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Laguna PondsLaguna Ponds

Laguna Ponds

Laguna Ponds is a brand of Rolf C. Hagen Inc. As the name suggests, Laguna Ponds offers solutions mostly for Ponds, while there are some others as well that work good in aquariums. Comprising mostly of Aquarium Water Additives range, Laguna Ponds helps keep your aquarium water quality high for the well-being of the fauna & flora therein. Fresh Marine takes the opportunity to offer Laguna Ponds products as one of the key options to take care of your domestic aquatic system. Lets take a look.

Aquarium Plant Supplements. Aquarium Plant Supplements nourish the plants with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Manganese, and Nitrates.
  • Laguna Ponds Plant Grow. This water treatment chemical generates a healthy and stable environment for your aquarium’s flora and fauna. In the process, this also beautifies your tank and is best suited for floating plants. This product is available in 8 oz. and 67.5 oz. packs.

  • Fogger Mist. Fogger Mist is a pump based automatic equipment, which when placed in a water source, generates cool mist around wherever placed. Aquarium Fogger Mist humidifies, clouds, and cools a tank’s environment, while a Reptile Fogger Mist does the same for Terrariums.
  • Ultrasonic Fog Generator by Laguna Ponds. This Ponds Fogger Mist generates beautiful Mist on Tabletops and small Fountains.

  • Koi Food Dry Pellets. In an aquarium, Koi are usually fed specifically designed Koi Food Dry Pellets, which are rich in growth and color promoting nutrients, including essential Vitamins and Minerals. Feeding Koi twice or thrice a day with these Koi Food Dry Pellets has optimal effect.
  • Laguna Ponds Premium Koi and Goldfish Food. Available in All Season (8.5oz & 17oz), Spirulina Wheat (10.5oz & 21oz), & Color Enhancing (11oz & 21oz) packs, these Koi Food Dry Pellets Floating Sticks are nutritious staple diet due to Vitamins & Minerals, while being easily digestible too. The stabilized Vitamin C helps build Immunity. The food leads to low waste productions, thereby keeping the aquarium water clean. Laguna Ponds All Season Goldfish and Koi Food, available in Small – 17oz, Medium – 17oz & 2.2lbs, and Large - 17oz, 2.2lbs, & 4.4lb; and Laguna Ponds Wheat Germ Goldfish and Koi Food, available in Small - 17oz, Medium - 2.2lbs, & Large - 2.2lbs are a couple of other similar Koi Food Dry Pellets Sticks.

  • Pet Tutorial DVD. These include videos depicting various aspects of aquarium maintenance.
  • Building the Perfect Pond Tutorial DVD. As the name suggests, this Educational DVD guides you on Pond Building, including the installation of Pond Pumps and Pond Filters. Available in English and French languages, this DVD lasting for 1 hour and 15 minutes guides you on Pond Safety & Maintenance as well.

  • Ponds Filtration Media Filter Media. Ponds Filters, driven by Ponds Filtration Media Filter Media, simulate a Mini Sewage System for a pond. Else, if allowed to stay these toxins may prove detrimental to the health of the lives in ponds.
  • Laguna Ponds Powerflow 1000 Foam Media. This Ponds Filtration Media Filter Media is mechanical and non-toxic. It effectively prevents filter clogging and polishes pond water, while keeping it clean all along. Laguna Ponds PowerFlo Filter Wool Media Pad also works on similar lines.
  • Laguna Ponds Powerflow 1000 Biological Media 6 3/4 LBS Pond Filter Media. As the name suggests, this Ponds Filtration Media Filter Media executes Biological Filtration in a pond.
  • Laguna Ponds Pressure Flo. These Ponds Filtration Media Filter Media efficiently reduce Ammonia and Nitrite levels in the pond water to maintain its high quality for the overall well-being of pond flora and fauna. These Biospheres Filter Media come equipped with 60 Bio Balls for 1400 UVC, 150 Bio Balls for 2100 UVC, and 200 Bio Balls for 3200 UVC PressureFlo. 120 and 300 Bio Balls Box are the further options in the range.
  • Laguna Ponds PowerFlo Filter Media Pad. Available in Coarse, Medium, and Fine Media Pad styles, this Ponds Filtration Media Filter Media employs Japanese technology for an efficient Mechanical and Biological Filtration.
  • Laguna Ponds PowerFlo Filter Bio Mesh Media Pad. This Media effectively removes waste particles from pond water and thereby averts the clogging of Pond Water Pumps. This Mechanical and Biological Filter Media is reusable and is easy to maintain.

  • Ponds Filtration System. As the name suggests, a Ponds Filtration System rids the pond water of impurities resulting in the health and the well-being of the lives within it. A Ponds Filtration System removes dirt & impurities present in a pond by acting as a Sewage System.
  • Laguna Ponds Skimmer Filter Pumps. Compatible with all Skimmer Filters and External Filters, these are high performance Waterfall Ponds Pumps, which skim the surface of water, thereby separating the dirt present on it. The options in the range are 2150GPH for ponds up to 4300USGallons and 2905USGPH suitable for ponds of up to 6000USGallons.

    Laguna Ponds PowerFlo.
  • External Filter. It is a multi stage Biological Pond Filter, well suited for ponds with the capacity of 1000Gallons. It employs three tier filtering process for Mechanical & Biological Filtration.
  • Water Fall Filtration System. It is a high performance Waterfall Filter, ultimate in Water Management System, used for large ponds of up to 5000Gallons capacity. Capable of Chemical, Mechanical, and Biological Filtration, this Ponds Filtration System includes a Water Oxygenating Spray Bar.
  • Skimmer Filtration System. This Ponds Filtration System is used to manage water in the pond properly as it employs a high performance Skimmer Filter. Capable of efficiently handling large ponds of up to 5000Gallons, this system makes the water clear and healthy for the lives within it, while also making Water Gardening an enjoyable experience.

  • Laguna Ponds Powerfalls External Filter. This Filter Spillway Pond Filter is quite easy to use and can be fitted at the opening of a waterfall. Capable of both, Mechanical & Biological Filtration, this Ponds Filtration System can be used for both, small & medium sized ponds, up to 1000Gallons capacity.

    Ponds Lighting & Accessory.
  • Laguna Ponds PowrGlo Mini Pond Light Kit. This includes compact Light 12Volts Transformer Underwater 10Watt Halogen Lights for in or out of water effect.

  • Pond Starter Kits. These kits help you with starting your own pond and maintaining it.
  • Laguna Ponds Spitter Pond Kits. This Angel Spitter Pond is easy to install and use anywhere anytime for establishing water displays.
  • Laguna Ponds Japanese Garden Pond Kits. This Deer Scarer Spitter Pond is also an anywhere, anytime Water Garden.

  • Ponds Water Pumps. Ponds Water Pumps are the equipment circulating the tank water with force. This circulation purifies & filters pond water and keeps it clean. In addition, Ponds Water Pumps help operate Fountains, Waterfalls, Water Accessories, Filters, Sterilizers, and other water related Aquarium Equipment. Basically, a Water Garden cannot flourish without Ponds Water Pumps.
  • Laguna Ponds PowerJet Fountains. These Fountain Pump Kits contain powerful, energy efficient, & Foam Free Ponds Water Pumps. The range includes Power Jets with the flow rates of 100GPH, 200GPH, 400GPH, 600GPH, 900GPH, 1300GPH, 1500GPH, 2000GPH, 2400GPH, and 2900GPH each.
  • Laguna Ponds Max Flow Pumps. These Waterfall Pond Pumps are designed for use with Waterfalls, Water Accessories, and additional Filtration Systems. These Ponds Water Pumps allow solids of up to 10 mm to pass through the filter, which reduces the risks of clogging. Available with three years warranty, the range includes Ponds Water Pumps with the flow rates of 600GPH, 900GPH, 1500GPH, 2000GPH, 2400GPH, 2900GPH, and 4200GPH.

  • Laguna Ponds Statuary Pumps. These Ponds Water Pumps are ideal for small indoor & outdoor Statuary, Fountains, & Waterfalls. They are designed for use in Freshwaters only. These Ponds Water Pumps have three variants depending on the requirement, Statuary Pump 1 circulating 80GPH, Statuary Pump 2 circulating 214GPH, and Statuary Pump 3 with circulation up to 384GPH.

    Pond UV Sterilizer System. Pond UV Sterilizer System is used to control the growth of algae in ponds, while also controlling any spread of disease in both, Marine & Freshwater Aquariums.
  • Laguna Ponds Pressure Flo. These powerful, pressurized UVC Pond Filters are integrated with Pond UV Sterilizer System / Clarifier, which work together to help in keeping the water quality high, hygienic, and healthy. These Pond UV Sterilizer Systems allow Mechanical, Biological, & UV Sterilization that and can work hand in hand with Mechanical Pumps too. Depending on the size of the ponds, the Pond UV Sterilizer System models available are, Laguna Pressure-Flo 700UVC for ponds up to 700Gallons, 1400UVC for ponds up to 1400Gallons, UVC2100 for ponds up to 2100Gallons, and 3200UVC for ponds with a capacity of 3200Gallons. Laguna Ponds Pressure Flo Filter Media for 700 & 1400 UVC and 2100 & 3200 UVC are also available at Fresh Marine.
  • Laguna Ponds PoweClear. They come in two models according to the capacity of Ponds they can handle, 1000UV Sterilizer with a flow rate of 500 GPH, and 1800UV Sterilizer with a flow rate of 700 GPH. They are equipped with an 8-watt and a 16-watt UV bulb, respectively. These Pond UV Sterilizer Systems are designed to keep the water of the pond clean& healthy by eliminating green water and the pathogenic Bacteria, present therein.
  • Laguna Ponds PoweClear Max. One of the unique features of these UV Sterilizer Clarifiers is that they have a Quartz Sleeve, which protects the UV bulb, while also helping to maintain an optimum bulb temperature. The available models in the range are PowerClear Max 1000UV-8 Watt-500GPH and PowerClear Max 2000-25 Watt-1000GPH.
  • Laguna Ponds Magnetic Water Clarifier. This Magnetic Pond Water Clarifier from Laguna, curbs the formation of Lime scale on various Ponds Equipment, by controlling the quantity of Mineral Salts in water. Due to this, the performance of Pond Equipment such as, Pumps, Filters, and UV Sterilizer & Clarifiers improve. The Pond UV Sterilizer System model, available at Fresh Marine, is used for the ponds up to 4000Gallons capacity.

  • Aquarium Power Heads. Power Heads are submersible Water Pumps, meant to stabilize Aquarium Water flow rate at a desired level, while also powering up Aquarium Equipment fitted in your tank.
  • Laguna Ponds Tabletop Micromega Pumps. Available in 68GPH & 80GPH models, Laguna Power Heads help enhance water circulation in Indoor Tabletop Fountains, Waterfalls, Statuary, and Hydroponic Units.
  • Water Test Kits. It is important that the quality of aquarium water is high for a sound growth and development of the inmates therein. The key quality parameters include the right levels of Ammonia, Calcium, Iron, Nitrate, Phosphate, pH, and Water Hardness. Even a slight disturbance in any of these may prove stressful, weakening, and even toxic for your aquarium members. Water Test Kits help you regulate the water quality fluctuations by indicating the existing level of any or all of these elements in the water.
  • Ammonia Test Kit. With life happening in an aquarium, release of Nitrogenous wastes, including Ammonia, in aquarium water is a normal phenomenon. This Ammonia may be present in any form, toxic, Ammonia (NH3), or less toxic, Ammonium (NH4+). Now, excess of Ammonia and Chlorine in aquarium water can kill the Fish and the Beneficial Bacteria (present in Bio-Filters) in an aquarium. Regulation of Ammonia level is especially vital in Marine Aquarium with Ammonia toxicity inducing 8.1-8.4 pH, rather than a Freshwater Aquarium with 7 pH.
  • Laguna Ponds Water Test Kit. A weekly use of this Water Test Kit is ideal for the regular checking of a tank’s Biological Filtration efficiency in eliminating Ammonia from the system. Keep checking the Ammonia level at different points of time during the day. The test reflects the pH fluctuations associated with the Ammonia level in the aquarium water.
  • Complete Test Kits. These all-in-one Water Test Kits measure all the vital parameters of water quality in a Freshwater or Marine Aquarium.
  • Laguna Ponds Water Test Strips. These five way Test Strips have 50 Strips, which help safely gauge the levels of pH, total hardness, total alkalinity, nitrite, and nitrate levels in a Pond. These user-friendly strips deliver accurate results within a minute.
  • Laguna Test Kit. This Mini Master Test Kit measures and analyzes the pH, Ammonia, Carbonate & General Hardness, and Nitrite/Nitrate levels present in Ponds. This user-friendly kit yields results with speed and accuracy.
  • Nitrate Test Kits. Ammonia level in aquarium water gets high when its inmates release it as a toxic Metabolic Waste, or when it is generated for edible consumption, or when it is a by-product of the decomposition of Organic substances. The Nitrosomonas Bacteria, present in the aquarium, act on this toxic Ammonia to convert it into harmful Nitrite (NO2). Nitrobacter Bacteria then acts on this NO2 to further convert it to comparatively less toxic Nitrate (NO3). This whole process is called Nitrification. For a healthy aquarium system, it is important that it is denitrified. Nitrate Test Kits measure the Nitrate concentration in a system, which help you shortlist the required denitrifying method.
  • Laguna Ponds Water Test Kit. This Nitrite Nitrate Test Kit quickly and accurately measures the Nitrite and Nitrate amount present in your Pond.
  • pH kH Test Kits. pH is a measure of degree of acidity in water by comparing the amount of Hydrogen and Hydroxide Ions present in it. More the quantity of Hydrogen Ions, higher the acidity of water, and lower its pH. Even a small change of pH can cause them breathing problem. In addition, high acidity can damage their Skin, Gills, and even Eyes. kH or Carbonate Hardness is the measure, in degrees (dKH), of the ability of a solution to absorb and reduce the effect of added acid, without changing its pH. Carbonates (KH or Alkalinity), coupled with Trace Elements, Calcium, Strontium, and Magnesium, encourage the proper growth and the development of Coral & the beneficial Coralline Algae, while also stabilizing the pH of aquarium water. A right KH / Alkalinity level boosts the immunity of fish and other invertebrates present in your aquarium. pH kH Test Kits measure the respective pH kH levels in your aquarium Laguna Ponds Water Test Kit. This pH Test Kit Wide Range is a user friendly and a reliable option to measure the pH value in the Pond. Use the kit at different timings, several times in a week.
  • Water Hardness Test Kits. KH or Carbonate Hardness is the measure, in degrees (dKH), of the ability of a solution to absorb and reduce the effect of added acid, without changing its pH. Carbonates (KH or Alkalinity), coupled with Trace Elements, Calcium, Strontium, and Magnesium, encourage the proper growth and the development of Coral & the beneficial Coralline Algae, while also stabilizing the pH of aquarium water. A right KH / Alkalinity level boosts the immunity of fish and other invertebrates present in your aquarium. Therefore, KH should be measured regularly to keep it leveled in the aquarium water.
  • Laguna Ponds Water Test Kit. This user-friendly, Carbonate Water Hardness Test Kit quickly and accurately measures the Carbonate Hardness and the General Hardness of water.

  • Water Clarifiers Treatment. Water Clarifiers Treatment removes all or most of the Cloudiness inducing organic wastes present in the aquarium water, leaving it clear, and disease free. Water Clarifiers Treatment also cleans the aquarium surface. They come in 8oz. and 67.5oz. packs.
  • Laguna Ponds Bio Sludge Control. This Biological Water Clarifiers Treatment contains microorganisms, which control the harmful Organic Solid Wastes and Sludge by dissolving and sedimenting them at the bottom of the Pond.
  • Other Products. Laguna Ponds Bio Booster, Laguna Ponds Phosphate Control, Laguna Ponds Water Prep, Laguna Ponds Clear Fast, and Laguna Ponds Water Conditioner Combo.

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