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Scratch Removal KitScratch Removal Kit

Scratch Removal Kit

An aquarium consists of a cuboidal tank, with at least one see-through side, housing aquatic plants and animals. In fact, an aquarium is a complete mini ecosystem in itself, housing various life forms within its confines. Glass panes are generally used for the construction of most aquariums. The biggest competitors of Glass Aquaria however now are the Acrylic ones, as they are stronger and lighter, while also being more expensive than the Glass tanks. One major drawback of Acrylic Aquariums as compared to the Glass ones is that they get scratched easily. Therefore, utmost care must be taken if your Acrylic Tank holds animals having Shells and Teeth. To remove these scratches in the case of Acrylic Aquariums, Scratch Removal Kits are used. A Scratch Removal Kit is considered worthy only if it appropriates the removal of scratches on both the inside and the outside of an aquarium without requiring the emptying of or removing of its adornments or inhabitants. Fresh Marine brings to you some very effective Scratch Removal Kits. The ensuing discussion briefly touches this.

Rainbow Lifegard Acrylic Scratch Removal Kit 72000 by Pentair Aquatics. This Scratch Removal Kit employs Crystal Pads, the Sanding Material, well known for cleaning Plastic surfaces. The rough Crystals are padded within a thin and soft flexible material. This Padding allows the large Abrasive Crystals to fall back into the soft material, thereby creating an even cutting plane. This kit successfully removes scratches from under the water as well, thereby restoring the Acrylic Aquarium to its original luster. In addition, you can use this Scratch Removal Kit, both in wet as well as dry forms. This economical kit outlasts common abrasives by up to seven times in dry applications, and up to 15 times in the wet ones. The case carries eight different Crystal Pads of varying grades, Sanding Block, 3/4 oz. bottle of Final Polish Liquid Abrasive with Anti-Static Agent, Washrag, and Molded Plastic Case.

Scratch Removal Kit by Novus. Novus Plastic Polish is one of the most well known names in cleaning and mending Plastics and Acrylic-based materials business since 1973. Other than Acrylic Tanks, Novus Polishes are also used on many different surfaces, including that of Motorcycle Windshields, Face Shields, Aircraft Windows, and Microwave Oven Doors. These Scratch Removal Kits come in 8oz pack.
  • Novus Plastic Polish Formula 1. This Acrylic Fish Tank Aquarium Clean and Polish offering helps in cleansing all the Plastic surfaces mildly without scratching. It imparts a glossy, clean, and non-greasy shine to the surface, which does not readily get fogged, dust dirty, finger markings, and any kind of static. The Scratch Removal Kit does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasives, and is therefore safe to use in an aquarium.
  • Novus Plastic Polish Formula 2. This Acrylic Fish Tank Aquarium Fine Scratch Remover bumps off fine scratches, haziness, and abrasions from all most all forms of Plastics. If the surface is dirty then use Novus Formula 1 to clean it first. With repeated use, this Formula 2 Scratch Removal Kit reconstructs washed-out & stained Plastics. It contains mild abrasives, but is non-toxic and has no strong aroma. This kit creates deep gloss, which checks scratching, marking, and aging. It removes the damage instead of covering it up and seals the repair with a coat of polish. For best results, follow the Novus Formula 2 coat with Novus Formula 1.
  • Novus Plastic Polish Formula 3. This Scratch Removal Kit gets rid of heavy scratches and abrasions from almost all the Acrylic surfaces. Deeper the scratches more pressure would be required to remove them. It buffs out quickly. It is an aggressive polish and therefore, should not be used on coated Plastics or Polycarbonates. It requires both Novus Formula 1 and Formula 2 Polishes for final finishing.

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