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Kent Marine is a company offering aquarium solutions for the well-being of your aquatic pets. Undoubtedly, the competent Kent Marine products deliver excellent results. In no mood to compromise on your aquatic pets care front, Fresh Marine offers some of the best Kent Marine products. The ensuing discussion gives an insight on the same.

Ammonia Chlorine Removers. Excess of Ammonia and Chlorine in aquarium water can kill the Fish and the Beneficial Bacteria present in Bio-Filters. To regulate the rising Ammonia and Chlorine in the tank water, Ammonia Chlorine Removers are “the” product to use. These compounds come in 8oz., 16oz., and 64oz. packs.

Ammonia Removers.
  • Kent Marine Ammonia Detox.

  • Chlorine Removers.
  • Kent Marine Pro Tech Coat Marine.

  • Feeding Equipment.
  • Kent Marine AquaDose. It is compatible with Marine, Freshwater, and any Pond or Water Garden. AquaDose is available in 2.5Gallons and 5Gallons capacities.
  • Kent Marine AquaDose Replacement Hose. This is a Replacement Tubing for the Kent Marine AquaDose Systems, and helps deliver the right amount of additives at the right rate.

  • Algae Scrapers Scrubber. Brown, Green, Red/Brush, and Blue-Green are the strains of undesirable algae that usually occur in an aquarium. These algae may pose growth competition to the beneficial Coralline Algae, while also decreasing the visual appeal of the tank. Algae Scrapers Scrubbers are usually the Scrub Pads attached to one end of an aquarium cleaner to wipe off these undesirable algal growth and other deposits from the aquarium.

    Algae Scrapers Scrub by Kent Marine. The Kent Marine Algae Scrapers Scrubs mentioned below are employed in Kent AquaMop, which is a Glass and Acrylic Aquariums Algae Cleaner.
  • Kent Marine AquaMop Attachment for Pro Scrapers. These short and long Scrub Pads are compatible with both, fresh and salt water.
  • Kent Marine AquaMop Replacement Pad. This is a replacement Scrub Pad for AquaMop.

  • Fish, Reef, Aquarium Foods. They are usually available in 8oz., 16oz., and 64oz. packs, unless otherwise specified.

    Invertebrate Foods.
  • Kent Marine Chromaplex Phytoplankton. A mix of aqua cultured Phytoplankton, rich in Essential Amino and Fatty Acids, is primarily used to filter feed marine invertebrates.

    Liquid Aquarium Foods.
  • Kent Marine Discus Essential. This food supplements biologically important Trace Minerals to enhance the color and vigor of your aquarium’s flora and fauna.
  • Kent Marine Freshwater Plant Supplement. This formula supplies bio-available Iron and other Micronutrients for the growth of your Freshwater Plants.
  • Kent Marine Garlic Extreme. This is an appetite builder and is especially helpful for the invertebrates not much interested in feeding. This comes in 1oz. and 4oz. packs.
  • Kent Marine PhytoPlex Phytoplankton. Rich in Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, DHA, and EPA, PhytoPlex is a concentrated blend of aqua cultured, naturally occurring Marine Phytoplankton. Meant for Live Hard & Soft Corals, Tube Worms, Clams, and other invertebrates, the formula is especially apt for feeding Rotifers and Larval Fish.
  • Kent Marine Zoecon. Available in 2oz., 4oz., and 8oz. packs, Zoecon contains Shark Liver Oil, which is rich in Essential Marine Omega-3 Fatty Acids, EPA, and DHA. Good for both, Freshwater and Marine Aquariums, Zoecon is helpful for Fish and Invertebrate Larvae.
  • Kent Marine ZooPlex. This contains Whole Bio-Engineered Marine Zooplankton, rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Carotenoid Pigments, Essential Amino Acids, Fiber, and Color boosting elements. Zooplex is meant to Filter Feed Marine Invertebrates and Planktivorous Fish.

  • Water Clarifiers Treatment. Water Clarifiers Treatment removes all or most of the Cloudiness inducing organic wastes present in the aquarium water, leaving it clear, and disease free. Water Clarifiers Treatment also cleans the aquarium surface.
  • Kent Marine Clean Equation Marine Clarifier. Marine Clarifier is a perfect mixture of high tech Polymers, capable of safely removing dirt and particles that cause haziness in aquarium water. This Water Clarifiers Treatment is designed only for Marine Aquariums, especially the ones with ornamental inhabitants. The formula comes in 8oz., 16oz., and 64oz. sizes.
  • Kent Marine ProClear Freshwater Clarifier. It comes in 4oz., 8oz., and 16oz. packs.
  • Kent Marine ProClear Marine Clarifier. It is available in 8oz. and 16oz. packs.

  • Coral Supplements. Vitamins and Trace Minerals have a special role in the proper growth, development, and the health of Corals. Coral Supplements do this nutritional fulfillment. In effect, Coral Supplements benefit the health of the Corals in an aquarium. Moreover, these Coral Supplements restrict the growth of unwanted algae, while also decomposing the organic waste.
  • Kent Marine Coral Accel. Accel possesses complex Proteins, which are vital for Coral Tissues growth. Accel is ideal for the fragmentation of small Polyped Stony Corals, and the propagation of Soft Corals Octocorals & Colonial Anemones. The formula comes in 8oz. and 16oz. packs.
  • Kent Marine Coral-Vite. This Coral Supplement supplies vital Vitamins and Minerals to the Hard & Soft Corals in a Marine Aquarium for their energy and health. This product stimulates the growth of Anemones, Gorgonians, and desirable Marine Algae as well. Coral-Vite comes in 8oz., 16oz., and 64oz. packs.
  • Kent Marine Essential Element. Meant especially for Reef and Fish Only Aquariums, this Coral Supplement restores the Trace Minerals balance in the aquarium water to enhance the vigor and the color of inmates, while restricting unwanted algae growth. The formula comes in 8oz., 16oz., and 64oz. packs.
  • Zoe Marine Vitamin. The high quality vitamin complex suits Marine Fish, Invertebrates, and desirable algae. It comes in 4oz., 8oz., and 16oz. packs.

  • pH / KH Buffers. They are available in 250Grams, 500Grams, and 1Kg packs.

    pH Buffers. Even a small change of pH can cause breathing problem in your aquatic pets. In addition, high acidity can damage their Skin, Gills, and even Eyes.
  • Kent Marine Marine Aquarium pH Buffer. This pH / KH Buffer meant for Fish Only or Reef Type Marine Aquariums stabilizes the water pH in the range of 8.0 to 8.3. pH Buffer well maintains the Carbonate Hardness of aquarium water.
  • Kent Marine pH Precise Low Range Controller. This pH / KH Buffer is an effective water softener and a conditioned acidic environment provider for sensitive fishes. It can buffer the Freshwater Aquariums at 6.0 pH for both, Hard and Soft Water.

  • KH Buffers. Carbonates (KH or Alkalinity), coupled with Trace Elements, Calcium, Strontium, and Magnesium, encourage the proper growth and the development of Coral & the beneficial Coralline Algae, while also stabilizing the pH of aquarium water. A right KH / Alkalinity level boosts the immunity of fish and other invertebrates present in your aquarium.
  • Kent Marine Coral Builders. This pH / KH Buffer is a KH builder, especially formulated for the Marine Reef Aquarium, wherever the pH is nearly 8.3.
  • Kent Marine Probuffer dKH. Probuffer is a strong pH buffer with Coralline Accelerator, which enhances the Coralline Algae growth in an aquarium, while also maintaining the Carbonate Hardness of its water. It comes in 16oz. and 64oz. packs.
  • Kent Marine Superbuffer dKH. This pH / KH Buffer meant for Fish only and Reef Type Marine Aquariums is a perfect pH buffer can successfully adjust the pH of Salt Water Aquariums within the range of 8.0 to 8.3.

  • Iodine Iodide Supplements. Iodine and Iodide enhance the coloration in Corals, Tridacna Clams, and Anemones, while also keeping them healthy. Iodine Iodide Supplements also aid in full Coral Polyp expansion.
  • Kent Marine Super Iodine. This Iodine Iodide Supplement provides bio-available form of Iodine to the aquarium members. The formula comes in 8oz., 16oz., and 64oz. packs.
  • Kent Marine Lugol`s Solution. This Iodine Iodide Supplement is meant for Aquarium Invertebrates (especially Stony Corals, Xenia, & Soft Corals), and Macro Algae. When dipped in the solution, the infected Stony and Soft or Leather Corals are freed of Parasites and harmful Bacteria. This Iodine Iodide Supplement brightens up the coloration of Corals, while also preventing their bleaching due to varied light intensity. Moreover, the solution facilitates optimal Coral Polyp expansion. This comes in 1oz. pack.
  • Kent Marine Tech I – Iodine Supplement. This Iodine Iodide supplement enables the bioavailability of Iodine and Iodide to an aquarium system for the faster growth, proper expansion, bleach prevention, and color enhancement of its inmates for a prolonged period. It comes in 8oz., 16oz., and 64oz. packs.

  • Iron Manganese Supplements. Iron and Manganese are vital for the proper growth and development of aquarium animals. The Iron & Manganese Supplements deliver Iron, Manganese, Potassium, and Trace Minerals for the growth and health of Caulerpa, Coralline, other Calcareous Marine Algae, and the invertebrates with Symbiotic Algae present in their tissues.
  • Kent Marine Iron & Manganese. It comes in 8oz., 16oz., and 64oz. packs.
  • Kent Marine Tech M. This formula is ionically balanced to elevate the level of Magnesium in aquarium water. Tech M comes in 16oz. and 64oz. packs.

  • Calcium Kalkwasser. Corals need Calcium for their growth & development, and to stay attached to their exoskeleton. This Calcium is supplied by Calcium Kalkwasser, which contains Calcium Hydroxide and a type of Calcium, known as Pure Calcium. Calcium Kalkwasser raises the pH and KH/alkalinity levels of the aquarium water to keep the growing parameters to the desired levels.
  • Kent Marine Kalkwasser Mix. This Calcium Kalkwasser furnishes bio-available Calcium to Purple, Pink, & Green Calcareous Algae, Snails, Hard Tube Worms, and Clams. After some applications of Kalkwasser Mix, Corals tend to open more and stay attached to their skeletons more firmly. This formula comes in 100Grams, 225Grams, 450Grams, and 1800Grams packs.
  • Kent Marine Liquid Calcium. This comes in 8oz., 16oz., and 64oz. packs.
  • Kent Marine Turbo Calcium. It is available in 200Grams, 400Grams, and 800Grams packs.
  • Kent Marine Liquid Reactor. This Calcium Kalkwasser is a Calcium Buffer, which raises the concentrations of Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium, and Carbonates (alkalinity) in the system. It comes in 16oz. and 64oz. packs.
  • Kent Marine Tech CB. This Calcium Kalkwasser comes in two parts, Part A and Part B, with each of them being half of an ionic balanced, Calcium supplemented, and alkalinity control mix. A regular use of the product in an aquarium has shown boost in the growth rate of its inmates. Both the parts, A and B, come in 16oz. and 64 oz. packs.

  • Nitrate Removers. Nitrate Removers hold beneficial Nitrifying and Denitrifying Bacteria in their fine granules, which pull the dissolved Ammonia & Nitrite, present in aquarium water, to decompose them into simpler, relatively non-toxic substances.
  • Kent Marine Nitrate Sponge. This Nitrate Remover Sponge can be added to Freshwater Aquariums or Tap Water to remove toxic Ammonia there only. This formula comes in 1Gallon and 2Qt packs.

  • Phosphate Removers. Phosphate is a naturally occurring element and is one of the basic building blocks of all the living cells. However, Reef Aquariums house excessive Phosphate and Silicates, which may result in unsightly, and disturbing, prolific algal growth there. Phosphate also reduces the aquarium levels of Calcium and Magnesium, important elements for the growth of Corals. Therefore, it is crucial that the extra Phosphate is removed from the aquarium water to maintain its correct level, a process well executed with the help of Phosphate Removers.
  • Kent Marine Phosphate Sponge. This Phosphate Remover is a Ceramic medium, which adsorbs Phosphates or Silicates present in Fresh or Saltwater Aquariums, or Ponds. In addition, this Phosphate Remover absorbs moisture to act as an Air Dryer for Ozone, while renewing repeatedly in this drying process. It comes in 1Qt pack.

  • Red Slime Algae Removers. Brown, Green, Red/Brush, and Blue-Green are the strains of undesirable algae that usually occur in an aquarium. These ugly, floating algae may pose growth competition to the beneficial Coralline Algae, while also decreasing the visual appeal of the tank. It therefore, becomes necessary that these useless algal growths be eliminated from the aquarium, a process well realized through Red Slime Algae Removers.
  • Kent Marine Poly Ox Red Slime Remover. This Red Slime Algae Remover is an Organic Material Oxidizer, which is free of any Algaecide. It comes in 8oz., 16oz., and 64oz. packs.

  • Aquarium Carbon. Aquarium Carbon can filter out tiny pieces of metabolic wastes and other water pollutants in a Marine Aquarium. In addition, Aquarium Carbon holds beneficial bacteria, which help decompose harmful Nitrites and many other Toxic Wastes present in the tank.
  • Kent Marine Reef Carbon. Reef Carbon is meant for Marine Aquariums, Freshwater Aquariums, and Ponds. This Aquarium Carbon successfully removes Stains, Organic Pollutants, and Toxic Gases present in a tank. Reef Carbon effectively eliminates large, undesirable Organic Molecules. It comes in 1Qt and 2Qt packs.

  • Medications.

    Ich Medications.
  • Kent Marine Rx P Marine Parasite. It helps control Marine Ich and other Parasitic infections in Saltwater Aquariums. Rx P comes in 8oz., 16oz., and 64oz. packs.

  • Coral Medications.
  • Kent Marine Tech D. This Coral Dip Conditioner removes Bacterial and Protozoan infections from the Corals and several other Marine invertebrates.

  • Strontium Supplements. Strontium is a minor element, which just like Calcium and next only to it, is required for the growth and maintenance of the skeleton of several aquatic invertebrates, especially Corals.
  • Kent Marine Strontium & Molybdenum. This Strontium Supplement furnishes bio-available Strontium in aquarium water, immensely benefiting the growth of Purple, Pink, & Green Calcareous Algae, Snails, Hard Tube Worms, and Clams. In addition, Potassium & Molybdenum present in the formula, leverage the growth of Symbiotic Algae in the Tissues of Coral and other Aquatic Invertebrates. With the regular use of Strontium & Molybdenum, Corals tend to open wide and firmly stay attached to their skeletons. The formula comes in 8oz., 16oz., and 64oz. packs.
  • Kent Marine Turbo Strontium. This Strontium Supplement is similar in functions and basic composition to that of Kent Marine Strontium & Molybdenum except that it contains exothermic Anhydrous Strontium Chloride instead of Molybdenum. It comes in 150Grams and 300Grams packs.

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