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Reptile Floating FixtureReptile Floating Fixture

Reptile Floating Fixture

Reptile Floating Fixtures are Terrarium Accessories that float naturally on water. Reptiles climb on them to float and get maximum UV Light exposure, which is health wise beneficial to them. Reptile Floating Fixtures provide an ideal natural area for basking & relaxing, and for regulating their body temperature. Reptile Floating Fixtures should be easy to clean and maintain. Let us look at the Reptile Floating Fixtures presented by Fresh Marine, which are perfectly tailored and are available at a discounted price.

Zilla Floating Basking Platforms. This Aquarium Basking Floating for Turtle is designed especially, according to the needs of Reptiles. They offer sufficient space for Turtles, Newts, and Aquatic Frogs, to relax and absorb Heat & UV Rays in order to regulate their Body Temperature. These Reptile Floating Fixtures give a natural feeling of a happy swimming, to the Aquatic Reptiles & Amphibians. The fixtures employ a unique Suction Cup System for the hold, which can be removed comfortably for easy cleaning. These Reptile Floating Fixtures are available in three different sizes, Small, Medium, and Large.

Reptile Floating Fixtures by ZooMed.
  • ZooMed Turtle Docks. These Aquatic Turtle Floating Basking Platforms are exclusive floating docks for Aquatic Turtles, Newts, and Frogs. They look natural and comfortable as a real log and have a self-leveling system, which automatically adjusts the logs to all water levels. They enable Turtles to have maximum exposure to Heat & UVB Lamps, while also extending an easy access to dry basking area. These Reptile Floating Fixtures are available in three different sizes, Small (10G, 11.25X5), Medium (20G, 15X7), and Large (30G, 18X9). These Reptile Floating Fixtures are easy to install, owing to 4 Suction Cups and a non-corrosive Bracket.
  • ZooMed Floating Turtle Log. This natural looking Reptile Floating Fixture relieves stress, while comforting Aquatic Turtles, Newts, Frogs, Mudskippers, and Tropical Fish. This log is made of Resin and is hollow to facilitate the hiding of pets in it, while enabling basking on top. The log measures 12"x5.5"x4".

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