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ViaAqua is a name not new to the aquarium solutions industry. Since quite a few years now, ViaAqua has contributed well to the aquarium industry through its aquarium equipments. Fresh Marine offers a variety of Aquarium Supplies & Fittings by ViaAqua. The ensuing discussion deals with these.

Air Pumps. ViaAqua Million Air Pumps (MA) sport unique design and latest technology to aerate the aquarium strongly, reliably, safely, and quietly. Easy to install and maintain, ViaAqua Air Pumps come in MA-100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 capacities. The increasing capacity numbers reflect the pumps’ ability to manage increasingly large size of aquariums coupled with the growing pressure levels. ViaAqua Air Pumps generate air with force to facilitate the working of Under Gravel Air Lifters, Air Stone, or Air Diffusers, and Foam Fractionators fitted in an Aquarium. The size choice of a ViaAqua Air Pump is contingent upon the capacity of the Aquarium it will be fitted in. ViaAqua Air Pumps last for years without any operational trouble.

Air Stone. Air Stones are one of the water circulation devices of an aquarium that work best in conjunction with Air Pumps, while also accessorizing the tank with the bubbles. ViaAqua Flexible Air Stones are self-weighted & flexible, and are meant for use in Freshwater Aquariums only. The flexible design of these Air Stones facilitates their adjustment along any shape of the aquarium they are placed in. ViaAqua Air Stones have fine perforations that diffuse air (Oxygen) from an Air Pump into the aquarium water in the form of tiny bubbles. The ViaAqua Air Stones come in different sizes, and are easy to install & maintain. AS-60 24 & AS-90 36 Inch Aquarium Air Diffusers are the two sizes of Air Stones by ViaAqua, available at Fresh Marine. You can easily conceal these Air Stones behind your aquarium’s Rocks or Accessories. You need to replace Air Stones every few months as they develop Bacterial, Algal, and Dust growth over them.

Aquarium Heaters. ViaAqua Aquarium Heaters help you maintain the desired temperature in your aquarium. Fresh Marine offers a couple of very effective ViaAqua Aquarium Heaters ranges, ViaAqua Glass and Titanium Aquarium Heaters. ViaAqua Glass Aquarium Heaters are available in 100 Watts – 25 Gallons, 150 Watts – 40 Gallons, 250 Watts – 65 Gallons, and 300 Watts – 65 Gallons capacities, ViaAqua Glass Heaters come with an adjustable and unbreakable Remote Thermostat & Temperature Probe to establish an even temperature throughout your aquarium, that too without wetting your hands. Meant for both, Marine and Freshwater Aquariums, the ViaAqua Heaters sport a temperature grading in the front, which makes it too convenient to set the temperature. The Suction Cups duo hold these easy to install and fully submersible heaters to the aquarium wall. The unbreakable ViaAqua Titanium Aquarium Heaters are also equipped with the same features as the Glass Heaters. Titanium Heaters are available in 100 Watts - 25 Gallons, 150 Watts - 40 Gallons, 250 Watts – 65 Gallons, and 300 Watts – 65 Gallons capacities.

Power Heads – Aquarium Powerheads. Keep a desired current level in your aquarium with the help of ViaAqua Pump Power Heads. Available in the different sized models, VA 1300, VA 2600, VA 3600, VA 4900, these Power Heads are an absolute value for money. Employing the high definition technology design, the pump ensures energy efficiency and low heat generation, while being sturdy and long lasting all along. The Sealed Internal Housing of the ViaAqua Power Heads is the reason for their extremely quiet operation. Meant for both Freshwater as well as Marine Aquariums, the fully submersible, ViaAqua Power Heads can be optimally coupled with Wet-Dry Filters, Venturi Protein Skimmers, Under Gravel Filtering Systems, Ponds, and Fountains. These Power Heads come with six months warranty and complete maintenance instructions for a smooth and trouble free experience with ViaAqua Power Heads.

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