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Aquarium FilterAquarium Filter

Aquarium Filter

An Aquarium is a mini ecosystem in itself, which encloses different type of life forms within its confines. It is therefore, important that the quality of water, its hygiene level, nutrition level, etc., all are at the desired level. Aquarium Filters are one of the steps directed towards the maintenance of an aquarium. As the name suggests, Aquarium Filter help filter out all or most of the undesirable substances present in tank water. In effect, the aquarium water is cleaned, and aerated, thereby benefiting the quality of life therein. Fresh Marine brings to you a wide range of quintessential and effective Aquarium Filters Accessories. The ensuing discussion deals with these.

Aquarium Filter Media. The soul of Aquarium Filters is Aquarium Filter Media, which is the actual site of filtration in a filter. An Aquarium Filter Media, due to its porosity, can filter out all or most of the tiny pieces of metabolic wastes and other water pollutants present in an aquarium. In addition, many Foam Filter Media hold beneficial Nitrifying Bacteria, which help decompose harmful Nitrites and many other Toxic Wastes present in the tank. As a result, Aquarium Filter Media act as both, Biological and Mechanical filter to clean and aerate the aquarium, thereby benefiting the quality of life therein. Products: Foam Filter Media, Polyester Filter Media, Mechanical Filter Media, Aquarium Carbon, and Bioballs.

Aquarium Carbon. When we talk of Aquarium Carbon, we are actually talking about Activated Carbon, which is a Carbon, treated with Oxygen to make it porous by opening up the pores existing in between the Carbon atoms. As a result, Aquarium Carbon is an important element of a filtration system, due to its porosity; it can filter out tiny pieces of metabolic wastes and other water pollutants in a Marine Aquarium. In addition, Aquarium Carbon holds beneficial bacteria, which help decompose harmful Nitrites and many other Toxic Wastes present in the tank. Fresh Marine presents a wide variety of finest Aquarium Carbon for both types of tanks, Marine & Freshwater, Ponds, and some of them can even serve several types of filters, such as, Power Filters, Wet Dry Filters, Canister, and Modular Filters. Products. Kent Marine Reef Carbon by Kent Marine; SeaChem Matrix Carbon, SeaChem Purigen, & SeaChem SeaGel, all three by SeaChem; Hagen Fluval Carbon Filter Media, Hagen Fluval 4 Plus Foam Insert, and Hagen Fluval 2 Plus, 3 Plus, & 4 Plus Carbon Filter Pads, all 3 product types by Hagen; Eheim Liberty Replacement Filter Cartridge & Eheim ECCO Canister Filter Pads, both by Eheim; and Blue Life Classic Activated Carbons by Blue Life.

Aquarium Substrates. Aquarium Substrates are the substances deployed on the bottom of the tank for improving its water quality chemicaly, performing Biological Filtration, and boosting the overall health of its occupants, while also enhancing its display value. The choice of Aquarium Substrates is largely decided by the type of aquarium, Freshwater or Marine, it will be used in. The dark tone imparted to a tank by Aquarium Subatrates sooths the fish by preventing the undesirable excess light from reaching the tank through a clear base. Fresh Marine, one of the leading online market places for all the aquarium products, offers some of the best Aquarium Substrates. Products. Miracle Muds by Ecosystem Aquarium; ZooMed Puka Shell by Zoo Med Labs; and CaribSea Aragalive Sand Live Sands (with variations, Fiji Pink, Bahama Oolite, West Caribbean Reef, & Special Grade Reef), CaribSea Eco Complete, and CaribSea Mineral Mud, all 3 by CaribSea.

Aquarium Canister Filter. An Aquarium Canister Filter is an external Filter, which contains Filter Media in its sealed Canister body. The Canister is also fitted with a pump to circulate the aquarium water through the Filter Media, for filtration. Aquarium Canister Filters are extremely robust, are designed ergonomically, and employ advanced technology. Aquarium Canister Filters offer Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological Filtration to both Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums of any size. Aquarium Canister Filters are more reliable and versatile as compared to the other Aquarium Filters. Fresh Marine presents different brands of Aquarium Canister Filters exhibiting a broad spectrum of designs and functions. All these filters are easy to install, are user friendly, and require little maintenance. Some Aquarium Canister Filter models available at Fresh Marine include informative CDs for their easy maintenance and installation.
  • Products. Zoo Med Turtle Canister Filter 501 & Zoo Med Turtle Clean Filter 318, both by Zoo Med labs; RENA FilStar xP Canister Filters by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, EHEIM Filter Ecco External, Eheim Pro Filter xternal, & Eheim Pro 3e Electronic Adjust Water Flow External Filter with Media, all three by Eheim; Hagen Fluval Canister Filters by Hagen; and Magnum C-Series Canister Filter, Marineland Pleated Micron Cartridge Single for All Magnum Canister Filters, Marineland Magnum 350 Canister Filter, & Marineland Magnum 350 Pro Canister Filter.

  • Hang on Filters. Hang on Filters hang externally on the back wall of an aquarium, with an Intake Tube going into the tank to process its water. These Hang on Filters execute Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical Filtration in an aquarium. Fresh Marine offers a variety of Hang on Filters with powerful yet noiseless motors. Each Hang on Filter requires low maintenance and is user friendly.
  • Products. RENA SmartFilters by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals; Millennium Power Filters by Aquarium Systems; Eheim Filter Liberty by EHEIM; Hagen Fluval Surface Skimmer, Hagen Aqua Clear Hang on Back Power Filters, Hagen Elite Hush Power Filters, & Hagen Dynaflo Power Filters, all four by Hagen; Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filters by Marineland, Marineland H.O.T Magnum / Bio-Wheel Pro System, Marineland H.O.T Magnum Hang-On Tank 250 Canister Filter with 250 GPH, & Marineland Eclipse System Aquarium Kits, all four by Marineland; and Tetra Whisper Aquarium Power Filters; & Tetra Whisper In-tank Filters, all four by Tetra.

  • Inline Aquarium Filter. Inline Aquarium Filters are Canister Filters that are usually fixed to the return line, for the final stage Mechanical and Chemical Filtration of the tank water. Therefore, Inline Aquarium Filters help maintain a healthy nutrients balance in the tank water by removing harmful waste particles from it. Fresh Marine offers a variety of Inline Aquarium Filters by Pentair Aquatics, catering to different aquarium capacities. All of these Inline Aquarium Filters recirculate the aquarium water to stabilize the systemís temperature.
  • Products. Pentair Aquatics (Rainbow Lifegard) Heater Modules, Pentair Aquatics (Rainbow Lifegard) Chemical Filter Modules, Pentair Aquatics (Rainbow Lifegard) Mechanical Filter Modules, Pentair Aquatics (Rainbow Lifegard) 0-30 PSI Pressure Gauge Bottom Mount RZ172045BX, and Pentair Aquatics (Rainbow Lifegard) Chemical Retainer Chambers for AF-93.

  • Mini Aquarium Filters. Mini Aquarium Filters are especially designed for small sized aquariums or ponds. These Mini Aquarium Filters are fully water submersible and are user friendly, being easy to install and maintain. Mini Aquarium Filters are usually capable of all three stages of Filtration, Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological, to eliminate wastes, including Fish Wastes, Odors, harmful Green Algae, and Bacteria present in the aquarium water. As a result, these Mini Aquarium Filters process the tank water to make it cleaner and healthier. Fresh Marine, an online market place for all your aquarium needs, offers a wide range of very effective Mini Aquarium Filters.
  • Products. Duetto Multi Filter by Aquarium Systems; Submariner by JBJ Lighting; Fluval Plus Internal Filters & Elite Stingray Submersible Filters, both by Hagen; and Zoo Med Microclean Internal Filters by ZooMed.

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