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Since over a century, Blue Life USA has been striving to deliver high quality Aquarium water Additives to anyone and everyone handling aquariums at any level. The vision of Blue Life USA is to simply help its customers establish an aquarium, which exhibits growth and quality no less than perfect. The endeavor does not cease here. Blue Life USA continues its spree with improvements to give its customers the best. Fresh Marine brings to you a wholesome collection of some of the best Water Additives for your aquarium. The ensuing discussion deals with some of these picks.

Medications. These are dissolved in aquarium water to control any types of Pests, Parasites, Fungal, Bacterial, or Viral Infections in a tank.
  • Blue Life USA Aiptasia Control. Aiptasia, also known as Glass or Rock Anemones, are Aquarium Pests. Aiptasia Control is an effective Anemone Pest control solution, resulting in the well-being of an aquarium’s inmates. This reef safe formula readily begins to work soon after its application.

  • Salt Water. Salt Water, identified with Marine Water, contains a high amount of salts dissolved in water, in fact saturated with salts. As is evident, Salt Water finds use in Marine Aquariums. Usually, these Salt Waters are collected from natural sources and are hygienically packed for safe use in Marine Aquariums.
  • Blue Life USA Blue Water. This all-natural Sea Water is fortified, pure, and hygienically & rigorously filtered seawater, collected from the Pacific Ocean. Blue Life USA’s Blue Water comes in 5 Gallons pack.

  • Aquarium Carbon. Aquarium Carbon can filter out tiny pieces of metabolic wastes and other water pollutants in a Marine Aquarium. In addition, Aquarium Carbon holds beneficial bacteria, which help decompose harmful Nitrites and many other Toxic Wastes present in the tank.
  • Blue Life USA Classic Activated Carbons. Classic Activated Carbon primarily removes Odor Organics, Soluble Organic Wastes, Suspended Solids, Residual Oxidants (especially, Chlorine & Ozone), Micro Pollutants, and Medications. The Carbon can be used in all types of Power Filters, Wet Dry Filters, Canister, or Modular Filters. The Classic Activated Carbon is available in 1 lbs and 5 lbs packs.

  • Iodine Iodide Supplements. Iodine and Iodide have special significance for the members of a Reef or a Marine Aquarium. They enhance the coloration in Corals, Tridacna Clams, and Anemones, while also keeping them healthy. Iodine Iodide Supplements enable the bio-available forms of Iodine and Iodide to the tank inmates, which apart from delivering the other health and color benefits, also aid in full Coral Polyp expansion.
  • Blue Life USA Lugol`s Solution. Available in 1oz. pack, this Iodine Iodide Supplement is meant for Aquarium Invertebrates (especially Stony Corals, Xenia, & Soft Corals), and Macro Algae. When dipped in the solution, the infected Stony and Soft or Leather Corals are freed of Parasites and harmful Bacteria. This Iodine Iodide Supplement brightens up the coloration of Corals, while also preventing their bleaching due to varied light intensity. Moreover, the solution facilitates optimal Coral Polyp expansion.

  • Phosphate Removers. Phosphate is a naturally occurring element and is one of the basic building blocks of all the living cells. However, excessive Phosphates and Silicates may result in unsightly and disturbing, prolific algal growth there. Phosphates also reduce the aquarium levels of Calcium and Magnesium, important elements for the growth of Corals. Therefore, it is crucial that the extra Phosphate is removed from the aquarium water to maintain its correct level, a process well executed with the help of Phosphate Removers.
  • Blue Life USA Phosphate Control. This Phosphate Remover successfully eliminates Phosphate from Salt Water as well as from Freshwater Aquariums, which in turn controls the growth of Hair Algae and other nuisance algae inside the aquarium. Moreover, this Phosphate Remover enhances the strength, color, and growth of all the inhabitants present in an aquarium. It comes in 1 oz. pack.

  • Calcium Kalkwasser. Calcium is a much-needed element in a Marine or Reef Aquarium, as Corals need it for their growth and development and to stay attached to their exoskeleton. This Calcium gap is well fulfilled by one of its best supplement forms, Calcium Kalkwasser, which contains Calcium Hydroxide and a type of Calcium, known as Pure Calcium. Calcium Kalkwasser also raises the pH and KH/alkalinity levels of the aquarium water.
  • Blue Life USA Precision Kalkwasser. This Calcium Kalkwasser, apart from acting as a Calcium supplement, also helps maintain the pH & KH/alkalinity, and facilitates Protein Skimming & Phosphates precipitation. Blue Life USA Precision Kalkwasser comes in 100 Grams, 225 Grams, 450 Grams, and 1800 Grams packs.

  • pH / KH Buffers. It is important to keep a check on the pH and KH readings of aquarium water for the well-being of fishes therein.
  • pH Buffers. Even a small change of pH can cause breathing problem for aquatic pets. In addition, high acidity can damage their Skin, Gills, and even Eyes.
  • Blue Life USA Precision pH Buffer. Stabilizing the aquarium water pH within 8.2 to 8.4, this pH / KH Buffer also boosts its Alkalinity level. The formula comes in 500 Grams, 1000 Grams, and 4000 Grams packs.
  • KH Buffers. Carbonates (KH or Alkalinity), coupled with Trace Elements, Calcium, Strontium, and Magnesium, encourage the proper growth and the development of Coral & the beneficial Coralline Algae, while also stabilizing the pH of aquarium water. A right KH / Alkalinity level boosts the immunity of fish and other invertebrates present in your aquarium.
  • Blue Life USA Precision KH Buffer. This ph / KH Buffer is especially manufactured with quality (USP Grade) chemicals in balanced proportions. The formula is available in 500 Grams and 1000 Grams packs.

  • Red Slime Algae Remover. Brown, Green, Red/Brush, and Blue-Green are the strains of undesirable algae that usually occur in an aquarium. Our subject of interest, Cyanobacteria, or Red Slime, or Blue - Green Alga, as it is commonly known, occurs in both, Marine and Freshwater Aquariums. These ugly, floating algae may pose growth competition to the beneficial Coralline Algae, while also decreasing the visual appeal of the tank. It therefore, becomes necessary that these useless algal growths be eliminated from the aquarium, a process well realized through Red Slime Algae Removers.
  • Blue Life USA Red Slime Control. This Red Slime Algae Remover effectively executes its job without adversely affecting any of the aquarium inmates (including Fish, Corals, and other Reef Invertebrates), and discoloring the aquarium water.

  • Mechanical Filter Media. They help filter out large waste particles present in aquarium water.
  • Blue Life USA Filter Socks. These socks, meant for Mechanical Filtration, remove excess food, detritus, organic waste, dust, and other particles present in aquarium water leaving it clean. These socks are available in 200Micron-4” and 200Micron-7” Rings.

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