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Mag FloatMag Float

Mag Float

Mag Float, an international market leader among the tank cleaners, is actually a big milestone achieved in the aquatic care industry. Mag Float is reputed for its floating magnetic aquarium cleaners, which rid your tanks of algae. Water, light, and nutrients available in an aquarium facilitate many life forms, even the undesired one at times. Algae is one such mostly unintended yet one of the commonest incidence in an aquarium. Brown, Green, Red/Brush, and Blue-Green are the strains of undesirable algae that usually occur in an aquarium. These algae may pose growth competition to the beneficial Coralline Algae, while also decreasing the visual appeal of the tank. It therefore, becomes necessary that these useless algal growths be eliminated from the aquarium, a process well realized through Mag Float Algae Magnet Cleaners.

Mag Float Algae Magnet Cleaners have magnetic Power Heads, which wipe off undesirable algal growth from the aquarium. Algae Magnet Cleaners employ powerful Rear Earth Neodymium Magnets that help remove the algal growth easily from your aquarium. To use, simply drag the Algae Magnet Cleaner’s Felt-Lined Handle on the outer surface of the aquarium walls, while the magnet on the Velcro Scrub Pad inside the aquarium will follow your outer rubbing pattern, thereby scraping off the algae from the tank’s inside without wetting your hands as well as not damaging the animal life, corals, and accessories. The Scrub Pad stays clear of abrasive sand and gravel. As a result, you get an efficient job done without scratching your aquarium’s walls.

After use, the magnet floats on the surface of aquarium water for its easy removal. The Mag Float Algae Magnet Cleaners are made of non-toxic ABS Plastic, which is injection molded and therefore, you may always leave the device attached to your aquarium’s outer surface. Fresh Marine extends Mag Float Tank Cleaners for Glass and Acrylic Aquariums.

Mag Float Acrylic Tank Cleaners. The models here include 30A, 130A, 360A, and 510A. The different numbers on the model reflect the varying capacity of aquariums in Gallons they can manage.

Mag Float Glass Tank Cleaners. The models in this category are, 30, 125, 350, and 500, with different numbers depicting the optimal capacity of aquarium in Gallons they can work best in.

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