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Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast was founded in 1988 and has since been the premier importer of aquarium products. Pacific Coast imports have been an inherent part of the design and the maintenance of some of the most famous zoos and aquariums worldwide. The products of Pacific Coast are sold through a vast network of its favored dealers. Pacific Coast Chillers are a part of the Aquatic Enterprise, a division of The product portfolio of Pacific Coast includes Chillers, Heaters, Aquarium Lighting, Air Pumps, Wave Machines, and several other Freshwater, Saltwater, Cold Water Applications, and Hydroponics Supplies.

One of the most sought after products by Pacific Coasts are its Cooling Units or Chillers. These refrigeration units keep the temperature of the aquarium down during summer days. Pacific Coast Chillers are needed for large Reef Aquariums, which employ Hot Lights and Water Pumps. Pacific Coast Aquarium Chillers are compatible with both, freshwater & saltwater use, and have low DB ratings i.e., they do not make any unwanted noise. Pacific Coast provides long lasting, high quality, completely enclosed Chiller Units. These Chiller Units are Corrosion Resistant and have Digital Controls & Display for precise temperature monitoring and control. The Pacific Coast Chillers are made of Titanium Heat Exchangers, thereby ensuring long life span. The types of Chiller Units available at Pacific Coast are In-Line and Drop-In Chillers, which provide stable water temperature in an aquarium. The Combination Units of both Chillers/Heaters are also available.

In addition, Pacific Coast has diversified into Hydroponics Industry, and delivers some of the highest quality products to its consumers. The impressive record of accomplishment of Pacific Coast in refrigeration units also guarantees good support & service. Many Indoor Gardeners use the high quality Chillers, Heaters, Pumps, and other Accessories from Pacific Coast.

Pacific Coast Imports has lined up several new products for its customers including two different categories of Gen-X Pumps, which feature Magnetic Drive Pumps & Submersible Water Pumps, a small Saltwater Tank of 15.5 Gallons, Tidal Power Wave & Current Device, Flow Accelerators for increasing water flow, and Mini Nano Skimmers.

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