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Marc Weiss Co.Marc Weiss Co.

Marc Weiss Co.

Marc Weiss Co., Inc. is a Florida based company, which originated in the year 1994. Marc Weiss Co. offers a broad spectrum of Aquarium Water Additives & Conditioners to improve the water quality, resulting in the spectacular growth and health of the flora and fauna therein. Marc Weiss Co. products are all-natural or made from USDA approved Organic ingredients. Fresh Marine brings some of the bestselling Marc Weiss Co. products on its platform. Lets take a look.

Coral Supplements. Vitamins and Trace Minerals have a special role in the proper growth, development, and the health of Corals. These Trace Minerals, however, are lost from the system due to Protein Skimming, Ozone, and Carbon Filtration, while Marine Fish and Invertebrates consume some of the Biological Trace Elements. This nutritional gap is filled by Coral Supplements, which are added to the Marine Aquarium water containing Corals, to increase the level of essential organic nutrients and elements in it. In effect, Coral Supplements benefit the health of the Corals in an aquarium. Moreover, these Coral Supplements restrict the growth of unwanted algae, while also decomposing the organic waste. Therefore, Coral Supplements work towards conditioning the aquarium water containing Corals, to match it to the naturally occurring levels. They come in 6oz. and 16 oz. packs.
  • Marc Weiss Co. Organics Coral Boost. This 100% Organic Coral Supplement catalyzes the growth, regeneration, reproduction, recuperation, and survival of Hard and Soft Corals by strengthening their immune system and indirectly enhancing their Metabolism. In addition, Coral Boost does not affect the level of any other Aquarium Water Additive present in the system. A regular use of this Coral Supplement optimally opens up the Corals in an aquarium, while improving the growth of Coralline Algae therein. Coral Boost also breaks down organic wastes, including hampering the CO2 Toxicity and conditions the water to restore its naturally occurring form.
  • Marc Weiss Co. Coral Vital. Rich in Trace Elements, Biocatalysts, and Inert Carriers, this Multi-Vitamin Formula relieves the stress of Coralline Algae and speeds up their growth, thereby benefiting Corals. With the regular use of the product, the Corals open up fully, their color enhances, helps the recuperation of damaged Corals, and even leverages Coral Polyp breeding and regeneration.
  • Marc Weiss Co. Reef Vital DNA. This is a Water Conditioner, which allows greater light penetration in an aquarium. This better light penetration boosts the growth of beneficial coralline algae and significantly enhances their colors.
  • Marc Weiss Co. Spectra Vital. Available in 2oz. pack, Spectra Vital is a Water Buffering Agent, which is especially beneficial for Soft Corals.

  • Liquid Aquarium Foods.
  • Marc Weiss Co. Organics Sand Boost. This Organic formula allows the growth of beneficial Microorganisms present in Live Sand and Live Rock to maintain the natural biological filtration in an aquarium. Sand Boost has significant role in catalyzing the Aquarium Food Chain, while also preparing the Aquarium Sand better for reproduction. Sand Boost is available in 6oz. and 16oz. packs.

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