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Calcium ReactorCalcium Reactor

Calcium Reactor

It is important to keep a check on the pH and KH readings of aquarium water for the well-being of fishes therein. KH or Carbonate Hardness is the measure, in degrees (dKH), of the ability of a solution to absorb and reduce the effect of added acid, without changing its pH. Carbonates (KH or Alkalinity), coupled with Trace Elements, Calcium, Strontium, and Magnesium, encourage the proper growth and the development of Coral & the beneficial Coralline Algae, called as Calcification process, while also stabilizing the pH of aquarium water. A right KH / Alkalinity level boosts the immunity of fish and other invertebrates present in your aquarium.

The Alkaline-Calcium level, however, falls in a Reef Aquarium due to the constant Calcification happening there. It therefore, gets vital that this much-required alkaline and Calcium balance is restored, a process well executed automatically by Calcium Reactors. The Calcium Reactors are the Aquarium devices, which dissolve the Calcium Reactor Media with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Aquarium Water to maintain a continuous Calcium supply in an aquarium. These Calcium Reactors are usually containers in which the Calcium Reactor Media, Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) or Korallith, is filled. Actually, the passing CO2 lowers the pH of the Aquarium Water to an acidic level. This dissolves the Calcium Reactor Media capable of dissolving at a low pH only, in the container. The resulting effluents, Calcium and alkalinity, function as pH stabilizing Buffers.

The Calcium release quantity of a Calcium Reactor is influenced directly by the rate of water flow through the container as well as the rate of CO2 bubble release. In addition, the Calcium Reactor also dissolves the growth boosting Trace Elements, Calcium, Strontium, and Magnesium. Once installed, Calcium Reactors are easy to maintain. Fresh Marine presents Calcium Reactor Media by Caribsea for your Calcium Reactor.

Caribsea A.R.M. Aragonite Reactors. Caribsea offers very effective Calcium Reactor Substrates, Aragonite Reactor Media (A.R.M.), which are well compatible with any of the Aquarium Calcium Reactors. Employing one of the finest qualities of Aragonite, A.R.M. releases very slight amount of Phosphates in the Aquarium. The ready to use A.R.M. available at Fresh Marine do not require rinsing and come in 8 lbs pack of Fine as well as Coarse grade.

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