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Terms and Conditions for Animal Adoptions

Welcome to If you are electing to adopt a Turtle or Tortoise, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which governs FreshMarine.comís relationship with you in relation to the aforementioned adoption.

The term "" or "us" or "we" refers to the owner of this company. The term "you" or "your" refers to the customer visiting our website for the purpose of adopting a Turtle or Tortoise.

All animal adoptions are subject to the following Terms and Conditions of use:

You agree that you are not obtaining any Turtle under 4" from to be used as a pet.

You agree not to hold or anyone associated with responsible, for any situation that may arise from possessing or owning a Turtle or Tortoise that you obtained from makes no promises or assertions as to the length of time that a Turtle/Tortoise may live or remain healthy.

All individuals engaging in a business relationship (for example engaging in a purchase or adoption) with must be at least 18 years of age or older.

You agree that you understand that Turtles or Tortoise, as well as, many other animals have the ability to carry and transmit salmonella.

You agree to use your Turtle or Tortoise that you receive from for a bona fide scientific, educational, export or exhibit purpose only.

You agree that you understand that salmonella is a serious disease and that Turtles or Tortoises even if they are free of it now can contract salmonella at any time, and that it is not recommended to allow children to handle Turtles and Tortoises unsupervised. You also agree not to hold or anyone associated with responsible for any death, sickness, or illness caused by any Turtle and Tortoises containing salmonella.

You agree that a Turtle and Tortoises that is not properly cared for (timely water changes, proper filtering of the water etc.) can pick up the salmonella disease.

You agree that we don't imply that your Turtle and Tortoises cannot have salmonella now or that it will not get it in the future.

You agree to remain in compliance with all state and federal laws that pertain to possessing a Turtle and Tortoises. You also agree that you have contacted the necessary individuals and determined that it is legal for you to own or posses a Turtle and Tortoises in your state for reasons of bona fide scientific, educational or export purposes and that these are the reasons you wish to obtain a Turtle and Tortoises from

You agree that any Turtle and Tortoise with a carapace length of less than four inches that you obtained from will not be used as a pet in any way, shape or form.

You agree that you will not hold or anyone that is associated with under any legal liability for any reason that may arise from owning or possessing a Turtle and Tortoise.

Pursuant to Calf. Law 17CCR26122.1 , Shipments of Turtles and Tortoises under 4 inches are permitted to Governmental Agencies, recognized Research or Educational Institutions for research purposes or to a Zoological Garden for display.

Caution: Turtles and Tortoises may transmit bacteria causing disease in humans. It is important to wash the hands thoroughly after handling Turtles and Tortoises or material that had contact with Turtles and Tortoises. Do not allow water or any substance that had contact with Turtles and Tortoise to come in contact with food or areas where food is prepared. Make sure that these precautions are followed by children and others handling Turtles and Tortoise.

Pursuant to Florida Law, enacted July 1, 2007, a ban was put in place regarding the sale of a Non-native species, the Red Ear Slider within the State of Florida. Any Red Ear Sliders ordered will be substituted for a species that is not banned within the State of Florida, for example Yellow Belly Slider or Mississippi Map Turtle.

If you have any questions regarding the conditions of use you may email us!
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