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Reptile SuppliesReptile Supplies

Reptile Supplies

As the name suggests, Reptile Supplies include all the fittings, fixtures, and accessories, required for a Terrarium setting up. Right from the Lights to Medications to Feeding to Floating Fixture to Fogger Mist to Heaters to Watering Fixture, Reptile Supplies include all these and more. Fresh Marine, the online store for Aquarium Products extends a huge range of Reptile Supplies. Lets look.

Basking Lamps. In a Terrarium layout, a proper heating system is very important, as Reptiles modulate their body temperature through radiant heat from the Lighting System or Basking Lamps. These Basking Lamps imitate the natural conditions by heating the rock or the substrate of the Terrarium, which in turn stimulates the natural heat-regulating traits of Reptiles. Some of these even facilitate Diurnal and Nocturnal viewing.
  • Products. Day/Night Spot Lights by Zilla and Repti Basking Spot Lamps, both by ZooMed.

  • Basking Fixture. Basking Fixture in an aquarium is used by a Reptile to lie on it in order to increase its body temperature. Therefore, Basking Fixture is usually placed in the warm region of a tank.
  • Products. Basking Platforms and Basking Corner Platforms, both by Zilla.

  • Bedding Substrate. Bedding Substrate is hypoallergenic substance deployed on the bottom of a tank, especially Terrarium, for improving its water quality chemically, performing Biological Filtration, and boosting the overall health of its occupants, while also enhancing its display value. The dark tone imparted to a tank by Bedding Substrates sooths a Terrariumís inmates by preventing the undesirable excess light from reaching the tank through a clear base. Your aquatic pets also burrow themselves in for relaxation.
  • Products. Forest Floor Bedding, Puka Shell Substrate, & Aspen Snake Bedding, all three by ZooMed.

  • Dome Light Reflector. Dome Light Reflectors help reflect the light rays for their optimal spread and intensity.
  • Products. Glow Clamp Lights & Wire Clamp Lights, both by Hagen Exo Terra; Clamp Lamps, Mini Clamp LED, Premium Light Domes, & Reflector Light Domes, all four by Zilla; and Clamp Lamps by ZooMed.

  • Hideout Shelter. A Hideout Shelter is a cool and a moist shelter, used by the living organisms, Reptiles & Amphibians here, to hide away from the attackers, in order to take rest, to raise their young ones safely, and to stay in peace.
  • Products. Snake Cave, & Reptile Den, both by Hagen Exo Terra; and Bark Bends, Creature Cubbyhole, Lava Rock, Herp Hotel, Rock Den, Shale Rock Den, & Stump Den, all seven by Zilla.

  • HO UVB Fluorescent Bulb. High Output (HO) Ultra Violet B (UVB) Fluorescent Bulbs provide one of the broadest spectrums of light for Marine Aquariums. These HO UVB Fluorescent Bulbs brighten the Red and the Blue colors in an aquarium, thereby benefiting the aquatic plantsí growth as well.
  • Products. Repti Glow 5.0 UVB & 10.0 UVB, both by Hagen Exo Terra; and ReptiSun 10.0 & 5.0, & Ultra Sun, all three by ZooMed.

  • Mercury Vapor UV Lamp. A Mercury Vapor UV Lamp is a type of Gas Discharge Lamp, which employs Active Mercury for generating illumination. The Heating Element is enclosed in a Borosilicate Glass Bulb, which may be clear or coated with Phosphor. Mercury Vapor UV Lamps ensure power efficiency with high illumination, while generating effective colors and lasting long.
  • Products. Sun Glo Mercury Vapor by Hagen Exo Terra and PowerSun by ZooMed.

  • Reptile Care & Medication. Reptiles are suited for the wild, but in captivity, they depend on us humans for proper care & medication. Therefore, it becomes imperative that we are aware of our responsibilities towards them and look after their health and well-being.
  • Products. Calcimize, Aquatize, Mistimize, Biotize, and Eletrodize & Eletrolize, all 5 by Hagen Exo Terra; Calcium with Vitamin D3, Herptivite Multivitamin, & Pure Calcium Powder, all 3 by RepCal; Calcium Phosphorus Blend, Calcium No Phosphorus Blend, Super Food Dust for Added Nutrient, Solar Drop, & Calcium plus Cricket, all 5 by T-Rex; Reptile Calcium Supplement Spray, Aquatic Reptile Water Treatment, Shed Ease, Terrarium Cleaner, Tropical Mist, & Reptile Supplements, all 6 by Zilla; and ReptiSave, Repti Shedding, Mite Off, Repti Sulfa Dip, Repti Eye Drop, Cleaners & Disinfectants, Wipe Out 1, 2, 3, & 4, & Repti Wound Healing, all 8 by ZooMed.

  • Reptile Pellet Food. The quality of Reptile Pellet Food is significantly important for the long-term survival, the health, and the growth of your Reptile pets. The importance of this aspect has led to the availability of many Off the Shelf products in the market.
  • Products. Juvenile/Adult Iguana Foods, Juvenile/Adult Bearded Dragon Foods, Adult Tortoise Foods, & Adult Aquatic Turtle Foods (Canned Grasshoppers; Wild Flat Head Grasshoppers; Medium Silkworms; Crickets; Unshelled Snails; & Meal Worms), all 4 types by Hagen Exo Terra; Turtle Gammarus Pellet by Hagen Nutrafin Max; Adult/Juvenile Iguana Foods, Adult/Juvenile Bearded Dragon Foods, Aquatic/Box Turtle Foods, & Tortoise Foods, all 4 by Rep-Cal; Iguana Dry Formula Adult/Juvenile, Reptile Adult/Juvenile Flower Formula, Bearded Dragon Dry Formula, Tortoise Dry Formula, & Turtle Dry Formula, all 5 by T-Rex; Juvenile Bearded Dragon Food, Tortoise Diet Pellet, Juvenile/Adult Iguana Food, Reptile Floating Food Sticks, Reptile TEN Total Essential Nutrition Floating Reptile Food Sticks; & Reptile Premium Floating Food Sticks, all 6 by Wardley; Juvenile/Adult Iguana Food; Aquatic Turtle Food; Bearded Dragon Food; and Land Turtle & Tortoise Food, all 4 by Zilla; Natural Aquatic Turtle Food by ZooMed; and ReptoMin Floating Food Sticks by Tetra.

  • Reptile Feeding Accessory. Reptile Feeding Accessory makes the feeding of Greens, Pellets, Insects, & Canned Food, by Reptiles in a Terrarium, less demanding. The Reptile Feeding Accessory ensures a very high degree of sanitation and convenience, while providing a comfortable and a stress free feeding environment to the animals. There are two types of Reptile Feeding Accessory, Dishes, and Feeders.
  • Products. Worm Dish, Feeding Rock/Termite Hill, & Vivicator, all three by Hagen Exo Terra.

  • Reptile Floating Fixture. Reptile Floating Fixtures are Terrarium Accessories that float naturally on water. Reptile Floating Fixtures provide an ideal natural area for basking & relaxing, and for regulating their body temperature. Reptile Floating Fixtures should be easy to clean and maintain.
  • Products. Floating Basking Platforms by Zilla; and Turtle Docks, & Floating Turtle Log, both by ZooMed.

  • Fogger Mist. Fogger Mist is a pump based automatic equipment, which when placed in a water source, generates cool mist around wherever placed. Aquarium Fogger Mist humidifies, clouds, and cools a tankís environment, while a Reptile Fogger Mist does the same for Terrariums.
  • Products. Mini Fogger by Hagen Exo Terra; Ultrasonic Fog Generator by Laguna Ponds; and Habba Mist by ZooMed.

  • Reptile Heaters. Reptiles need a habitat, which emulates their natural environment and its various factors. In their natural habitat, Reptiles modulate temperature by using the sunís heat, radiated by different natural surfaces, branches, rocks, or the forest floors, as heat conductors. In a Terrarium however, a proper heating system is required for the well-being of the Reptiles therein, a task well achieved by Reptile Heaters.
  • Products. HeatWave Rock, HeatWave Rainforest Pads, & HeatWave Desert Pad, all 3 by Hagen Exo Terra; Cobra Mat Mini by T-REX; Rock Heater, Repti Heat, Repti Heat Cave, Repti Sun, Repti Therm, & ReptiTemp, all 5 by ZooMed.

  • Heat Lamps. Heat Lamps imitate the natural conditions by heating the rock or the substrate of the Terrarium, which in turn stimulates the natural heat-regulating traits of Reptiles. Some of these even facilitate Diurnal and Nocturnal viewing.
  • Products. Ceramic Heat Emitters, Infrared Heat Glo, Sun Glo Neodymium/Infrared, & Night Glo Moon, all 4 by Hagen Exo Terra; Day & Night Red Heat, Nocturnal Black Heat, Active UV Heat, & Daylight Heat, all 4 by T-Rex; Ceramic Heat Emitter, Day White/Blue/Night Black/Night Red Bulbs, & Desert Bulbs, all 3 by Zilla; Heat Daylight Blue, Heat Infrared, Nightlight Red, Heat Halogen, Turtle Tuff, & Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitters, all 6 by ZooMed.

  • Terrarium Fixture Furniture. Since every type of life has different requirements therefore, flexible and very adaptable Terrarium Fixture Furniture is necessary. In order to meet this demand of Herpetologists and more importantly, the needs of Reptiles and Amphibians, Hagen Exo Terra extends a wide variety of Terrarium Fixture Furniture.
  • Products. Explorarium, Flexible Jungle Vines, & Decorative Backgrounds, all three by Hagen Exo Terra.

  • Watering Fixture. Watering Fixtures give a natural cascading environment feel to the Terrarium inhabitants. In addition to enhancing the display value of your Terrarium, Watering Fixtures also stimulate the natural drinking behavior of the Reptiles and increase the humidity level in the Terrarium.
  • Products. Natural Waterfalls, Water Well, and Repti Rapids, all three by Zoo Med.

  • HO UVB Compact Fluorescent Bulb. Appropriate lighting is essential in a Terrarium, for the proper upkeep of its Reptiles. HO UVB Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are one of the cheapest and the most economical Terrarium Lights available. HO UVB Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are popular as they are easier to install than the Linear Fluorescent Bulbs. UVB is generally defined as the wavelength band from 290-320 nm. This light band is very useful for Reptiles, but for the desired results, it is always better to combine HO UVB Compact Fluorescent Bulbs with very high visual light output.
  • Products. Repti Glow 5.0 UVB & 10.0 UVB, and ReptiSun, all three by ZooMed.

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