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Terrarium Fixture FurnitureTerrarium Fixture Furniture

Terrarium Fixture Furniture

Just like an aquarium, a Terrarium is a captive simulation of the dry habitat, such as desert. It is usually an enclosed ecosystem where a collection of desert plants and animals are kept under observation for research or display. For your Terrarium to be a success, you should set it up properly. Therefore, selecting proper plants and animals are necessary. Terrariums support plants requiring high humidity levels such as, Bromeliads, African Violets, and Crassulaceae. Animals you can keep in the contained environment of Terrarium include Reptiles, Amphibians, Insects, Spiders, and Scorpions. To keep these lives healthy and hearty, and to avoid disease of any kind, it is important that everything about your Terrarium is just perfect. Terrarium Fixture Furniture is one such accessory for a Terrarium.

Since every type of life has different requirements therefore, flexible and very adaptable Terrarium Fixture Furniture is necessary. In order to meet this demand of Herpetologists and more importantly, the needs of Reptiles and Amphibians, Hagen Exo Terra extends a wide variety of Terrarium Fixture Furniture. Each of these Terrarium Fixture Furniture have their own particular attributes and features. Fresh Marine brings the choicest of these to you. Take a look.

Hagen Exo Terra Explorarium. These Terrarium Fixture Furniture are equipped with a durable Nylon Mesh, which facilitates maximum aeration, while allowing Ultraviolet (UV) Rays from the Fluorescent UVB Lights, or the Sun, to come inside the fixture. These Terrarium Fixture Furniture, with very user-friendly set up, also include a Carry Bag, Zipper Door, Flextray, and a Hanging Clip for Plants, Branches, & Glow Lamps. You may employ these light, easy to carry Terrarium Fixture Furniture indoor as well as outdoor. Right temperature and humidity levels inside these Terrarium Fixture Furniture; keep your Reptiles and Amphibians stress free. These fixtures are available in three different screen sizes, Explorarium 30 (Small), 45 (Medium), and 60 (Large).

Hagen Exo Terra Flexible Jungle Vines. Hagen Exo Terra brings ultimate planting solutions for the hottest and the driest of Terrariums. Due to variations in temperature and other tropical conditions of a typical Terrarium, most plants do not thrive and grow. These artificial plants however, allow the creation of three-dimensional habitats. These Terrarium Fixture Furniture have a natural look and feel, and the Jungle Vines can be twisted and bent to fit the Terrarium of any size. These Terrarium Fixture Furniture are ideal for Arboreal Reptiles and Amphibians. Exo Terra is offering these Jungle Vines in three different sizes, Small, Medium, and Large.

Hagen Exo Terra Decorative Backgrounds. The name Decorative Backgrounds spells out the exact purpose of this offering from Hagen Exo Terra. The natural looking Rock Terrarium background enhances the look of the Terrarium by creating a multi-dimensional habitat for climbing reptiles. The background colors that are available, create the proportioned surrounding, one that can be either humid or dry. At the back of the background wall, deep ridges are made to hide the wires or tubing that bulge out from Pumps or Heat Wave Rocks. The background is prepared from Black Polystyrene as it would not show any accidental damage unlike White Polystyrene where the damage is obvious. The nontoxic Polystyrene also has the advantage of providing insulation and is easy to cut to fit any size of Terrarium. These climbing walls or backgrounds are offered in six different sizes and each can fit any size of a custom Terrarium. 12X12; 12X18; 18X18; 18X24; 24X18; and 24X24, are the different sizes available in the range.

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