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Fresh Marine is one of the best online retailers of Aquarium Products. This one stop solution for your aquarium requirements, offers you a prolific shopping experience of aquatic world. For your convenience, we have collated all our offerings and services under Fresh Marine Data. Each unit of our Fresh Marine Data is a gateway to that key category. The explanation below will give you a better idea about our Fresh Marine Data concept.

Salt Water Fish A-G. Fish are Poikilothermic aquatic animals with Vertebral Column in the body and Scales on its external surface. Fish employ Gills for breathing. This Fresh Marine Data link takes you to the sub links of all the Saltwater Fish, available at Fresh Marine, with their names starting from the Alphabets A to G.
  • Sub Links. Angelfish, Dwarf; Angelfish, Large; Anthias; Basslets; Batfish; Blennys; Boxfish/Trunkfish; Butterflys; Cardinals; Clowns; Damsels; Dragonettes; Eels; Filefish; Frogfish & Anglers; Goatfish; Gobies; Groupers; and Grunts/Sweetlips.

  • Salt Water Fish H-Z. This Fresh Marine Data link takes you to the sub links of all the Saltwater Fish, available at Fresh Marine, with their names starting from the Alphabets H to Z.
  • Sub Links. Hawkfish, Hogfish, Lionfish, Miscellaneous, Parrotfish, Pipefish, Pseudochromis/Dottyback, Puffers, Rabbitfish, Rays, Scorpions, Seahorses, Sharks, Snappers, Squirrelfishes, Tangs, Triggers, and Wrasses.

  • Invertebrate. As the name suggests, Invertebrates are animals lacking vertebral column. This link enables the sub links for the different classes of Invertebrates available at Fresh Marine, to grace your aquarium.
  • Sub Links. Anemones, Crabs, Sea Cucumbers, Featherdusters, Lobsters, Nudibranch, Shrimp, Snails & Shelled Animals, Sponges, Sea Stars, and Sea Urchins.

  • Corals. Corals are the colonies of small marine organisms called Polyps, which are related to Sea Anemones. The Fresh Marine Data link takes you to the sub links of the various categories of Corals available on Fresh Marine.
  • Sub Links. Soft Corals, Mushrooms & Polyps, Leather Corals, Large Polyp Coral, Small Polyp Corals, and Gorgonia.

  • Clams / Bivalve. Clams are Bivalve Mollusks. The Fresh Marine Data link takes you to the different species of Clams you can buy from Fresh Marine.
  • Sub Links. Derasa Clam Cultured, Electric Scallop, Maxima Clam Colored, Squamosa Clam Cultured, and Crocea Clam.

  • Reptiles. Reptiles are cold-blooded vertebrates hailing from the Class Reptilia. The link Reptiles connects you to the several species of Tortoises available at Fresh Marine.
  • Sub Links. Baby Sulcata Tortoises for Adoption, Baby Sulcata Tortoises – Temp sexed Female, One of a Kind Baby Sulcata Tortoises – Unique Extra Scutes, and Baby Sulcata Tortoises – Temp Sexed Pair.

  • Reptile Supplies. As is evident from the name, Reptile Supplies link deals with the sub links of several products pertaining to Terrariums.
  • Sub Links. Basking Lamps, Basking Fixture, Bedding Substrate, Dome Light Reflector, Hideout Shelter, HO UVB Fluorescent Bulb, Mercury Vapor UV Lamp, Reptile Care & Medication, Reptile Pellet Food, Reptile Feeding Accessory, Reptile Floating Fixture, Fogger Mist, Reptile Heaters, Heat Lamps, Terrarium Fixture Furniture, Watering Fixture, and HO UVB Compact Fluorescent Bulb.

  • Live Rock / Sand. Live Rock / Sand are rocks obtained from a Tropical Coral Reef along with all the organisms living on it. The link leads you to the species of Live Rocks available on Fresh Marine.
  • Sub Links. Fiji Premium Un-Cured Live Rock and 1st Grade Un-Cured Tonga Branch Live Rock.

  • Air Pumps. Air Pumps generate air with force or pressure to facilitate the working of Under Gravel Air Lifters, Air Stone, or Air Diffusers, and Foam Fractionators fitted in an Aquarium. The Fresh Marine Data link leads to the various brands of Air Pumps available at Fresh Marine.
  • Sub Links. Rena Air Pump, Hagen Air Pump, Hydor Ario Air Pump, Tetra Air Pump, and ViaAqua Air Pump.

  • Aquarium Water Additives. Aquarium Water Additives are beneficial water-soluble chemicals that are dissolved in the aquarium water for its upkeep. The sub links connect to the various categories of these additives available on Fresh Marine.
  • Sub Links. Algae Accelerator, Aquarium Plants Supplement, Aquarium Water Treatment, Calcium Kalkwasser, Ammonia Chlorine Removers, Coral Supplements, Iodine Iodide Supplement, Iron Manganese Supplements, Nitrate Removers, Phosphate Remover, pH/KH Buffers, Red Slime Algae Remover, Salt Water, Salt Mix, Stress Reduce Supplement, Strontium Supplements, Water Clarifiers Treatment.

  • Aquarium Filter. Aquarium Filters help filter out all or most of the undesirable substances, present in tank water. In effect, the aquarium water is cleaned, and aerated, thereby benefiting the quality of life therein. The Fresh Marine Data link takes you to the various categories of Aquarium Filters in our stock.
  • Sub Links. Aquarium Filter Media, Aquarium Carbon, Aquarium Substrates, Aquarium Canister Filter, Fluidized Bed Filter, Hang On Filter, Inline Aquarium Filter, and Mini Aquarium Filter.

  • Aquarium Filter Media. Aquarium Filter Media is the actual site of filtration in a filter. The Fresh Marine Data link introduces you to the various categories of Filter Media we offer.
  • Sub Links. Foam Filter Media, Polyester Filter Media, Mechanical Filter Media, Aquarium Carbon, and Bioballs.

  • Aquarium Heaters. Aquarium Heaters are the electrical devices for keeping consistent temperature inside an aquarium, be it Marine or Freshwater, for the health and the growth of its inhabitants.
  • Sub Links. Heater 50 Watt, Heater 75 Watt, Heater 100 Watt, Heater 150 Watt, Heater 200 Watt, Heater 300 Watt, and Heater 400 Watt.

  • Aquarium Lighting. Aquarium Lighting aims to simulate the natural light, both day and night, in an aquarium. Proper Aquarium Lighting keeps the tank inmates stress free, active, growing, and healthy, while also enhancing their colors.
  • Sub Links. Metal Halide Lighting, LED Lighting and Moonlights, Power Compact PC Lighting, HO VHO Fluorescent Lighting, Lighting Ballasts, and HO, VHO Fluorescent Bulb.

  • Aquarium Meters. These include devices to measure temperature and the specific gravity of your aquarium water. The Fresh Marine Data link takes you to the types of Aquarium Meters Fresh Marine offers.
  • Sub Links. Digital Thermometer Timer and Aquarium Hydrometer.

  • Calcium Reactor. The Calcium Reactors are the Aquarium devices, which dissolve the Calcium Reactor Media with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Aquarium Water to maintain a continuous Calcium supply in an aquarium. The Fresh Marine Data link takes you to the type of Calcium Reactor Substrates we offer.
  • Sub Links. Calcium Reactor Substrate.

  • Chillers. Chillers cool the Aquarium environment in hot summers and maintain the tank at that temperature. The link takes you to the different brands of Chillers we bring to you.
  • Sub Links. JBJ Aquarium Chillers, Current USA Chillers, and Pacific Coast Marine.

  • Dry Goods and Accessory. Dry Goods and Accessories include fitting and suspension used in an aquarium other than the livestock itself. Right from Filters to Heaters to Air Stone to Fish Nets to Nano Aquariums to Aquarium Books to DVDs and much more, Dry Goods and Accessories cover a wide range of aquarium utilities. The Fresh Marine Data link takes you to the categories of Dry goods and Accessory you can get here at Fresh Marine.
  • Sub Links. Air Stone, Fish Nets, Mini Nano Aquarium, Aquarium Educational Books, and Pet Tutorial DVD.

  • Medications. Apart from killing the Pathogens and Parasites, Medications also prevent their further spread to the other animals. The Fresh Marine Data link connects to the different categories of medications available with us.
  • Sub Links. Coral Medication, Freshwater Medication, Saltwater Medication, Ich Medication, Parasite Medication, Fungus Medication, Formalin Treatment, Copper Treatment.

  • Fish, Reef, Aquarium Foods. They are meant to nourish your aquatic pets for their sound health, growth, vitality, and color. The link takes us to the various categories of these foods Fresh Marine brings to you.
  • Sub Links. Dry Aquarium Food, Betta Foods Pellets, Live Brine Shrimp, Cichlid Foods Pellets, Dry Seaweed, Freeze Dry Formula, Freshwater Fish Food, Frozen Fish Foods, Goldfish Foods Pellets, Koi Food Dry Pellets, Saltwater Fish Pellets, Liquid Aquarium Foods, Invertebrate Food, and Feeding Equipment.

  • Power Head. Power Head – Aquarium Powerheads are submersible Water Pumps, meant to stabilize Aquarium Water Current at a desired level, while also powering up an Aquarium Equipment such as, Protein Skimmer, fitted in your tank. Through this Fresh Marine Data gateway, we are linked to the various brands of Power Heads we bring to you.
  • Sub Links. Hagen Power Head, Hydor Power Head, Marineland Power Head, Maxi Jet Power Head, JBJ Lighting Power Head, Taam Rio Power Head, ViaAqua Power Head, ZooMed Power Head, and Other Power Head.

  • Protein Skimmers. Also known as, Foam Fractionators, Protein Skimmers help remove dissolved Organic Contaminants, including Proteins, Amino Acids, Phenol Oils, and other Yellowing Compounds, from the Marine Aquarium Water, before they start decomposing into Ammonia, Nitrite, and other toxins. As a result, of this water cleaning, the incidence of harmful floating Bacteria, Yellow Discoloration of aquarium water, Nitrate & Phosphate build up, and Slime Algae, reduces significantly. This Fresh Marine Data link takes you to the various categories of Protein Skimmers available at Fresh Marine.
  • Sub Links. Combination Protein Skimmer, Hang on Protein Skimmer, In Sump Protein Skimmer, Large Capacity Protein Skimmers, and Nano Mini Protein Skimmer.

  • Water Pump External. Water Pump External caters to this pumping requirement at different pressure levels. The Fresh Marine Data link exposes the various brands of Water Pumps available at Fresh Marine.
  • Sub Links. Pentair Aquatics Water Pump, Gen X Water Pump, Taam Rio Water Pump, Danner Mag Drive Water Pump, and Eheim Water Pump.

  • Water Test Kits. It is important that the quality of aquarium water is high for a sound growth and the development of the inmates therein. The key quality parameters include the right levels of Ammonia, Calcium, Iron, Nitrate, Phosphate, pH, and Water Hardness. Water Test Kits help you regulate the water quality fluctuations by indicating the existing level of any or all of these elements in the water. The Fresh Marine Data link connects to the various categories of these Test Kits we offer.
  • Sub Links. Ammonia Test Kits, Calcium Test Kits, Complete Test Kits, Iron Test Kits, Nitrate Test Kits, pH KH Test Kits, Phosphate Test Kits, and Water Hardness Test Kits.

  • Tank Cleaners. As the name suggests, these are the various modes to clean a tank of various types of undesirables. The Fresh Marine Data link takes us to those different functional modes.
  • Sub Links. Algae Scrapers Scrubber, Algae Magnet Cleaner, Gravel Cleaner, and Scratch Removal Kit.

  • UV Sterilizer. UV Sterilizers are the devices emitting high intensity UV Rays to sterilize an aquarium by killing infectious Bacteria, Parasites, Floating Algae, Fungus, Virus, and the other harmful Microorganisms present therein. The link takes us to the different categories of these UV Sterilizers.
  • Sub Links. UV Sterilizer Replacement Bulb, UV Sterilizer Quartz Sleeve, and UV Sterilizer System.

  • Wet & Dry Filter. Wet & Dry Filters, also known as Trickle Filters, are a type of Aquarium Filter that executes Biological Filtration for both, Marine as well as Freshwater Aquariums. Therefore, Wet & Dry Filters perform the triplet task of Oxygenation, Ammonia conversion, and Gaseous Exchange. The Fresh Marine Data link connects to the various categories of these filters.
  • Sub Links. Overflow Box, Wet and Dry Filter System, Bioballs, Blue Life Filter Sock – 200 Micron – 4 inch Ring, and Blue Life Filter Sock – 200 Micron – 7 inch Ring.

  • Pond Supplies and Accessories. They include the whole range of Pond maintenance products, fittings, and fixtures. The Fresh Marine Data link connects to the various categories of these products.
  • Sub Links. Ponds Filtration Media, Ponds Filtration System, Ponds Lighting and Accessory, Pond Starter Kits, Ponds Water Pumps, Ponds UV Sterilizer Bulb, and Pond UV Sterilizer System.

  • Aquarium Supplies. Aquarium Supplies are all the accessorizing you need to do to an aquarium excluding the tank itself and its inmates. The link connects to the different categories of Aquarium Supplies.
  • Sub Links. Air Pumps, Aquarium Water Additives, Aquarium Carbon, Aquarium Filter, Aquarium Heaters, Aquarium Lighting, Aquarium Maintenance, Aquarium Meters, Aquarium Substrates, Calcium Reactor, Aquarium Filter Media, Chillers, Coral Propagation Tools, Medications, Power Head – Aquarium Powerheads, Protein Skimmers, Water Pump External, Water Test Kits, UV Sterilizer, Wet & Dry Filter, and WaveMakers.

  • Shop by Brand. This Fresh Marine Data link lists out all the brands of Aquarium Products, in alphabetical order, Fresh Marine extends.
  • Sub Links. Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Aquarium Systems, Blue Life USA, CaribSea, CPR Aquatic, Current USA, Ecosystems, Eheim, Euro Reef, Exo Terra, Hagen, Hikari Fish Food, Hydor, JBJ Lighting, Kent Marine, Laguna Ponds, Mag Float, Marc Weiss Co., Marineland, Novalek Kordon, Novus Inc, Rep Cal Research Labs, Ocean Nutrition, Pacific Coast, Pentair Aquatics, Red Sea, San Francisco Bay Brand, Seachem, Taam Reef, T-REX, Tetra, Tropical Science Biolabs, ViaAqua, Wardley, Zilla, and ZooMed.

  • Sea Horse. Sea Horse is a small, semitropical marine fish with its head resembling to that of a horse. The link connects you to the species of Sea Horses available at Fresh Marine.
  • Sub Links. Erectus Seahorse and Kuda Seahorse.

  • Package Deals. This link takes you to the various buyer packages you can avail at our store.

    Nature’s Wonder. This link connects you to our exclusive collection of rare and unique aquatic pets.

    Today’s Arrival. This link connects you to the fresh stock arrivals at Fresh Marine.

    Aquarium 101. This Fresh Marine Data link connects you to some common aspects about Aquarium setting up to its maintenance.
  • Sub Links. Acclimation Procedure, Compatibility Chart, 8 Most Common Mistakes, Aggression in Fish, Feeding Saltwater Fish and Invertebrates, How Much Live Rock is Required, What’s the Difference between Freshwater and Saltwater, Setting up a New Saltwater Aquarium, Setting up a New Freshwater Aquarium, and Common Diseases among Saltwater Fish.

  • Customer Center. This link takes you to the various information categories for customers. These information sets are aimed to enlighten customers about the various transaction details of Fresh Marine.
  • Sub Links. Welcome to, Shipping Information, Payment Information, Return Policy, Arrive Alive Guarantee, Track Your Order, Security Safe Shopping, Shoppers Review, Frequent Asked Questions, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Site Map.

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