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Mini Aquarium FilterMini Aquarium Filter

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Mini Aquarium Filter

Mini Aquarium Filters are especially designed for small sized aquariums or ponds. These Mini Aquarium Filters are fully water submersible and are user friendly, being easy to install and maintain. Mini Aquarium Filters are usually capable of all three stages of Filtration, Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological, to eliminate wastes, including Fish Wastes, Odors, harmful Green Algae, and Bacteria present in the aquarium water. As a result, these Mini Aquarium Filters process the tank water to make it cleaner and healthier. Fresh Marine, an online market place for all your aquarium needs, offers a wide range of very effective Mini Aquarium Filters. The ensuing discussion deals with these.

Duetto Multi Filter by Aquarium Systems. This Mini Aquarium Filter is a multi purpose, user friendly, and a submersible power filter with noiseless, three stage filtrations, Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological. Mechanical Filtration is executed via high density Fibers, which trap debris and fish wastes, whereas the coarse Foam Block leverages Biological Filtration to neutralize toxic Ammonia and Nitrites present in aquarium water. The Biological Media of the filter supports the growth of Beneficial Bacteria, BIO-Spira, known for its efficient Nitrification capacity in aquatic atmosphere. Activated Carbon present in the Mini Aquarium Filter, conducts Chemical Filtration by removing odors and harmful impurities from the aquarium water.

Duetto Multi Filters can be used in several types of aquariums, such as Desktop Aquariums, Fountains, and Reptile & Amphibians Habitats to name some. You can control the water flow in the aquarium as per your requirement with its placement flexibility being either in horizontal or vertical position in water tanks of varying dimensions. The filterís Air Injection System facilitates constant Oxygenation and Aeration of aquarium water. Its Filtration Media Cartridges are ready to use, while being easily replaceable. To supplement it all, Free Media comes with the Mini Aquarium Filter for a monthís use. Duetto Multi Filter - DJ50 and 100 are the options available in the range.

Submariner by JBJ Lighting. This is an In Tank UV Sterilizer, which completely and satisfactorily removes harmful microorganisms and ugly Green Free-Floating Algae, found in both, Fresh & Salt Water Aquariums. This submersible UV sterilizer can be positioned in the Aquarium or horizontally in a Sump. A UV-C Fluorescent Lamp is enclosed in an airtight & waterproof Quartz Sleeve, which allows 99% transmission rate to neutralize harmful pathogens. Its ergonomic design integrates Pump with an adjustable Swivel Spout, and a large Mechanical Prefilter Sponge for trapping undesirable particles and debris. The Mechanical Filtration leaves the water clear and makes it ready to be sent to the UV. This ready to install & use, and easy to maintain Mini Aquarium Filter has adjustable Flow Valve and Lamp Indicator. JBJ Lighting Submariners come in 5W UV and 7W UV Sterilizer.

Mini Aquarium Filter by Hagen.
  • Fluval Plus Internal Filters. These Mini Aquarium Filters are very effective, noiseless, submersible devices, capable of Mechanical and Chemical Filtration in small sized aquariums, while being very easy to maintain. They can be placed vertically or horizontally in Turtle Tanks, Reptile Tanks, and in aquariums. Fluval Plus Filters have a Motor, Filter Body, One Foam Pad, and replaceable Fluval Filter Cartridges. These Mini Aquarium Filters also have Visual Indicators to reflect when its time for the maintenance and the replacement of Filter Media. This Mini Aquarium Filter provides clear and pure water through its adjustable 90 degrees Swivel Output Spout, thereby creating the required water flow pattern. You can also adjust the water flow rate through the filter, according to the aquarium needs. Hagen Fluval 1 Plus, 2 Plus, 3 Plus and 4 Plus In Tank Aquarium Internal Filters are the options in the range.
  • Hagen Elite Stingray Submersible Filters. These Mini Aquarium Filters are completely water submersible, noiseless, and user friendly, being easy to install, use, and maintain, while keeping the water quality high. They have two Carbon/Zeolite Cartridges, one is a Foam Pad for the Tail of the filter, and the second is a Filter Pad for the body of the filter. Hagen Elite Stingray Submersible Filter 5, 10 and 15, UL Listed, are the picks available at Fresh Marine.

  • Zoo Med Microclean Internal Filters by ZooMed. These Mini Aquarium Filters are specially designed, multi functional internal filters for Freshwater & Marine Aquariums, Terrariums, or small sized Ponds. Possessing an effective Micropump 104, this Mini Aquarium Filter is CSA and NRTL/C Electrically Certified. Zoo Med Microclean 304 and 316 Internal Filters are the options available in the range.

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