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Bicolor Chromis Damsel Fish - Chromis viridis - Bicolor Chromis Damselfish

Bicolor Chromis Damsel Fish - Chromis viridis - Bicolor Chromis Damselfish
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Aquarium suitability:
Care level:
Minimum tank size:
55 Gallon
Maximum size:
4.3 inches
Reef compatibility:
Omnivore, Brine
Indo-Pacific, Australia
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The Bicolor Chromis fish is an attractive small fish which is easily recognized by the iridescent Bicolor coloring over their entire body. There is a similar species called the Bicolor Chromis which can be differentiated by a black spot at the base of the pectoral fins.

The Bicolor Chromis Damselfish are plankton-feeding members of the saltwater damselfish family from the Indo-Pacific region. Several very similar species also occur on coral reefs in the Caribbean and Florida Keys. Except for breeding individuals guarding clutches of eggs, Bicolor Chromis Damsels typically live in schools in the vicinity of branching stony corals. They hover over the corals and feed on small planktonic creatures that drift past, quickly retreating into the protection of the coral branches at the first sign of danger.

The Bicolor Chromis Damselfish maintain algae farms on a patch of reef by clearing the patch of any live corals, by selectively removing inappropriate algae species, and by driving off herbivorous fish such as tangs and other surgeonfish. These damsels feed on the algae or the small invertebrates that live among the algae.

The Bicolor Chromis Damselfish is rather hardy and easy to care for compared to many saltwater fish. These lovely fish can make beautiful additions to many tanks or reefs.

The Bicolor Chromis Damselfish are very good reef tank inhabitants. They do best when kept in a shoal of 3 or more. They will tend to shoal together in the middle to upper portion of the tank. Sometimes considered as beginners fish due to low cost and hardiness, but they can form very attractive schools in a large reef tank. They like to nestle down in a coral head to sleep at night or if frightened. Although they are relatively small fish, they should not be housed in very small tanks due to their active open water swimming habits. These fishes are found in length of upto 4 inches. Most Bicolor Chromis Damselfish that come to you are in the size of 1-2.

Most Bicolor Chromis Damselfish are retiring or shy. Normally they will do well when kept in small groups. They can make a striking effect in most aquariums when kept in groups of three to six. In the wild, Bicolor Chromis Damselfish are usually found in lagoon or inshore reefs, where they associate with Acropora corals. Normally, they remain at depths of about 12 feet. Unlike most Damsel Fish, Bicolor Chromis are not particularly territorial, even at maturity.

Habitats: Bicolor Chromis Damselfish are found near most of the islands of Oceania, with the exception of the Hawaiian Islands. They range throughout the Indo Pacific, from eastern Africa and the Red Sea toward the Pacific Ocean west of North America.

Minimum Tank Size: If only Bicolor Chromis Damselfish are to be kept, a 15 gallon aquarium can be used, though larger sizes are preferred. These fish are reef safe.

Feeding and Diet: The Bicolor Chromis Damsel fish can be fed on protein foods like finely chopped brine shrimp. This should be supplemented with algae and frozen or live foods.

General Size Specifications: Mature Bicolor Chromis Damselfish reach lengths around two inches (five centimeters) in captivity, though in the wild fish up to four inches (ten centimeters) long have been found. This means the Bicolor Chromis Damselfish are relatively smaller as compared to other saltwater fishes They are a pretty shimmering Bicolor color, and some have golden tints in their coloration.

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