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Aquarium CarbonAquarium Carbon

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Seachem Purigen 100ml bagged


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Lee's Carbon Cartridge Disposable 2pk


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API Super Activated Carbon Pouch Size 6


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Seachem Purigen 500ml 17oz


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font size=4>Aquarium Carbon

When we talk of Aquarium Carbon, we are actually talking about Activated Carbon, which is a Carbon, treated with Oxygen to make it porous by opening up the pores existing in between the Carbon atoms. As a result, Aquarium Carbon is an important element of a filtration system, due to its porosity; it can filter out tiny pieces of metabolic wastes and other water pollutants in a Marine Aquarium. In addition, Aquarium Carbon holds beneficial bacteria, which help decompose harmful Nitrites and many other Toxic Wastes present in the tank. Fresh Marine presents a wide variety of finest Aquarium Carbon for both type of tanks, Marine and Freshwater, Ponds, and some of them can even serve several types of filters, such as, Power Filters, Wet Dry Filters, Canister, and Modular Filters. Let us look at some of the top selling Aquarium Carbons available at Fresh Marine.

Kent Marine Reef Carbon by Kent Marine. Reef Carbon is dusty and Bituminous Coal based, Steam Activated, Palletized Carbon, meant for Marine Aquariums, Freshwater Aquariums, and Ponds. This Aquarium Carbon successfully removes Stains, Organic Pollutants, and Toxic Gases present in a tank. Reef Carbon effectively eliminates large, undesirable Organic Molecules due to its pore size ranging from 20-2,000 Angstrom, which also makes it soft. The Aquarium Carbon does not boost the growth of undesirable algae and suits even the sensitive Reef Tanks, as it does not release algae inducing Phosphates. Owing to its activation with high amount of Iodine and Molasses, coupled with very nominal Ash formation, Reef Carbon works fine even with sensitive species like Discus. The Aquarium Carbon by Kent does not block easily and sustains a continuous water flow. Kent Marine Reef Carbon comes in 1 QT and 2 QT packs.

SeaChem Aquarium Carbons by Seachem.
  • SeaChem Matrix Carbon. This is a clean and dust free form of Activated Aquarium Carbon, which works well with both, Marine as well as Fresh Water Tanks. Owing to its nominal Ash content, SeaChem Aquarium Carbon has least impact on pH of your tank’s water, including distilled water. The bead shape of this Filter Media facilitates the best possible Hydrodynamics, which enables it to optimize the water flow in the tank, while touching the high-density adsorptive sites without compacting. SeaChem Matrix Carbon contains minimal quantity of leachable Phosphate, thereby reducing the incidence of undesirable Algal Growth. This Aquarium Carbon very efficiently removes the Organic Wastes from a tank, has a very high rate of adsorption, and lasts long. SeaChem Matrix Carbon comes in 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1-liter packs.
  • SeaChem Purigen. SeaChem Purigen is a macro-porous, Synthetic Polymer Adsorbent meant to clean both, Freshwater, as well as Marine Water Systems. This Ultimate Filter Media very efficiently eliminates both Soluble and Insoluble Impurities from the water. Purigen clears the water off Proteins, Nitrites, Nitrates, Ammonia, and Organics Wastes, while only slightly affecting the vital Trace Elements present in the Aquarium Water. Purigen immensely catalyzes the Redox Reactions in the tank. SeaChem Purigen darkens as it exhausts, and can be easily rehabilitated with any regular Household Bleach. Purigen comes in 100 ml, 250 ml, and 500 ml packs.
  • SeaChem SeaGel. SeaChem SeaGel is a competent, bead shaped combination of Matrix Carbon and Phosguard, which works the best in Reef & Marine Aquariums (especially for algae control), and even does well in low Phosphate freshwater systems. The bead shape of the Aquarium Carbon maximizes the water flow in a tank. SeaGel successfully clears the tank water off Organic and Color Impurities, Phosphates, Silicates, Toxic Metals, and Acids. The Carbon replacement, SeaChem SeaGel, comes in 250 ml and 500 ml packs.

  • Hagen Fluval Carbon Filter Media by Hagen. This Aquarium Carbon contains the best quality Activated Carbon, which can clear Fresh as well as Marine Water Systems. Fluval Carbon has a large porous surface area, which effectively holds out undesirable, minute particles. The Aquarium Carbon potentially eliminates liquid wastes, such as, Water-Soluble Impurities, Urine, and Dyes, from the tank water, thereby leaving it crystal clear. The internal surface area of Fluval supports the formation and flourishing of Beneficial Bacterial Colonies. When administering Plant Fertilizer in the aquarium, be very cautious in using the Carbon, as it adsorbs a considerable amount of nutrients from the Fertilizer. In addition, remove the Carbon when medicating the aquarium. For optimal results, replace Fluval on a monthly basis. Hagen Fluval Carbon Filter Media comes in 100 Grams, 375 Grams, 800 Grams, and 1650 Grams packs. Hagen Fluval 4 Plus Foam Insert, Hagen Fluval 2 Plus, 3 Plus, and 4 Plus Carbon Filter Pads are some other Aquarium Filter accessories by Hagen, available at Fresh Marine.

    Eheim Liberty Replacement Filter Cartridge by Eheim. This Carbon Insert Filtration Media is actually a Pleated Carbonized Fiber, which employs 100% more filtration surface area for cleaning the water, mechanically and chemically. The Cartridge fits in EHEIM filter models 2040, 2041, & 2042; and it should be changed per 2-4 weeks. Eheim ECCO Canister Filter Pads are the other valuable offering by Eheim at Fresh Marine.

    Blue Life Classic Activated Carbons by Blue Life. This high quality Aquarium Carbon Absorbent has a large internal surface area and is amply porous to trap and eliminate the impurities from the water, thereby clearing and purifying it. Classic Activated Carbon primarily removes Odor Organics, Soluble Organic Wastes, Suspended Solids, Residual Oxidants (especially, Chlorine & Ozone), Micro Pollutants, and Medications. For optimal results, place the Aquarium Carbon in the high water flow area of the filter, and replace it on a monthly basis. The Carbon can also be used in all types of Power Filters, Wet Dry Filters, Canister, or Modular Filters. The Classic Activated Carbon is available in 1 lbs and 5 lbs packs.

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