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Hagen, one of the most renowned names in the Pets Maintenance Industry, offers a vast collection of effective aquarium solutions. Since its inception, Hagen has been striving to ensure your aquatic pets’ well being and it has well achieved its milestones. Taking care of your aquatic pets has never been this easy as they are with Hagen products. Fresh Marine brings to you this widely spread range of Hagen. The ensuing discussion picks up some key aquarium solutions categories and the Hagen products available under them.

Air Pumps. To help generate air with force or pressure to facilitate the working of Under Gravel Air Lifters, Air Stone, or Air Diffusers, and Foam Fractionators fitted in an Aquarium, Hagen presents Hagen Aqua Clear Air Pumps. The other players, Hagen Elite Air Pumps; and Hagen Elite Maxima Deluxe Pumps employ state of the art technology with a performance enhancing design, for a long lasting, efficient performance.

Algae Magnet Cleaners. Available in both, Standard and Deluxe models, Hagen Marina Algae Magnet Cleaners have Magnetic Power Heads, which wipe off undesirable algal growth from the aquarium.

Algae Scrappers Scrubbers. Hagen Marina’s Multi-tool, Algae Scrubb; Economy Algae Scrubb; Deep Reach Algae Scrubb; and 22 inches, 4 in 1 Aquarium Scrapers, are the various Scrubber options from Hagen that keep your aquarium free of undesirable algal growth.

Aquarium Canister Filters. Hagen Fluval Canister Filters and Hagen Fluval FX5 Canister Filters, facilitate complete, multi-stage filtration for aquariums.

Hang On Filters. Hagen Fluval Surface Skimmer, Hagen Aqua Clear Hang on Back Power Filters, Hagen Elite Hush Power Filters, and Hagen Dynaflo Power Filters, are the key options to keep your aquarium water filtered clean.

Mini Aquarium Filters. Execute Chemical and Mechanical Filtration of your small sized aquarium with Hagen Fluval Plus Internal Filters and Hagen Elite Stingray Submersible Filters.

Foam Filter Media. One of the widest spread of products in the range include Hagen Fluval Filter Foam Blocks; Hagen Fluval Filter Foam Block FX5; Hagen Fluval Polishing Pads; Hagen Fluval Ammonia Remover Filter Media; Hagen Fluval Zero-Carb Filter Media; Hagen Fluval Lab Series Phosphate/Nitrate Remover Filter Media; Hagen Fluval Lab Series Opti-Carb Filter Media; Hagen Fluval Pre-filter Media; and Hagen Fluval 1 Plus, 2 Plus, & 3 Plus Foam Inserts. These Hagen products apart from serving as a Mechanical and Biological Filter also prevent the waste from blocking the other media pores present in a Filter.

Aquarium Carbon. Hagen Fluval Carbon Filter Media; Hagen Fluval 4 Plus Foam Insert; and Hagen Fluval 2 Plus, 3 Plus, & 4 Plus Carbon Filter Pads contain the best quality Activated Carbon, which can clear Fresh as well as Marine Water Systems. Fluval Carbon has a large porous surface area, which effectively holds out undesirable, minute particles. The Aquarium Carbon potentially eliminates liquid wastes, such as, Water-Soluble Impurities, Urine, and Dyes, from the tank water, thereby leaving it crystal clear.

Polyester Filter Media. These are ergonomically designed Aquarium Filter Media to fit any of the Underwater Filters. These Polyester Filter Media are made of very thick, yet ultra fine Polyester, for holding out even the miniscule waste particles present in the passing aquarium water, leaving it sparkling clear. Hagen Fluval 2 Plus, 3 Plus, and 4 Plus Polyester Pads, available in four Packs, are the options in the range.

Aquarium Heaters. Maintain the desired temperature in your aquarium with Hagen Fluval Tronic Submersible Heaters; Hagen Aqua Clear Submersible Preset Heaters; Hagen Radiant Heaters; Hagen Elite Submersible Preset Heaters Mini; and Hagen Elite Submersible Preset Heaters.

Fish Nets. Hagen Marina Blue Fine Nylon Fish Nets with Handle; Hagen Marina Black Coarse Nylon Fish Nets with Handle; Hagen Marina Net Trap (Fine Mesh); and Hagen 5-Way Convertible Breeding Trap, help delicately, yet firmly handle even the most delicate type of all the aquarium inmates, while performing regular tank maintenance.

Aquarium Supplies. Calculate the Specific Gravity (dissolved salt proportion) of your Marine Aquarium’s water, while measuring its temperature with Hagen Living Sea Floating Hydrometer with Thermometer.

Aquarium Plant Supplements. Nourish your aquarium plants with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Manganese, and Nitrates present in Nutrafin Plant Gro Fertilizer, Nutrafin Plant-Gro NPK Aquatic Plant Fertilizer, and Nutrafin CO2 Natural Plant System.

Betta Food Pellets. Enhance the color of your aquarium inmates with Hagen Nutrafin Max Color Enhancing Betta Food.

Fish Hatchery. Breed your aquarium inmates safely in Hagen Marina 2 in 1 Fish Hatchery and Hagen Marina 3 inch 1 Guppy Trap.

Ammonia Chlorine Removers. Eliminate lethal Ammonia and Chlorine, present in your aquarium’s water with Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner w/ P.H.E. and Nutrafin African Cichlid Conditioner.

Cichlid Food Pellets. Feed your Cichlids with nutritious Hagen Nurafin Max Spirullina Cichlid Sticks.

Digital Thermometer Timer. Keep a check of your aquarium’s water temperature with Hagen Marina Standing Thermometer; Hagen Marina Floating Thermometer with Suction Cup; Hagen Marina Stainless Steel Thermometer; Hagen Deluxe Floating Thermometer with Suction Cups; Hagen Dorado/Dolphin/Aquarius Digital Thermometer; Hagen Meridian/Nova/Minerva Digital Thermometer; Hagen Marina Aqua-Minder Programmable Digital Thermometer.

Feeding Equipment. Feed your aquarium inmates with the help of Hagen Nutrafin Marina Nutramatic II Fish Food Feeder.

Invertebrate Foods. Feed the taste buds of your aquarium invertebrates with Hagen Nutrafin Max Plus Mysis/Earthworm/Brine Shrimp Flakes, Hagen Nutrafin Tubifex Worms, Hagen Nutrafin Max Complete Flake Food/Freeze Dried Tablets/Food Pellets/Sinking Food Tablets for Tropical Fish, Hagen Nutrafin Max Spirullina Flakes/Tablets, Hagen Nutrafin Max Livebearer Food, Hagen Nutrafin Max Color Enhancing Flake Food, Hagen Nutrafin Max Goldfish Pellet Mix/Fish Food Flakes/Fish Large Food Flakes, and Hagen Nutrafin Max Marine Flakes/Complete Food.

Reptile Pellet Food. Hagen Nutrafin Max Turtle Gammarus Pellets are ideal to feed the reptiles present in your tank.

Tank Cleaners. Keep your aquarium clean with Hagen Marina Multi-Vac Battery Powered Cleaner, Hagen Marina Multi-Gravel Washer, and Hagen Marina Gravel Cleaners.

HO VHO Fluorescent Bulbs. Enhance the color of your aquarium’s inmates and catalyze the growth of the plants therein with Hagen AQUA-GLO/SUN-GLO/MARINE-GLO/FLORA-GLO/POWER-GLO/LIFE-GLO Fluorescent Bulbs, and Hagen Glo T5 Single Reflector for T5 HO Bulb.

HO VHO Fluorescent Lighting. Hagen Glo T5 HO Linear Fluorescent Lighting System, Hagen Glomat Electronic Ballast Starter Unit, Hagen Marina Light Units 7W suitable for Betta Kits, and Hagen T5 HO Electronic Ballasts for T5HO Fluorescent Bulbs help lit up your aquarium.

LED Lighting and Moonlights. Hagen Marina Micro LED Light Unit for Betta and Goldfish Kits with cUL Adapter, and Hagen Marina Single Micro LED Light with 6” Cord, available in White, Red, Blue, and Green colors.

Pond Starter Kits. Hagen Marina Pirates Goldfish Starter Kits, Hagen Marina Goldfish Kits, and Hagen Marina Betta Pals Aquarium Kits.

pH/KH Buffers. Keep a check on your aquarium’s pH and KH levels with Hagen Nutrafin pH adjuster UP, and Hagen Nutrafin pH Stabilizer (KH Booster).

Power Head – Aquarium Power heads. Stabilize a desired current level in your aquarium with Hagen Aqua Clear Power Head.

Water Test Kits. Keep a check of your aquarium’s water quality with Hagen Ammonia/Calcium/Iron/Nitrite/Nitrate/Phosphate/pH Low/Hide/Wide Range Test Kits, Hagen Master Test Kits.

Water Clarifiers Treatment. Hagen Nutrafin Waste Control, Hagen Nutrafin Bio Care Turtle Clean, and Hagen Nutrafin Cycle employ biological process to quickly break down solid Organic Wastes, present in aquarium water.

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