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Reptile Care and MedicationReptile Care and Medication

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Tetra ReptoGuard Water Conditioner 1 block


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Natural Chemistry Reptile Relief Spray 8oz


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Nature Zone Medicine Dropper 2pk


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Vetericyn Reptile Wound and Skin Care 4oz


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Reptile Care & Medication

Reptiles are suited for the wild, but in captivity, they depend on us humans for proper care & medication. Therefore, it becomes imperative that we are aware of our responsibilities towards them and look after their health and well-being. Fresh Marine is a one-stop shop for all your Reptile care related needs. The ensuing discussion briefly touches upon each Reptile Care & Medication products available at Fresh Marine.

Reptile Care & Medication Calcium Based.
  • Calcimize by Hagen Exo Terra (3.3oz & 8.4oz). This Liquid Supplement treats tap water, to remove Chlorine & Chloramines, and to neutralize the harmful Heavy Metals, while replenishing the Calcium level in it.
  • Calcium with Vitamin D3 by Rep-Cal. This is a great source of Calcium for the Reptiles & Amphibians. Both, Original Powder (5oz) & Ultra Fine Powder (4oz) are Phosphorus free and contain Vitamin D3, which helps in active Calcium absorption by the body. Similar formula, Rep-Cal Pure Calcium Powder (4oz) is given to the captive Reptiles & Amphibians facing the dietary deficiency of Calcium.
  • T-REX Calcium Phosphorus Blend (60gm). This 2:1 Calcium Phos Formula supplies both Minerals & Vitamins to the Herbivorous Reptiles & Amphibians. The T-REX Calcium No Phosphorus Blend (100gm) is a similar Phosphorus Free formula for the Carnivorous lot.
  • T-REX Calcium plus Cricket (8oz). This formula is fashioned to nourish well Feeder Crickets with Calcium, for the insect eating Reptiles.

  • Reptile Care & Medication Health Supplements.
  • Herptivite Multivitamin by Rep-Cal (3oz). It replenishes the Reptiles with all the necessary Multivitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids, for the healthy well-being of your Reptile pets.
  • Super Food Dust for Added Nutrient by T-REX. This offering from T-REX fulfills all the Minerals, Nutrients, & Vitamins requirements of your Reptiles & Amphibians. Fire Belly Toad ICB, Anole Dust ICB, Cricket food diet ILF, Tree frog ICB, Uromastyx Dust VM, Day Gecko Dust, Crested Gecko Dust MRP, Chameleon Dust ISB, Iguana Dust VMF, Iguana Dust VGF, Leopard Gecko Dust ICB, Box Turtle Dust ICB, Tortoise Dust VM, Dragon Dust ICB, Dragon Dust VMF, and Dragon Dust VGF, are the variants designed for the specific type of animals.
  • Reptile Supplements by Zilla. These supplements provide essential Vitamins & Minerals to the Reptiles & Amphibians, while energizing them. The supplements on offer include Zilla Jump Start Reptile Supplement (4oz) and Zilla Vitamin Supplement Mist (8oz).

  • Reptile Care & Medication Electrolytes Based.
  • Eletrodize & Eletrolize by Hagen Exo Terra (3.3oz & 8.4oz).
  • These Liquid Electrolytes Supplements replenish the Electrolytes levels in the body, thereby facilitating a speedy recovery of your reptile from Stress.
  • Solar Drop by T-REX (0.3oz). It provides natural Vitamin D3 to your Diurnal Reptile pets in the event of Dehydration, Exhaustion, Shock, Starvation, etc.

  • Reptile Care & Medication Water Cleaners & Conditioners.
  • Hagen Exo Terra Aquatize. It removes Toxins, Chlorine, & Chloramines from water, while neutralizing the Heavy Metals present in it. The Essential Oils contained in the formula, facilitate molting, while also keeping the Scales and the Skin of the Reptiles healthy. The Plant Extracts stimulate the protective Slime Coat in Reptiles & Amphibians. Hagen Exo Terra Mistimize is a non-sticky variant of Aquatize.
  • Hagen Exo Terra Biotize. This Liquid Supplement supports the Biological Filtration of your aquarium by dissolving the Bio-Degradable Waste present in your tank water, to be eventually consumed by the beneficial Bacteria present in your tank. In effect, this also removes the foul smell in your tank, associated with decaying Organic Waste.
  • Aquatic Reptile Water Treatment by Zilla (8oz). This Water Conditioner detoxifies the water. It neutralizes Chlorine, Chloramines, & Heavy Metals present in the water.
  • ReptiSave by Zoo Med (8.75oz). It is a detoxifying Water Conditioner for Terrarium, which also hydrates your Reptile & Amphibian pets and helps develop their Slime Coating.

  • Reptile Care & Medication Molting.
  • Shed Ease by Zilla (8oz). This spray assists skin shedding in Reptiles and improves their overall health.
  • Repti Shedding by Zoo Med (2.25oz). This spray assists skin shedding in Snakes & Lizards, while conditioning their skin.

  • Reptile Care & Medication Cleaners.
  • Terrarium Cleaner by Zilla (8oz & 16oz). It is a general-purpose cleaner, which repels dust and is a deodorizer.

  • Reptile Care & Medication Moisturizer.
  • Tropical Mist by Zilla (8oz). This spray restores moisture level in Tropical Reptiles and keeps them healthy.

  • Reptile Care & Medication Infection Control & Healing.
  • Zoo Med Mite Off (8.75oz). This 100% safe and pesticide free formula destroys Mites present on your Reptiles.
  • Zoo Med Repti Sulfa Dip (4.5oz). This helps in controlling & preventing Bacterial diseases in Aquatic & Box Turtles.
  • Zoo Med Repti Eye Drop (2.25oz). This is used for curing eye disease caused by Vitamin A deficiency in the case of Turtles.
  • Zoo Med Cleaners and Disinfectants (8.75oz). They kill the harmful Bacteria and help in disinfecting, deodorizing, & sanitizing the Terrariums and Animal Cages. Products on offer are Zoo Med Wipe Out 1, Zoo Med Wipe Out 2, Zoo Med Wipe Out 3, and Zoo Med Wipe Out 4.
  • Zoo Med Repti Wound Healing (1.1oz). This Anti-Septic heals wounds and burns on Reptiles & Toads.

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