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Tank CleanersTank Cleaners

Tank Cleaners

An Aquarium is a mini ecosystem in itself, which encloses different type of life forms within its confines. It is therefore, important that the tank is maintained regularly for the well-being of the life within it, while also ensuring a strong visual appeal. When we talk of maintenance, we talk of cleaning primarily. This cleaning happens on tank as well as all the accessories, furniture, and fixtures therein. Tools used for cleaning are called Cleaners. We are discussing Tank Cleaners meant for cleaning an aquarium.

Cleaning a tank entails, ridding the aquarium of any undesirable element on any of its walls. Therefore, right from removing unwanted Algae, to cleaning the Gravel of Debris, to removing scratches on the tank walls, Tank Cleaners do it all. There are specific Tank Cleaners for a specific type of cleaning. Fresh Marine brings some winning Tank Cleaners from select brands to purge your tank, thereby boosting its visual display. The ensuing discussion deals with some Tank Cleaners offered at Fresh Marine.

Algae Scrapers Scrubber. Algae Scrapers Scrubbers are usually the Scrub Pads attached to one end of a Tank Cleaner to wipe off undesirable Algal growth and other deposits from the aquarium.

By Kent Marine. The Kent Tank Cleaners mentioned below are employed in Kent AquaMop, which are a Glass and Acrylic Aquariums Algae Cleaner. The Algae Scrapers Scrub options include:
  • Kent Marine AquaMop Attachment for Pro Scrapers. These short and long Scrub Pads help you achieve efficiency in cleaning the aquarium. The Scrub Pads are compatible with both, fresh and salt water.
  • Kent Marine AquaMop Replacement Pad. This is a replacement Scrub Pad for AquaMop.

  • Doc Wellfish’s Algae Scraper by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals. This sturdy Algae Scrapers Scrubber can remove the toughest of algae easily. This device is available for Acrylic and Glass Aquariums.

    By Hagen.
  • Hagen Marina Multi-tool. This multi-utility Tank Cleaner has interchangeable parts for effective cleaning, that too without wetting your hand. The Snip-and-Grip Head of the tool plucks plant leaves easily at one go. The Maintenance Head, on the other hand, helps uproot and move plants, accessories, and debris in the aquarium, while also delivering fertilizer tablets to the plant roots in the tank.
  • Hagen Marina Algae Scrapers Scrubbers. Hagen Marina Algae Scrappers Scrubs are non-toxic and effectively clean the aquarium walls off algae and other deposits, that too without scratching the surfaces. The innovative design of the Scrub Pads helps it reach even the difficult to clean areas of the aquarium. Hagen Marina’s Algae Scrubb, and Economy Algae Scrubb are a couple of very effective options in the range.
  • Hagen Marina Deep Reach Algae Scrubb. Meant for Acrylic as well as Glass Aquariums, this sturdy scrub has a strong handle. The ergonomic design enables large, cleaning surface area, while allowing better control.
  • Hagen Marina 4 in 1 Aquarium Scraper. This Algae Scrapers Scrub works fine with both Glass as well as Acrylic Aquariums. Overall, this is a very effective option for cleaning your aquarium.

  • Algae Magnet Cleaner. Algae Magnet Cleaners have magnetic Power Heads, which wipe off undesirable algal growth from the aquarium.

    JBJ Digi Mag by JBJ Lighting. This device is Digital Thermometer cum Magnet Tank Cleaners. You can effectively rid your aquarium of unwanted Algal growth with this Tank Cleaner, that too without wetting your hands. The user-friendly and easy to maintain wireless device has an innovative design and is completely fresh water and/or salt water submersible. JBJ DIGI-MAG comes for aquariums with the capacity of 100Gallon and 60Gallon.

    Hagen Marina Algae Magnet Cleaner by Hagen. Hagen Algae Magnet Cleaners can clean your Glass Tank from inside without requiring you to put your hands in the water. The Scrub Pads of the devices are non-abrasive and therefore, do not scratch the aquarium glass while cleaning. These Algae Magnet Tank Cleaners can be used in fresh as well as salt water. Hagen Marina Algae Magnet Tank Cleaners come in two ranges:
  • Standard. Available in Small, Large, and Extra Large sizes, according to an aquarium’s requirement, the standard Hagen Marina Algae Magnet Cleaners are equipped externally with a potential magnet.
  • Deluxe. The excellent quality and high tech Hagen Marina Deluxe Algae Magnet Cleaners are ergonomically designed for deeper reach, even in the areas such as below the gravel line, behind heaters, around rocks, and decorations. These models, available in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large sizes, employ powerful, corrosion-safe magnets to scrub off the algae from your Glass Tank, without altering its water quality.

  • Mag Float Tank Cleaners by Mag Float. These Algae Magnet Cleaners employ powerful Rear Earth Neodymium Magnets that help remove the algal growth easily from your aquarium. The Scrub Pad stays clear of abrasive sand and gravel. As a result, you get an efficient job done without scratching your aquarium’s walls. The Mag Float Algae Magnet Cleaners are made of non-toxic ABS Plastic, which is injection molded and therefore, you may always leave the device attached to your aquarium’s outer surface. Mag Float Tank Cleaners come for Glass and Acrylic Aquariums.
  • Mag Float Acrylic Tank Cleaners. The models here include 30A, 130A, 360A, and 510A. The different numbers on the model reflect the varying capacity of aquariums they can manage.
  • Mag Float Glass Tank Cleaners. The models in this category are, 30, 125, 350, and 500, with different numbers depicting the optimal capacity of aquarium they can work best in.

  • Gravel Cleaner. The Gravel Cleaners separate and remove Debris from your aquarium. A regular regime keeps your gravel clean and loose, resulting in optimal Under Gravel Filtration.
  • Hagen Marina Multi-Vac Battery Powered Cleaner. This 3-in-1 Gravel Cleaner apart from cleaning Gravel, also removes Algae, and acts as a Water Siphon. Multi-Vac can fit in most of the aquariums as it is extensible from 8”” to 16””.
  • Hagen Marina Multi-Gravel Washer. This Flow Adjuster (Blister Packed) starts and works smart without wetting your hands. Adjustable water flow suits to any aquarium size.
  • Hagen Marina Gravel Cleaners. These Gravel Cleaners are equipped with easy Start technology. These Gravel Cleaners come in Mini - 10”, 1" Diameter with 6" Tube; Small - 10”, 2” Diameter with 6” Tube & Clip; Medium - 15”, 2” Diameter with 6” Tube & Clip; and Large – 24”, 2” Diameter with 6” Tube & Clip.

  • Scratch Removal Kit. One major drawback of Acrylic Aquariums as compared to the Glass ones is that they get scratched easily. Therefore, utmost care must be taken if your Acrylic Tank holds animals having Shells and Teeth. To remove these scratches in the case of Acrylic Aquariums, Scratch Removal Kits are used.

    Rainbow Lifegard Acrylic Scratch Removal Kit 72000 by Pentair Aquatics. This Tank Cleaner kit successfully removes scratches from under the water as well, thereby restoring the Acrylic Aquarium to its original luster. In addition, you can use this Scratch Removal Kit, both in wet as well as dry forms. This economical Tank Cleaner kit outlasts common abrasives by up to seven times in dry applications, and up to 15 times in the wet ones.

    Scratch Removal Kit by Novus. These Scratch Removal Kits come in 8oz pack.
  • Novus Plastic Polish Formula 1. This Acrylic Fish Tank Aquarium Clean and Polish offering helps in cleansing all the Plastic surfaces mildly without scratching. It imparts a glossy, clean, and non-greasy shine to the surface, which does not readily get fogged, dust dirty, finger markings, and any kind of static. The Scratch Removal Kit does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives, and is therefore safe to use in an aquarium.
  • Novus Plastic Polish Formula 2. This Acrylic Fish Tank Aquarium Fine Scratch Remover bumps off fine scratches, haziness, and abrasions from all most all forms of Plastics. This Tank Cleaner kit creates deep gloss, which checks scratching, marking, and aging. It removes the damage instead of covering it up and seals the repair with a coat of polish.
  • Novus Plastic Polish Formula 3. This Scratch Removal Kit gets rid of heavy scratches and abrasions from almost all the Acrylic surfaces. It is an aggressive polish and therefore, should not be used on coated Plastics or Polycarbonates.

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