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Reptile HeatersReptile Heaters

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Tetra Aquatic Reptile Heater 100 Watts


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Reptile Heaters

Reptiles need a habitat, which emulates their natural environment and its various factors. Temperature is one such environmental factor that governs the overall health of Reptiles. Reptiles require Conductive Heat for Thermoregulation, which is vital for their proper Activity, Appetite, Metabolism, & Digestion. In their natural habitat, Reptiles modulate temperature by using the suns heat, radiated by different natural surfaces, branches, rocks, or the forest floors, as heat conductors. In a Terrarium however, a proper heating system is required for the well-being of the Reptiles therein, a task well achieved by Reptile Heaters. Fresh Marine brings to you a huge range of Reptile Heaters for your Terrarium. The ensuing discussion takes a look.

Reptile Heaters by Hagen Exo Terra.
  • Hagen Exo Terra HeatWave Rock. These Reptile Heaters are natural looking, electronically controlled, Heating Elements, which stimulate the stone and heat it up, just the way sun heats the rocks naturally. The fully encased elements are easy to clean and are energy efficient, while suiting to all types of Terrariums, Humid, or Dry. Equipped with automatic heat regulator, these Reptile heaters are available in three different sizes, Small, Medium, and Large.
  • Hagen Exo Terra HeatWave Rainforest Pads. These under tank Reptile Heaters Pads imitate desert environment in the Humid or Rainforest Terrarium. It is perfect for Bottom Dwellers or Tree Bottom Reptiles, Arachnids, and Amphibians. The heating pads are available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.
  • Hagen Exo Terra HeatWave Desert Pad. These Reptile Heaters are under tank heat pads and are ideal for Desert Terrariums. These Reptile Heaters are available in three different sizes for Reptiles & Arachnids, Small, Medium, and Large.

  • Cobra Mat Mini by T-REX.
    These uniquely hand designed Reptile Heaters Pads distribute the heat evenly throughout the Terrarium surface. They operate at approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit and not room temperature. These Reptile Heaters are available in four sizes, Mini (4X5)-3W, 10-20 gallons-(6X11)-7W, 30-40 gallons (11X11)-12W, and 5060 gallon-(11X17)-20W.

    Reptile Heaters by ZooMed Labs.
  • ZooMed Rock Heater. This ReptiCare Heated Rock acts as a secondary heat source for Tropical Reptiles. Its easy to clean and hence does not allow the growth of Bacteria. Made of sturdy Hydrated Rock Material, these Reptile Heaters have excellent conductivity, while the Nichrome Heating Element distributes heat evenly. Its available in three sizes, Mini (6X3.5), Standard (10.5X6.5), and Giant.
  • ZooMed Repti Heat. These Reptile Heaters Cables allow us to heat any part of the Terrarium. The cable can heat up the Terrarium from both, inside and outside. It is safe and is easy to use, as you can wrap it around a branch, wood, vine, cage furniture, or any other basking platform. ReptiHeat Cables are flexible, water resistant, and durable. These Reptile Heaters are available in three sizes, 11.5 (15 watts), 14.75 (25 watts), and 23 (50 watt).
  • ZooMed Repti Heat Cave. These all in one Rock Reptile Heaters provide a safe, heated place to Reptiles, especially Lizards & Snakes. They can be used with or without their top. These Reptile Heaters are available in two colors, Santa Fe Red and Quarry Stone Gray.
  • ZooMed Repti Sun. These 5.0 UVB, Full Spectrum, Compact Fluorescent Bulb Light Lamps are suitable for all the Tropical species of Reptiles & Amphibians. They provide 5% UVB output and 30% UVA output, which help prevent or reverse the Metabolic Bone Diseases, and increase Feeding, Mating, Shell growth, and other natural behaviors in the animals.
  • ZooMed Repti Therm. These Under Tank Reptile Heaters Heat Pads increase the Glass Aquarium temperatures by 5-10 degrees, with the help of a special insulation, facilitated by Vinyl Cover. They are generally used for the Tropical or Temperate Reptilian species. They are available in three sizes, 10-20 gallons (6X8), 30-40 gallons (8X12), and 50-60 gallons (8X18).
  • ZooMed ReptiTemp. These Rheostat based Temperature Controllers can be used to adjust the temperature of most heating devices for example, it can be used to turn Heaters up in winters or down in summers, depending on the room temperature. They have dual Receptacles, which allow you to plug & control two items at one time. In addition, it is great for controlling Rock Heaters, Ceramic Emitters, Heat Pads, or Spot Bulbs. It is available in two models, a 150-watt model with dial adjustment, and a 500-watt deluxe model with slide adjustment.

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