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Arrive Alive GuaranteeArrive Alive Guarantee

Arrive Alive, Stay Alive Guarantee!

Buy at FreshMarine with confidence. If your fish, coral, plant, or invertebrate doesn't arrive alive and stay alive for 5 days, we'll credit your account. All aquarium livestock are hand-picked, carefully screened for size and exceptional color, quality, and health by our expert hobbyists. FreshMarine guarantees that all livestock will arrive alive and stay alive for 5 days or we will issue a store credit for the purchase price of your lost item. Five-day guarantee begins on the initial delivery date.

All Livestock covered under our 5 day Guarantee are subject to the following condition:

  • A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number issued by FreshMarine must accompany all returns. The RMA Number must be included on the outside label of every shipping box. We cannot process returns without this number.
  • Do not ship deceased specimens without our consent.
  • Do not discard specimens without our consent as this will void our guarantee.
  • Five-day guarantee begins on the initial delivery date under any circumstances.
  • Customer must sign for package on the first delivery attempt -- even if FEDEX or UPS is late.
  • Customer must follow all acclimating procedures.
  • Tank’s water chemistry must be within the following parameters: (Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, pH 8.2-8.4, Specific Gravity 1.021-1.025, Temperature 75F-80F)
  • You must acclimate the new arrivals according to our procedure even if they are not moving or appear to be dead. Note that specimens which appear dead will frequently recover quickly when acclimated!
  • We will not be responsible for livestock that has died as a result of being harassed or picked on by other fish.
  • Packages must be received within 7 days of receiving your RMA authorization number.
  • The package must be postmarked within 24 hours of the death.
  • You must return the critter back to us with your water sample. Non-Receipt of water sample VOIDS the arrive alive guarantee.
  • Orders delivered to Fedex/UPS Facility VOIDS the alive arrive guarantee.
  • All Large or Show Size Specimen WILL NOT BE COVER under Arrive Alive Guarantee
  • All returns must be shipped freight prepaid.
  • FreshMarine will replace the dead specimen or provide Livestock credit for the amount of the purchase price which may be used toward your next purchase with FreshMarine. No Exception!
  • Guarantee applies to original shipment only, not replacement items. Shipping and box charges are not included in this guarantee and are not refundable.
  • Credit Cards cannot be credited for losses. Store Credit Only!
  • We will not issue credit for shipping costs. You may wish to insure your return. If we do not receive it, we cannot credit you for it.

  • Restricted Species or Expert Only Many animals are considered extremely difficult to ship or care for and require expert care. These animals are excluded from the arrive alive guarantee and are noted as "Restricted Species or Expert Only" on the specimen's care level. This species is not cover under Arrive Alive Guaranteed.

    Arrive Alive Guarantee
    Under the following circumstances we WILL NOT be able to honor our warranty:

  • Orders not received on the first delivery attempt.
  • Orders not held for pick up at the FEDEX/UPS facility when temperatures are greater than 90 degrees or lower than 40 degrees.
  • Orders placed during extreme weather will not be cover under our alive arrive guarenteed.
  • If the weather delay a flight, or closes an airport, you live stock will be delayed. Fedex has no control over the weather, nor does
  • If your Live Stock is delay, Damaged, or Never Delivered due to severe weather condition, Fedex will not honor GUARANTEES, and therefore neither can
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