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Reptile Feeding AccessoryReptile Feeding Accessory

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Lee's Meal Worm Curved Dish


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Lixit Cbb-10 Critter Brite Crock 10 Oz


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Lixit PD-3 Pet Supplement & Medicine Eye Dropper


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Lixit Reptile Fountain 16oz


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Lixit Reptile Fountain 5oz


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Reptile Feeding Accessory

Reptile Feeding Accessory makes the feeding of Greens, Pellets, Insects, and Canned Food, by Reptiles in a Terrarium, less demanding. The Reptile Feeding Accessory ensures a very high degree of sanitation and convenience, while providing a comfortable and a stress free feeding environment to the animals. There are two types of Reptile Feeding Accessory, Dishes, and Feeders. Hagen Exo Terra offers a potential range of Reptile Feeding Accessory. These feeding tools have a natural Granite construction and are almost ideal for all the types of pellet and non-moving food. Fresh Marine brings to you some select Reptile Feeding Accessory by Hagen Exo Terra. The discussion below skims through them.

Hagen Exo Terra Worm Dish. This Mealworm Feeder Reptile allows Reptiles to see their food (Mealworms). The biggest challenge faced by Reptile Feeding Accessory is to restrict the Mealworms from escaping by digging into the Terrarium Substrate. There, they hide until they metamorphose into their inedible adult form, Beetles. Eventually, these Beetles die and their decaying bodies may become a storehouse of harmful Bacteria, which can damage a Terrarium’s environment. To prevent these Mealworms from getting away, the Exo Terra Worm Dish has a ring designed around its edges. This Reptile Feeding Accessory is easy to use, as you can conveniently add Vitamin & Mineral Supplements to it. If any excess powder is left behind, it can easily be reused. This Reptile Feeding Accessory is also built in two segments to enable easy cleaning.

Hagen Exo Terra Feeding Rock / Termite Hill. These Reptile Cricket Feeders simplify and stimulate the feeding process of supplements coated or uncoated Crickets to the Reptiles & Amphibians in a Terrarium. The Reptile Feeding Accessory retains excess powdered supplements, which can then be reused later, thereby reducing their needed amount. This Reptile Feeding Accessory does not allow the formation of Vitamin residuals on Substrates, Cricket here. If allowed to stay, the organic residue can turn into a storehouse of harmful Bacteria, as the humid environmental conditions inside a Terrarium are conducive for Bacterial growth.

Hagen Exo Terra Vivicator. This Reptile Vibrating Feeder Feeding Dish operates with the help of a Battery Operated Remote. After pressing the Remote Control Button, the Vivicator vibrates for about fifteen seconds, and with it moves the food. Moving food actuates Insectivorous Reptiles & Amphibians. Here too, your Terrarium pets are attracted to the moving food items, thereby stimulating their feeding. You may continue repeating the 15 seconds vibration cycle, until your Terrarium pets have eaten all the food items present in the Reptile Feeding Accessory. Therefore, Vivicator offers a feasible alternative, Canned Insects, Freeze Dried Insects, or Pellets, to the messy feeding of live insects to your Reptiles & Amphibians in the Terrarium. This Reptile Feeding Accessory is easy to clean.

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