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Hikari Fish FoodHikari Fish Food

Hikari Fish Food

Since over a century, Hikari Fish Foods have been nourishing aquatic pets in an aquarium. Hikari Fish Foods come in a wide range to cater to the different types of aquatic invertebrates. A regular use of Hikari Fish Food has shown encouraging results in the terms of the growth, development, and the color of aquatic pets. Fresh Marine, a leading online Aquarium Products store, offers Hikari Fish Food for all your water animals. Lets take a look.

Cichlid Foods Pellets. Cichlid Foods Pellets are the food for Cichlids living in your aquarium. Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, and Proteins, these Hikari Fish Foods help boost the well-being of your aquatic pets along with enhancing their color.
  • Hikari Cichlid Staple. Available in Mini, Medium, and Large sizes, this nutrients, & vitamins rich Hikari Fish Food keeps the fish healthy and active. Apart from fished of Cichlid family, these Cichlid Foods Pellets can also be used for Goldfish and Koi.
  • Hikari Cichlid GOLD. Available in Mini, Medium, and Large sizes, these Hikari Fish Foods are rich in color enhancers, which augment the vibrant hues in your Cichlids along with the other Tropical Fish.
  • Hikari Cichlid BIO GOLD Plus. Available in Large size, these Cichlid Foods Pellets are rich in natural Color Enhancers (especially Spirulina and Astaxanthin), Vitamin C, and beneficial Micro Organisms. As a result, your aquatic pets will be vibrantly Colored, high on Immunity against stress and diseases, growth, & digestion, and low on waste.
  • Hikari Cichlid EXCEL. Available in Mini and Medium sizes, and designed for herbivorous fish, these vegetarian, floating, Cichlid Foods Pellets are enriched with Wheat Germ and Spirulina. A high quality source of Protein, Vitamins & Minerals, and Color Enhancers, these Cichlid Foods Pellets are easily digestible. These Cichlid Foods Pellets go well with any Topical Herbivore, apart from African Cichlids.

  • Freshwater Fish Food. Nutrition is one of the key fundamentals leveraging the wellbeing of your aquatic pets, including the Freshwater Fish. Consuming nutrients actively is vital for the growth, development, health, and the color of your aquatic pets.
  • Hikari Algae Wafer. This Hikari Fish Food, made from vegetables and available in 8.8 oz pack, is loaded with Multi-Vitamins for Plecostomus, Algae Eaters, and other Bottom Feeders. The Wafers sink without clouding the tank water or leading to any algal growth in there.

  • Goldfish Foods Pellets. In an aquarium, Goldfish are usually fed specifically designed Goldfish Foods Pellets, which are rich in growth and color promoting nutrients, including essential Vitamins & Minerals. Feeding Goldfish twice or thrice a day with these Goldfish Foods Pellets has optimal effect.
  • Hikari Gold Fish Lionhead (12.30oz) / Oranda (10.5oz). These Hikari Fish Foods, available in 12.30oz pack, are meant for Goldfish. Full of nutrients & Carotenoid, the formula ensures healthy growth and the enhanced color of your fish.

  • Koi Food Dry Pellets. In an aquarium, Koi are usually fed specifically designed Koi Food Dry Pellets, which are rich in growth and color promoting nutrients, including essential Vitamins and Minerals. Feeding Koi twice or thrice a day with these Koi Food Dry Pellets has optimal effect.
  • Hikari Gold Specialist Koi Food. Available in 4.4lbs and 11lbs packs, these Hikari Fish Foods form the daily nutritional supplement for your fish. In addition, the formula has color enhancers for bright coloration of your Koi.
  • Hikari Staple Koi Food. Available in 4.4lbs and Medium & Large sized granules, these Koi Food Dry Pellets are a unique combination of Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Fat, and Fiber for a sound growth and the attractive looks of Koi & the other Ornamental Pond Fish. Vitamin C in the formula helps ease out stress and build Immunity.

  • Saltwater Fish Pellets.
  • Marine A by Hikari. Available in 3.87oz pack, these Saltwater Fish Pellets are daily diet to help enhance color, while nourishing the large Marine Fish. Equipped with important Vitamins & Minerals, this formula helps control the stress levels of your fish, thereby boosting their Immunity, and overall health.

  • Water Clarifiers Treatment. Water Clarifiers Treatment primarily cleans Biological Clouding, usually caused due to an overgrowth of beneficial Bacteria, owing to a sudden increase in Organic wastes from overfeeding or the death of an inmate. Water Clarifiers Treatment removes all or most of the Cloudiness inducing organic wastes present in the aquarium water, leaving it clear, and disease free. Water Clarifiers Treatment also cleans the aquarium surface. In effect, the aquarium water is cleaned, and aerated, thereby establishing a stress free environment, benefiting the quality, and the health of the lives therein.
  • PraziPro by Hikari Fish Food. Available in 16oz. pack, this Water Clarifiers Treatment is actually Praziquantel, which is a ready to use liquid concentrate for Ponds. PraziPro controls Parasites, such as, Flukes, Tapeworm, Flatworm, and other Internal Parasites, present in a pond without disturbing its Biological Filtration. Fishes readily absorb this Water Clarifiers Treatment, which controls the symptoms of External and Internal Parasites attack.

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