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Fluidized Bed Filter

Fluidized Bed Filter

An Aquarium is a mini ecosystem in itself, which encloses different type of life forms within its confines. It is therefore, important that the quality of water, its hygiene level, nutrition level, etc., all are at the desired level. Aquarium Filters are one such step towards the maintenance of an aquarium. An Aquarium Filter can strain tiny pieces of metabolic wastes and other water pollutants in an Aquarium. This is called Mechanical Filtration. There also exist Biological Filters, which hold beneficial Nitrifying and Denitrifying Bacteria that help decompose harmful Nitrites & Ammonia, and many other soluble Biological Toxic Wastes present in the tank.

Actually, Ammonia level in aquarium water gets high when its inmates release it as a toxic Metabolic Waste, it is generated for edible consumption, and/or when it is a by-product of the decomposition of Organic substances. The Nitrosomonas Bacteria, present in the aquarium, act on this toxic Ammonia to convert it into harmful Nitrite (NO2). Nitrobacter Bacteria then acts on this NO2 to further convert it to comparatively less toxic Nitrate (NO3). This whole process is called Nitrification.

Now, back to Biological Filters, one such Biological Filter is Fluidized Bed Filter. A Fluidized Bed Filter is a supplementary filter, which holds beneficial Nitrifying and Denitrifying Bacteria in the fine granules of its Filter Media. The fineness of the Filter Media facilitates the large surface area and high contact time, resulting in optimal Biological Filtration quickly. The Filter Media granules are “fluidized” in the aquarium water. Now, aquarium water is pumped through the Fluidized Bed Filter, which in turn pulls the sand into its “fluidized bed.” As the water passes in a columnar motion, the beneficial Bacteria pull the dissolved Ammonia & Nitrite, and other soluble Biological Wastes to decompose them into simpler, relatively non-toxic substances. In effect, after processing, the Filter leaves the aquarium water cleaned, and aerated, for the benefit of life therein. Fluidized Bed Filter Media are especially perfect for an aquarium with loads of aquatic plants, which are never low on CO2. Fresh Marine brings to you a wide range of quintessential and effective Fluidized Bed Filter by Pentair Aquatics. The ensuing discussion deals with one of the bestseller series.

Rainbow Lifegard FB Fluidized Bed Filters by Pentair Aquatics. The ergonomic design of this Fluidized Bed Filter makes it an efficient Biological Filter with immense capacity. The filter provides optimal surface area coupled with high transfer rate to facilitate ample Bacterial growth. Moreover, the sand grains passing through the filter strike each other to draw more wastes that are organic and making space for extra Bacterial growth. The filter continuously works to even out the Ammonia level fluctuations in the aquarium water, including during the peak load. FB-300, FB-600, and FB-900 are the key models available in the range.

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