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Mercury Vapor UV LampMercury Vapor UV Lamp

Mercury Vapor UV Lamp

A Mercury Vapor UV Lamp is a type of Gas Discharge Lamp, which employs Active Mercury for generating illumination. The Heating Element is enclosed in a Borosilicate Glass Bulb, which may be clear or coated with Phosphor. Mercury Vapor UV Lamps ensure power efficiency with high illumination, while generating effective colors and lasting long. Fresh Marine brings to you some potential Mercury Vapor UV Lamps for Terrariums. The ensuing discussion looks into them.

Sun Glo Mercury Vapor by Hagen Exo Terra. These Sun Glo Self-Ballasted Lamps generate sunlight-simulated illumination for Reptiles & Amphibians in Terrarium. These Mercury Vapor UV Lamps produce a mix of UVA, UVB (penetration +30cm), Visual, and Infrared, Full Spectrum Light. These light rays work together to leverage Appetite, Activity, Colors, and D3 production for better Calcium absorption, while averting the Metabolic Bone Disease, in your Terrarium occupants. These Mercury Vapor UV Lamps come in 125W & 160W powers.

PowerSun UV by ZooMed. These Self-Ballasted Mercury Vapor UV Lamps, capable of fitting in a standard Ceramic Socket, produce UVA & UVB Lights and Heat. Meant for Large Terrariums and Bird Aviaries, these Mercury Vapor UV Lamps, produce UVB, reaching up to several feet. These Lamps have Corrosion Resistant, Nickel Plated Threads. The emissions from these Mercury Vapor UV Lamps help the Reptiles with high Calcium absorption, adequate & sound Sleep, improved Feeding, and better Color, while averting the Metabolic Bone Disease in them. These Mercury Vapor UV Lamps come in 100W & 160W powers.

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