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Hang On FilterHang On Filter

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Lee's Economy Corner Filter


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Tetra Whisper In-Tank Filter 3i


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Tetra Whisper In-Tank Filter 10i with BioScrubber


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Tetra Whisper Filter 10


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Tetra Whisper Power Filter 20


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Tetra Whisper In-Tank Filter 20i with BioScrubber


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Tetra Whisper Power Filter 30


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Tetra Whisper Power Filter 40


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Tetra Whisper EX 20 Filter


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Tetra Whisper EX 30 Filter


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Tetra Whisper EX 45 Filter


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Tetra Whisper Power Filter 60


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Tetra Whisper EX 70 Filter


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Hang on Filters

Hang on Filters hang externally on the back wall of an aquarium, with an Intake Tube going into the tank to process its water. These Hang on Filters execute Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical Filtration in an aquarium. Fresh Marine offers a variety of Hang on Filters with powerful yet noiseless motors. Each Hang on Filter requires low maintenance and is user friendly.

RENA SmartFilters by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals. One of the most popular Hang on Filters, RENA Smart Filters immensely boost an aquarium’s Biological Filtration They filter with their universally replaceable 4-sided Cartridges, which fit to all sizes, and Bio-Chem Zorb executing the flexible and superior filtration. RENA Smart Filters have a unique removable Motor Rack for an easy cleaning of the vital parts of the filter, without taking out the main unit from the aquarium. Bio Chem Stars, 4, 8, & 12, meant for Biological Filtration, are slotted in their unique Towers for optimal filtration. These Hang on Filters facilitate a precise and thorough dispersal of aquarium water treatments & medications through their Dosing Ports. RENA SmartFilters 20, 30, and 55 are the models available in the range.

Millennium Power Filters by Aquarium Systems. These Wet/Dry Multi-filters execute Mechanical, Chemical, and Wet/Dry Biological Filtration in an aquarium. Its BioGrid Plate offers optimal surface area for Nitrifying Bacteria, while the Impeller Pump employs Venturi Action to mix fresh air and aquarium water together, prior to contacting the BioGrid. During the process the Bacteria breeding surfaces of the BioGrid Plate are exposed to both the Oxygen, the one dissolved in water & the one dissolved in the air. The process furnishes ample Oxygen to Nitrifying Bacteria, which optimally boosts the performance and the capacity of the Biological Filter. For Mechanical and Chemical Filtration, the Mechani-Chem Cartridge facilitates the passing of water through two layers of Polyester Fabric with activated Carbon enclosed in them. Millennium 1000 (90 GPH), 2000 (160 GPH), and 3000 (295 GPH) Power Filters are the Hang on Filter models available in the range.

Eheim Filter Liberty by EHEIM. These Hang on Liberty Filters keep the quality of aquarium water good for long time. The adjustable Inlet Tube and the Pump Output silently work together, to distribute the water evenly through watersides. The easy to maintain device has a large Filter Sponge for better Biological Filtration. Hang on Liberty Filter 100, 150, and 200 are the key Hang on Filters in the range.

Hang on Filters by Hagen.
  • Hagen Fluval Surface Skimmer. This Hang on Filter, removes organic film present on the water surface to improve Oxygen exchange. The device can simply be hooked up and is attached with the help of two included Suction Cups. The Hang on Filter measures 11.5" l x 2" w, excluding the Intake Hose.
  • Hagen Aqua Clear Hang on Back Power Filters. These easy to maintain Hang on Filters include Aqua Clear Filter Media for first time use; can be easily replaced in a suitable Filter Media Basket that keeps the Filter Media in place. The Aqua Clear Foam Filter Insert performs the Mechanical and Biological Filtration, while having a large surface area for holding debris & waste, along with bacterial growth. The Insert can be rinsed, reused, or replaced conveniently. High quality Activated Carbon Inserts eliminate organic compounds, Chlorine, odors, and other wastes from the aquarium water. Hagen Aqua Clear 20 (100 GPH), 30 (150 GPH), 50 (200 GPH), 70 (300 GPH), and 110 (500 GPH) Hang-On-Back Power Filters, UL Listed are the options in the range.
  • Hagen Elite Hush Power Filters. These Hang on Filters provide you simple and effective Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological Filtration with one-step Cartridges. A Filter Change Indicator pops up when it requires a new Cartridge. Its Dual Output System ensures a lot of aeration and water movement in the aquarium, while facilitating the adjustment of water intake and flow. Hagen Elite Hush 5, 10, 20, 35, and 55 Power Filters, UL Listed.
  • Hagen Dynaflo Power Filters. These Hang on Filters are excellent performers that do not disturb aquarium inmates, as they work silently. Overall, this is an outstanding filter for aquariums with optimal current production and a strong rate of water flow. Hagen Dynaflo 10 (120 GPH), 20 (150 GPH), and 30 (300 GPH) Power Filters are the options in the range.

  • Hang on Filters by Marineland.
  • Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filters by Marineland. Already equipped with Penguin Rite-Size Filter Cartridges, these Hang on Filters come ready to execute Mechanical and Chemical Filtration in the aquarium water by holding out waste, discoloration, and odors. Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon enormously catalyzes the filtration process. BIO-Wheel performs Biological Filtration by actively removing toxic Ammonia and Nitrite. Silencer, two-piece Vented Covers, and adjustable Mid Level Intake Strainers shape up the perfection of the machine. Marineland 100B (100GPH), 150B (150 GPH), 200B (200 GPH), and 350B (350 GPH) are the choices available.
  • Marineland H.O.T Magnum / Bio-Wheel Pro System. This Hang on Filter is actually a powerful, lightweight, portable, compact Canister Filter, which can easily hang on the back wall of an aquarium, while being easy to install and maintain as well. It is actually two-in-one filter, meant for Mechanical & Chemical Filtration, leaving the water clean and polished. This Hang on Filter has a quiet, self-starting pump, which executes the filtration and churns out 250 gallons of water per hour through its Dual Flow Core and Sealed Media. Easy to install, H.O.T. Magnum performs Wet/Dry Biological Filtration as well. Marineland H.O.T Magnum Hang-On Tank 250 Canister Filter with 250 GPH is a variant available in the spectrum.
  • Marineland Eclipse System Aquarium Kits. Quietly executing the three-stage filtration optimally, these user friendly Hang on Filters are easy to install, maintain, and operate. Equipped with Biological Filtration Master, BIO-Wheel, the kit even enhances the visual appeal of your aquarium. Marineland Eclipse System 6 & 12 Aquarium Kits are the options here. Marineland Eclipse System 5 Aquarium kit, Eclipse Corner Tank- 5 Gallon; Marineland Eclipse Hex 5 fully Integrated Aquarium Kit-5 Gallon Six Aquarium kit-6 Gallon; and Marineland Eclipse System three-3 Gallon are the other key variants in the range.

  • Hang on Filters by Tetra. Tetra Whisper 40 (40 Gallons-210 GPH), 60 (60 Gallons-330 GPH) Aquarium Power Filters; and Tetra Whisper 20i (125 GPH) & 40i In-tank filter (170 GPH).

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