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An Aquarium is a mini ecosystem in itself, which encloses different type of life forms within its confines. It is therefore, important that the quality of water, its hygiene level, nutrition level, etc., all are at the desired level. The slip is however, still possible, at times due to some factors even beyond control, including Pathogenic Infections or Parasitic invasion. At this stage, Medications are what are actually helpful. Apart from killing the Pathogens and Parasites, Medications also prevent their further spread to the other animals. Some Medications even go to the extent of providing a protective Anti-Stress Slime Coating to your aquatic pets. Overall, Medications are as vital for your Aquarium as are its inmates. Fresh Marine offers a broad spectrum of Medications from leading brands. The ensuing discussion takes a closer look.

Coral Medication. These Medications help recuperate the Corals ailing from Pathogenic and Protozoan infections, while preventing the spread of diseases to the other animals as well.
  • Products. Kent Marine Tech D by Kent Marine (available in 8oz. & 16oz. packs), and Seachem Reef Dip by Seachem (available in 250ml & 500ml packs).

  • Freshwater Medications. They treat several Freshwater Aquarium Diseases.

    Saltwater Medications. Saltwater Medications treat several Marine Aquarium Diseases without affecting your tankís Biological Filter and pH.
  • Products. Rx P Marine Parasite by Kent Marine (available in 8 oz., 16 oz., and 64 oz.); and PimaFix (available in 8oz., 16oz., and 64oz.), MelaFix (comes in 8oz., 16oz., and 64 oz.), Furan-2 Medication, EM Erythromycin Medication, Triple Sulfa Medication, and General Cure Medication, all 6 by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.

  • Ich Medications. Ich or White Spot is the commonest of all the Aquarium Diseases. Ich, scientifically known as Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, is a Protozoan Parasite. You can spot Ich as the salt grains on the surface of your fish skin, which is mature Ich (Trophozoite Cyst), all set to reproduce and spread further to other fish hosts. Once Ich invades your tank, it is there to settle, proliferate, and consume your livestock, until you apply Ich Medication to your tank. Therefore, Ich Medications help eliminate Ich from your tank, resulting in healthy aquatic pets.
  • Products. Rx P Marine Parasite by Kent Marine (available in 8oz., 16oz., & 64oz. packs); Ich Attack Disease Inhibitor, Prevent Ich Disease Preventative Inhibitor; & Rid-Ich Disease Treatment (also comes in 16oz. & 1Gallon packs), all three by Kordon; (all available in 4oz. pack), and Super Ick cure Medication by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (available in 10-in-1 pack).

  • Parasite Medications. A Parasite is an organism, which lives symbiotically on another organism, called Host. In a Parasitic relationship, a Parasite derives nourishment from its Hostís share, thereby disturbing its Biological Functions. Apart from food, the Parasite requires its Host to run its life functions, including reproduction. The moment you observe an incidence of a Parasitic Infection in your aquarium, immediately reach out for Anti-Parasite Medications, for if left unattended, the infection may spread rapidly to soon flood your tank. Anti-Parasite Medications help control the Parasitic Infection in an Aquarium.
  • Products. Aiptasia Control by Blue Life; Rx P Marine Parasite by Kent Marine (available in 8oz, 16oz., and 64 oz. packs); and ParaGuard & Cupramine, both by Seachem (available in 100ml & 250ml packs).

  • Fungus Medications. Fungus Infection, scientifically known as Mycosis (plural: Mycoses), is a pathological condition in which a Fungus invades an organismís body and settles there. Fungus Medications check Fungal Infections in an aquarium.
  • Products. Rid Fungus Treatment (available in 4oz. & 16oz. packs) & Methylene Blue (available in 4oz. pack), both by Kordon; and Liquid Fungus Cure (available in 4oz. pack) & Fungus Cure Medication (available in 10-in-1 pack), both by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.

  • Formalin Treatment. Formalin, a Disinfectant and Germicidal, is a 37% saturated Aqueous Solution of Formaldehyde and 6-13% another agent, usually Methanol. Formalin Treatment well treats common Bacterial Aquarium Infections, such as, Gill Flukes, Superficial Infections, and other Parasitic Infections (especially, Ichthyophthirius). Formalin Treatment however, does NOT protect your aquatic pets against many Fungal Infections, Molds, Insects, and Infectious Larva and is therefore, ineffective in the case of Argulus, Fish Lice, some other Macro-Parasitic Infections, and few Fungal Infections.
  • Product. Formalin 3 Treatment and Dip by Kordon (available in 16oz. packs).

  • Copper Treatment. Copper Treatment, a milestone of its own type in the world of Aquarium Medications, is capable of checking a significantly wide range of Parasitic Infections (especially, Marine Ich (Cryptocaryon irritans) & Marine Velvet (Amyloodinium ocellatum)) in a tank. However, Copper Treatment requires expert handling because Copper as an element may be lethal or too Stressful for your aquatic pets.
  • Product. Cupramine by Seachem (available in 100ml and 250ml packs).

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