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Fogger MistFogger Mist

Fogger Mist

Fogger Mist is a pump based automatic equipment, which when placed in a water source, generates cool mist around wherever placed. Aquarium Fogger Mist humidifies, clouds, and cools a tank’s environment, while a Reptile Fogger Mist does the same for Terrariums. Needless to say that the misty environment adds considerable visual appeal to the tank it is kept in. FreshMarine, one of the best Aquarium Products’ online retail stores brings to you some of the best Fogger Mists. The discussion below skims through them.

Mini Fogger by Hagen Exo Terra. Designed for all types of Terrariums, this Fogger Mist produces cold mist, thereby boosting the tank’s humidity levels up to 100%, while also resulting in a beautiful misty & damp environment. The equipment generates Low Clouds and Fog in Tropical Terrariums, while Morning Dew in Desert Terrariums. You can place this Fogger Mist in any water source, including Water Dishes and Waterfalls.

Ultrasonic Fog Generator by Laguna Ponds. This Ponds Fogger Mist generates beautiful Mist on Tabletops and small Fountains. The compact and efficient equipment is plug & play and comes with an AC Adapter or Transformer.

Zoo Med Habba Mist by ZooMed. This automatic Fogger Mist, measuring 4" x 6-1/2" x 9", is designed to humidify Terrariums, Bird Cages, Aviaries, and Indoor Gardens. You may operate this programmable equipment via AC adaptor or simply on 4 C Batteries. You may set the spray hours at a frequency of one hour, three hours, six hours, or twelve hours for the spray durations of fifteen seconds, thirty seconds, forty-five seconds, and sixty seconds. This Fogger Mist has a 28oz Reservoir, equipped with an indicator signifying refilling requirement. In addition, the Hooks and the Suction Cups of the Fogger Mist facilitate its fitting inside or outside of the Terrarium. Red Indicator of the machine indicates its ON status, while the Green one reflects the Spraying operation. The UL-Listed Transformer of the Fogger Mist is of 6 Volt.

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