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Fungus MedicationFungus Medication

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Fungus Medication

Fungus Infection, scientifically known as Mycosis (plural: Mycoses), is a pathological condition in which a Fungus invades an organismís body and settles there. Fungus Infections occur at different Tissue Levels, right from surface to deep. Externally, you can observe a Fungal Infection as White, Gray, Brown, or Green colored Cotton or Tufts like growth, called Hyphae, on the Head, Body, or Fins of your Aquatic Pets. Fungus can also form slimy growth, called Water Molds, on an organismís body surface. All these types of Mycoses are called Oomycete Infections.

An internal Fungal Infection causes Lesions or Granulomas in fishes, in the form of raised, White to Yellow Nodules or Patches. Internal or external, all Fungal Infections are extremely harmful for your Aquatic Pets and cause them severe stress. They should therefore be treated with Fungus Medication on an urgent basis. As is evident, Fungus Medications check Fungal Infections in an aquarium. Fresh Marine offers some hit Fungus Medications from leading brands. Lets take a look.

Fungus Medication by Kordon.
  • Kordon Rid Fungus Treatment. Available in 4oz. and 16 oz. packs, this Fungus Medication for Aquarium Pets is made of Organic ingredients. Rid Fungus binds with Cytoplasmic Cell Structures to treat External Infections caused by Epidermal Fungus (especially, Saprolegnia, Achlya, Leptomitus, Pythium, Exophiala, & Ichthyophonus), Protozoan (especially, Ichthyophthiriasis, Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella, Cryptocaryon, & Amyloodinium), and Dinoflagellates, in Freshwater or Marine Aquariums, and Ponds. Owing to its wide range effectiveness, Rid Fungus is also used as a Prophylactic to avert Primary and Secondary Infections. This Reef Safe Fungus Medication is safe even for Aquatic Invertebrates (especially, Corals, Anemones, Starfish, Snails, Crustaceans, and Shrimp) and their Eggs. 16oz. of Rid Fungus can treat 960Gallons of water. This Fungus Medication is free of toxic Heavy Metals, such as, Zinc & Copper, and does not affect the water quality in the terms of its pH and Oxygen Level. Attack does not harm aquatic plants, Nitrifying Bacteria, Aquarium Dťcor, Sealants, and Aquarium Water pH. Moreover, this Ich Medication also does not discolor the water.
  • Kordon Methylene Blue. Available in 4oz. pack, capable of treating 240Gallons of Fresh as well as Marine Aquarium Water, this Fungus Medication cures Fertile Fish Eggs, Fry, and Sensitive Fish ailing from Superficial Fungal Infections. Methylene Blue is also effective against some external Protozoan (especially, Ichthyophthirius (Ich), Chilodonella & Costia). In addition, this Fungus Medication is a Blood Oxygen Transporter in Fish as it can convert Methemoglobin to the normal Blood Oxygen Carrier, Hemoglobin. Therefore, Methylene Blue treatment can effectively improve the survival chance of your aquatic pets suffering from Cyanide and Nitrite Poisoning. This Fungus Medication however, is NOT applicable for treating Oodinium, Bacterial Infections, Flukes (Monogenetic Trematodes), or for Moderately Severe to Severe Fungal Infections, and as a Net Disinfectant or Sterilizer. Please note that Methylene Blue may interfere with your aquariumís Biological Filter and the Aquatic Plants therein. Therefore, this Fungus Medication should better be employed in New Bare Aquariums or Ponds. The formula may also permanently color your Aquarium Silicone Sealants and may change the watercolor.

  • Fungus Medications by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Liquid Fungus Cure. This Fungus Medication cures contagious Eye and Mouth Fungus (Saprolegnia) Infections. Fungus Cure effectively checks the infections from affecting the Unhatched Fish Eggs. Fungal Infections may destroy the natural protective Slime Coating on your aquatic pets, which makes their Mouth, Tail, and Fins vulnerable to infections. This Fungus Medication furnishes a Synthetic Slime Coating to protect your aquarium inmates from Secondary Infections. The formula comes in a 4oz. pack.
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Fungus Cure Medication. Meant for both, Freshwater as well as Marine Aquariums, this Fungus Medication can treat contagious Fungus (Saprolegnia & Achlya), Mouth Fungus (Cotton Mouth Disease), Body Slime & Eye Cloud, & Fin & Tail Rot Infections, and Secondary Bacterial Infections, in your aquatic pets along with their Unhatched Eggs. Fungus Cure may slightly discolor the aquarium water.

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