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Rep Cal Research LabsRep Cal Research Labs

Rep Cal Research Labs

Rep Cal Research Labs is a US based company, extending Reptile and Amphibian pets’ food and medications. The economical yet effective formulas from Rep Cal Research Labs have made their mark well in the market. The tasty and easy to digest formulas by Rep Cal Research Labs have ensured the well-being of your pets. Fresh Marine brings to you some of the select products by Rep Cal Research Labs. The ensuing discussion briefly touches them.

Reptile Care & Medication. Reptiles are suited for the wild, but in captivity, they depend on us humans for their proper care & medication. Therefore, it becomes imperative that we are aware of our responsibilities towards them and look after their health and well-being. Rep Cal research Labs offer some of the very effective formulas to treat your Reptiles with.

Reptile Care & Medication – Calcium Based.
  • Rep-Cal Calcium with Vitamin D3. This formula by Rep Cal Research Labs is a great source of Calcium for the Reptiles & Amphibians. Both, Original Powder (5oz) & Ultra Fine Powder (4oz) are Phosphorus free and contain Vitamin D3, which helps in active Calcium absorption by the body. Similar formula, Rep-Cal Pure Calcium Powder (4oz) is given to the captive Reptiles & Amphibians facing the dietary deficiency of Calcium.

  • Reptile Care & Medication – Health Supplements.
  • Rep-Cal Herptivite Multivitamin (3oz). This formula by Rep Cal research Labs, replenishes the Reptiles with all the necessary Multivitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids, for the healthy well-being of your Reptile pets.

  • Reptile Pellet Food. The quality of Reptile Pellet Food is significantly important for the long-term survival, the health, and the growth of your Reptile pets. The importance of this aspect has led to the availability of many Off the Shelf products in the market. Rep Cal Research Labs brings to you a wide collection of these foods to take care of your Reptile’s Health, growth, and overall well-being.
  • Reptile Pellet Foods by Rep-Cal. With the appropriate levels of high quality Protein, Minerals, especially Calcium, Fiber, Vitamins, especially D3, & other nutrients, these foods by Rep Cal Research Labs cater to a balanced diet for the growth & the well-being of the specified animals. Adult (10oz & 2lbs) / Juvenile (7oz & 14oz) Iguana Foods; Adult (4oz & 8oz) / Juvenile (6oz & 12oz) Bearded Dragon Foods; Aquatic (7oz & 15oz) / Box (12oz) Turtle Foods; and Tortoise Foods (12oz & 5lbs), are the options in the range.

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