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Aquarium Canister FilterAquarium Canister Filter

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Tetra ReptoFilter 125gph


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Tetra Whisper In-Tank Filter 40i with BioScrubber


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Lee's Round Dual-Action Foam Filter Up to 5gal


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API Rena Filstar xP1 Impeller replacement part


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API Rena Filstar xP2 Impeller replacement part


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EHEIM Classic 2211 with Media


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EHEIM Classic Filter 2213 with Media


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EHEIM Pro 3e USB Converter


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EHEIM Classic Filter 2217 with Media


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EHEIM Compact+ Pump 1103 skimmer pump


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EHEIM Professionel 3 Filter 2071 Ultra G65


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EHEIM Professionel 3 Filter 2075 Ultra G160


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EHEIM Professionel 3e Filter 2074 up to 92gal


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EHEIM Professionel 3e Filter 2076 up to 105gal


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EHEIM Classic Filter 2260 up to 400gal


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EHEIM Classic 2262 up to 500gal with double taps


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Aqen Quiet Flow Internal Fltr Up To 10g


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Aqe Fltr Q-flow Intrnl 15 Sm


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ClearGuard 2700 Pressure Filter without UV


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Clearguard Filter 2700 with 9 watt UV


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ClearGuard Pressure Filter 5500


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Pondmaster Clearguard Pressure Filter 5.5 with UV


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ClearGuard Pressure Filter 8000


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Pondmaster Clearguard Pressure Filter 8 with UV


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ClearGuard Pressure Filter 16000 without UV


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ClearGuard 16000 with UV


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Aquarium Canister Filter

An Aquarium Canister Filter is an external Filter, which contains Filter Media in a sealed Canister body. The Canister is also fitted with a pump to circulate the aquarium water through the Filter Media, for filtration. Aquarium Canister Filters are extremely robust, are designed ergonomically, and employ advanced technology. Aquarium Canister Filters offer Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological Filtration to both Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums of any size. Aquarium Canister Filters are more reliable and versatile as compared to the other Aquarium Filters. Fresh Marine presents different brands of Aquarium Canister Filters exhibiting a broad spectrum of designs and functions. All these filters are easy to install, are user friendly, and require little maintenance. Some Aquarium Canister Filter models available at Fresh Marine include informative CDs for their easy maintenance and installation.

Aquarium Canister Filters by Zoo Med Labs.
  • Zoo Med Turtle Canister Filter 501. This Aquarium Canister Filter, particularly designed for the challenging filtration requirements of turtle tanks or Amphibian Vivariums, is offered with one-year guarantee. The Filter has a competent water pump motor capable of dry run for up to 30 days, without harming the Filter Unit. The Zoo Med Turtle Aquarium Canister Filter has a big Carbon Chamber with optimal Ammonia absorbing ability. The Filter also has Spray Bar System, Mechanical Filter Sponge, Biologically active Ceramic Media, and Carbon.
  • Zoo Med Turtle Clean Filter 318. This Turtle Aquarium Canister Filter is water submersible (vertically or horizontally), Internal Filter (fits on tank wall with the aid of three Suction Cups) with a capacity of 4-Watts, and can manage Mechanical & Chemical Filtration for tanks up to 30 Gallons in volume. The compact Filter 318 includes a Biological Sponge, a Mechanical Sponge, a Carbon Pack, and replaceable Filter Cartridges. Zoo Med Turtle Clean Aquarium Canister Filter is approximately 4.7”X 3.3”X1.7” from front to back, works on 115 V/ 60 Hz current, and its output can be adjusted in the range of 30-55 Gallons/hour.

  • RENA FilStar xP Canister Filters by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals. These Aquarium Canister Filters are one of the best in the industry, which are easy to start, and provide a well-organized three-stage filtration, Mechanical, Chemical, & Biological, that too very quietly. The ergonomic & firm design of FilStar, coupled with high definition technology, provides large Filter Media capacity enabled with a smooth water flow rate, while yielding it reliability and easy maintenance value. The self locking Water Shutoff System for avoiding accidental water loss, and the Anti-Airlock System for ensuring continuous water flow, work in coherence to maintain the right and continuous water flow through the Filter Media. On one hand, a watertight connection is realized with Barbed Nozzles & Safety Clips; on the other hand, its Ceramic Shaft is sturdy enough to stay perfectly fine, even when exposed to salty water of a Marine Aquarium. RENA FilStar Aquarium Canister Filters are available with Filter Foam, Micro Filtration Pad, and Bio-Chem Zorb Pouch. The handles equipped multi-utility Filtration Baskets have divisions, and facilitate easy maintenance of the Filter. Complete Inlet and Outlet Accessory Packs, with the Nozzles capable of 160 degrees of rotation, Flexible Tubing, Disposable Filtration Pouches, and an easily accessible Impeller, are just some of the additional features towards perfecting the machine. For further details, please go through the complete product description. RENA FilStar xP1, xP2, xP3, and xP4 Canister Filters, are the options available in the range at Fresh Marine.

    Aquarium Canister Filters by Eheim.
  • EHEIM Filter Ecco External. These Aquarium Canister Filters, made in Germany and compatible with both, Marine & Freshwater Aquariums, come equipped with Mechanical, Biological, and Adsorptive Filter Media (with adjustable flow rate) for durable & efficient Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical Filtration, respectively. You can individually use Filter Media for Layered Filtration, supplemented by interlocking Media Baskets that prevent water by-pass as well. The easy to install machines have a unique multi-functional handle, which is also Priming, Locking & Unlocking Device that secures the link between the Pump and Housing when it is in Closed and Carrying Mode. With every fitting well in place and integrated Priming, these easy to use Aquarium Canister Filters just require water-filling, plugging, and simply turning them on. Ecco External’s Pump Head is easily removable with its fixed, leak proof Sealing O-Ring, and the Handle opens the filter for a trouble-free cleaning. Clean the Aquarium Canister Filter per 3-6 months. For smooth Hose connections, the Hose Attachments are designed to rotate at 360 degrees and have detachable Safety Taps. Overall, this Aquarium Canister Filter is safe to use, easy to operate, and is energy efficient, while being silent all the time due to its Ceramic Shaft and Carbon Bearing. Canister Aquarium Filter 2232 (Up to 35 Gallons), 2234 (Up to 60 Gallons), and 2236 (Up to 80 Gallons) with Media, are the key models of Eheim Filter Ecco External.
  • Eheim Pro Filter xternal. These powerful Aquarium Canister Filters are very efficient, reliable, & durable, and perform Biological Filtration with Ehfisubstrat Filter Media in place. These Wet/Dry Aquarium Canister Filters effectively decompose Ammonia and Nitrite present in the aquarium water. They do so by supporting a bi-directional water movement for enabling a prolonged exposure between Bacterial Colonies, Oxygen, and Toxins. These easy to install machines come with all the Accessories and a Media Kit, which includes 61 Substrat Pro Box. Pro Filter throbs the water output to impart wavy movement to it. Eheim Pro Filter xternal 2227 and 2229 are the options in the range.
  • Other Aquarium Canister Filters. Eheim Pro 3e Electronic Adjust Water Flow External Filter 2078 (Up to 185 Gallons), and 2076 (Up to 105 Gallons) with Media.

  • Hagen Fluval Canister Filters by Hagen. These Aquarium Canister Filters facilitate complete, multi-stage filtration for aquariums up to 100 liters (25 Gallons) capacity. Their divisionally organized structure allows trouble-free maintenance, while the multi-utility Filter Media Chambers have scope for all form of Filter Media Configurations, right from basic to custom. An installation DVD guide comes with these Aquarium Canister Filters. These devices include twin Foam Pre Filters to trap big sized waste and debris, thereby enhancing the water flow to the Filter Media and lowering the maintenance requirement. A special feature, Aqua Stop, ceases the water flow through the filter, without needing to disconnect the Hoses. The ribbed, opaque Hosing Bends of these Aquarium Canister Filters result in a smooth water flow, while significantly leveraging their installation and removal. Hagen Fluval 105, 205, 305, and 405 Canister Filters are options in the range. Hagen Fluval FX5 Canister Filter is one of the highest versions of Aquarium Canister Filters by Hagen.

    Aquarium Canister Filters by Marineland.
  • Magnum C-Series Canister Filter. This high technology device, with ergonomic design, performs Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological Filtration to its optimal precision, leaving the water crystal clear. The water flows through the Filter Media Trays with almost no bypass. Marineland Magnum 160, 220, & 360, C-Series Canister Filters are the key models available in the range.
  • Other Aquarium Canister Filters. Marineland Pleated Micron Cartridge Single for All Magnum Canister Filters, Marineland Magnum 350 Canister Filter, and Marineland Magnum 350 Pro Canister Filter.

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