz); and Land Turtle & Tortoise Food (6.5oz), are the various options available here.

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