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Ecosystems Aquarium is a name not new when it comes to Aquarium Water Additives. With its precise range of products, Ecosystems Aquarium ensures that your aquarium inmates are healthy, flourishing, and vibrant. Fresh Marine offers some of these effective solutions, which take care of the well-being of the lives within your aquarium. The ensuing discussion deals with some of these.

Coral Supplements. Vitamins and Trace Minerals have a special role in the proper growth, development, and the health of Corals. These Trace Minerals, however, are lost from the system due to Protein Skimming, Ozone, and Carbon Filtration, while Marine Fish and Invertebrates consume some of the Biological Trace Elements. This nutritional gap is filled by Coral Supplements, which are added to the Marine Aquarium water containing Corals, to increase the level of essential organic nutrients and elements in it. In effect, Coral Supplements benefit the health of the Corals in an aquarium. Moreover, these Coral Supplements restrict the growth of unwanted algae, while also decomposing the organic waste. Therefore, Coral Supplements work towards conditioning the aquarium water containing Corals, to match it to the naturally occurring levels. Coral Supplements by Ecosystems come in 8oz. and 16oz. packs.
  • Aquarium Reef Solution by Ecosystems. This all-natural, multipurpose Coral Supplement provides essential organic nutrients required for the health of the Fish Only and Reef types of Marine Aquariums. With its regular usage, fishes tend to become healthier and more energetic, along with regaining the colors after discoloration. In Reef Systems, a religious application of this Coral Supplement optimizes the Polyp expansion in Corals. Reef Solution prevents and reverses a physical anomaly called Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE), especially common among fishes.
  • Ecosystem Aquarium Fish Solution. Ecosystems Aquarium Fish Solution helps boost the water quality of the Fish Only Marine Aquariums. The formula enhances the appetite of fishes and supplements them with essential minerals. You will soon see the fishes in your aquarium looking vibrant and healthy. A regular use of Fish Solution also boosts the fish color. The formula is helpful in reversing Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE).

  • Medications. They are added to the aquarium water as a preventive or curative measure for aquarium inmates. The medications cure/protect aquarium animals from most of the Bacterial, Viral, Fungal, and Parasitic infections.
  • Garlic Elixir by Ecosystem. Available in 1oz. and 4oz. packs, this blend of Garlic Extract and Vitamins is a heart health booster and not a curative. Garlic Elixir prevents your aquatic pets from Ich, Parasites, Bacteria, and Fungal infections. This Reef Safe formula is fine for both, Tropical as well as Marine Aquariums.
  • Aquarium Substrates. Aquarium Substrates are the substances deployed on the bottom of the tank for improving its water quality chemically, performing Biological Filtration, and boosting the overall health of its occupants, while also enhancing its display value. The choice of Aquarium Substrates is largely decided by the type of aquarium, Freshwater or marine, it will be used in. The dark tone imparted to a tank by Aquarium Substrates sooths the fish by preventing the undesirable excess light from reaching the tank through a clear base.
  • Miracle Muds by Ecosystems Aquarium. These Ecosystems Aquarium Substrates, meant for Marine Aquarium, continuously supply your tank with all the crucial trace elements, minerals, and the other vital substances for the health of its inmates (especially, reverses the Head & Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE) in fishes). Ecosystems Miracle Mud performs Biological Filtration in an aquarium as it houses anaerobic Denitrifying Bacteria, which leverage the beneficial Nitrogen Cycle by reducing Nitrite and Nitrate present in the aquarium water. These Aquarium Substrates then go on to enhance your aquarium’s visual appeal by yielding it a darker tone, which acts as a contrasting background to further bring out the lively hues of its inhabitants. Ecosystems Miracle Mud can be used in different types of Marine Aquariums, such as, fish-Only Tanks, Coral-Only Tanks, or Small Polyped Stony (SPS) Reef Tanks. Miracle Mud is available in 10 lb and 5 lb packs.

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