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T-REX is a well-known name today in Reptiles care. T-REX extends a broad spectrum of Terrarium Products to benefit your Reptile pets. Right from Reptile Medicines, to Food, to Heating Lamps, T-REX caters to all. In harmony with market demand, Fresh Marine brings to you a wide collection of Reptile Care Products from T-REX. Let’s look.

Reptile Care & Medication. Reptiles are suited for the wild, but in captivity, they depend on us humans for proper care & medication. Therefore, it becomes imperative that we are aware of our responsibilities towards them and look after their health and well-being.

Reptile Care & Medication – Calcium Based.
  • T-REX Calcium Phosphorus Blend (60gm). This 2:1 Calcium Phos Formula supplies both Minerals & Vitamins to the Herbivorous Reptiles & Amphibians. The T-REX Calcium No Phosphorus Blend (100gm) is a similar Phosphorus Free formula for the Carnivorous lot.
  • T-REX Calcium plus Cricket (8oz). This formula is fashioned to nourish well Feeder Crickets with Calcium, for the insect eating Reptiles.

  • Reptile Care & Medication – Health Supplements.
  • Super Food Dust for Added Nutrient by T-REX. This offering from T-REX fulfills all the Minerals, Nutrients, & Vitamins requirements of your Reptiles & Amphibians. Fire Belly Toad ICB, Anole Dust ICB, Cricket food diet ILF, Tree frog ICB, Uromastyx Dust VM, Day Gecko Dust, Crested Gecko Dust MRP, Chameleon Dust ISB, Iguana Dust VMF, Iguana Dust VGF, Leopard Gecko Dust ICB, Box Turtle Dust ICB, Tortoise Dust VM, Dragon Dust ICB, Dragon Dust VMF, and Dragon Dust VGF, are the variants designed for the specific type of animals.

  • Reptile Care & Medication – Electrolytes Based.
  • Solar Drop by T-REX (0.3oz). It provides natural Vitamin D3 to your Diurnal Reptile pets in the event of Dehydration, Exhaustion, Shock, Starvation, etc.

  • Reptile Pellet Food. The quality of Reptile Pellet Food is significantly important for the long-term survival, the health, and the growth of your Reptile pets. The importance of this aspect has led to the availability of many relevant products in the market.
  • Reptile Pellet Foods by T-REX. Professionally designed to provide the best nutrition possible, these palatable formulas are easily absorbed, while being convenient and cost effective. Iguana Dry Formula Adult (6oz & 8oz) / Juvenile (12oz & 16oz); Reptile Adult (6oz & 12oz) / Juvenile Flower Formula (8oz & 16oz); Bearded Dragon Dry Formula (6oz, 8oz, & 12oz); Tortoise Dry Formula (6oz & 12oz); and Turtle Dry Formula (8oz & 16oz), are the choices available.

  • Cobra Mats. They are heating pads meant to warm up your Reptile pets.
  • T-REX Cobra Mats. These under tank Heater Heat Pads are well built, with the finest of materials to evenly heat up your reptiles at a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. T-REX Cobra Mat Mini (3watt), 10-20 Gallons (7watt), 30-40 Gallons (12watt), and 50-60 Gallons (20watt).

  • Heat Lamps. In a Terrarium layout, a proper heating system is very important, as Reptiles modulate their body temperature through radiant heat from the lighting system or the Heat Lamps. These Heat Lamps imitate the natural conditions by heating the rock or the substrate of the Terrarium, which in turn stimulates the natural heat-regulating traits of Reptiles. Some of these even facilitate Diurnal and Nocturnal viewing.
  • T-REX Day and Night Red Heat. Available in 50W, 75W, 100W, & 150W, these Red Heat Lamps Bulbs are designed to provide warmth to the Reptiles in a Terrarium. T-REX Nocturnal Black Heat (75W & 100W) also works on similar lines.
  • T-REX Active UV Heat. Available in 100W, 160W, & 275W, these UV Flood Heat Lamps Bulbs are beneficial for the Reptiles, as they help boost their appetite, activity, breeding, and color. These bulbs emit UV Rays, which are vital for maintaining Vitamin D3 levels in a Reptile’s blood. The Vitamin is required for Calcium Metabolism.
  • T-REX Daylight Heat. Available in 60W & 100W, these Day Blue Neo Heat Lamps Bulbs, provide full spectrum light, which encourages the normal feeding cycles, and overall health and well-being.

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