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Watering FixtureWatering Fixture

Watering Fixture

Watering Fixtures give a natural cascading environment feel to the Terrarium inhabitants. In addition to enhancing the display value of your Terrarium, Watering Fixtures also stimulate the natural drinking behavior of the Reptiles and increase the humidity level in the Terrarium. Watering Fixtures should be made of non-toxic and non-porous materials. Fresh Marine presents an interesting collection of Watering Fixtures for an easy use in your Terrariums.

Watering Fixtures by Hagen Exo Terra.
  • Hagen Exo Terra Natural Waterfalls. These Decorative Water Falls with Pump have an unmatched and adjustable design, owing to which they can be installed anywhere in the Terrarium. These Water Fixtures are made of hard, non-porous, and non- toxic Resin, which can restrict the growth of harmful Bacteria over them. These Watering Fixtures include various parts for their convenient cleaning and an Exo Terra Repti Flo Pump for water circulation. The walls of Collection Tanks are kept rough so that your Reptiles & Amphibians can easily climb out, which in effect, reduces their chances of drowning. To make these Watering Fixtures safe for small Chameleons and Frogs as well, small stones can be added to the Collection Tank. To provide clean & pure water to Terrarium inhabitants, it is necessary to treat tap water with Aquatize to remove Chlorine & other Heavy Metals from it. Organic wastes should also be eliminated from the Collection Tank and add Biotize to encourage essential important Bacteria. This will eradicate bad smell due to decaying wastes. These Watering Fixtures are available in three different sizes viz., Small, Medium, and Large. These are very stable, easy to clean, and cannot be tipped easily by large Reptiles.
  • Hagen Exo Terra Water Well. Terrarium inhabitants have the tendency of spilling their water dish. This is quite problematic for a Terrarium owner to change or refill the Water Dish regularly. This Water Reservoir Water Dispenser totally solves this problem by being the most reliable and the continuous source of fresh & clean water. Its natural looks make it a trouble free device to integrate into any type of Terrarium setup. This Watering Fixture has a Screened Reservoir, which guards the entry of Insects and Reptiles into it. Its unique design avoids any accidental tipping and is very easy to clean. The Watering Fixture has a small screen, which restricts the entry of small Reptiles, Insects, and Amphibians from entering the Reservoir.

  • Repti Rapids by Zoo Med. This Cascading Waterfall with Water Pump Micro Pump is natural looking Water Fixture for Terrariums with minimum 15 Gallons capacity. It has a tranquil sound of waterfall. It is made of Foamed Urethane and includes a MicroPump 104. Some Reptiles do not drink standing water. This is where this Watering Fixture plays a crucial role by providing humidity to Reptiles during Hydration.

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