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Freshwater MedicationFreshwater Medication

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Freshwater Medication

A high quality aquarium environment is necessary for the overall health of its inmates. Regular maintenance helps to keep the aquarium environment up to the mark. However, despite your maintenance, you may witness the spread of harmful Bacteria, Fungus, and other infectious causes & diseases in the tank. Very aptly, Aquarium Medication is the answer for the situation. This page deals with Freshwater Medications available at Fresh Marine. These Freshwater Medications are safe for the delicate environment of aquarium.

Freshwater Medications by Kordon.
  • Kordon Formalin 3 Treatment and Dip. Available in 16oz bottle pack, this Freshwater Medication is highly effective to treat and prevent a number of diseases caused by Protozoan, Fungi (including Achyla and Saprolegnia), and Monogenetic Trematodes, in both Freshwater as well as Marine Aquariums. Ambiphyra, Amyloodinium, Costia, Chilodonella, Cryptocaryon (saltwater "ich"), Epistylis, Ichthyophthirius (freshwater "ich"), Oodinium, and Trichodina, Formalin-3, a pre-diluted form of Formalin (37% Formaldehyde), prevents your fish from all these causatives.
  • Kordon Ich Attack Disease Inhibitor. Available in 4oz pack, this All-Herbal Freshwater Medication has a powerful effect against aquatic diseases. Ich-Attack’s herbal blend provides an extremely broad spectrum of activity, while being safe for even the sensitive fishes. Ich Attack can be used in Aquariums, Ponds, and Quarantine Tanks to help the fishes in resisting external disease outbreaks.
  • Kordon Prevent Ich Disease Preventative Inhibitor. Available in 4oz pack, this 100% Organic Freshwater Medication helps fishes fight off infections, while keeping them strong. It is effective against Ichthyophthirius (Ich) as well as many other Protozoan (such as Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella), Crytocaryon (Saltwater Ich), and Amyloodinium. It can be safely used in any type of Aquarium and Ornamental Pond.
  • Kordon Rid-Ich Disease Treatment. Available in 4oz, 16oz, and 1 Gallon packs, this Freshwater Medication is a combination of two powerful medications, which control most of the diseases of Freshwater Fishes, caused by external Protozoan (Single Cell) Parasites such as, White Spot Disease, Ichthyophthiriasis, Costia, Trichodina, and Chilodonella. This organically developed medication is recommended as the best chemical treatment for Ich (White Spot Disease). It doesn’t harm the Biological Filter of your system.

  • Freshwater Medications by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals PimaFix. With Pimenta racemosa Oil (West Indian Bay) as the major ingredient, this Botanical Freshwater Medication helps treat Fungal Infections in fish. Pimenta racemosa contains multi-action compounds effectively prevent the growth of the resistant strains of disease inducing organisms. In addition, PimaFix does not affect the functioning of Biological Filters of aquarium neither does it decolorize water or harm aquatic plants. You can use it safely without worrying about the change in the pH of the system. You can choose from 8oz, 16oz, and 64oz packs.
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals MelaFix. With Melaleuca Tea Tree Extract as the major ingredient, this safe, herbal, Antibacterial Freshwater Medication heals injured Fins (including Fins & Tail Rot), Mouth Fungus, Eye Cloud, and Open Wounds & Ulcers, while also leveraging the growth of new Fins and Tissues in Freshwater as well as Marine Fish. MelaFix does not affect the water pH and the functioning of the Biological Filters of aquarium. Neither does it decolorize water. The formula is Reef Compatible and does not adversely affect aquatic plants. You can choose from 8oz, 16oz, and 64oz packs, as per your requirement.
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Furan-2 Medication. Two Furan compounds are blended here to give you a very effective Antibiotic to fight against both, Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria. As a result, serious Bacterial threats such as, Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Bacterial Gill Disease, Open Red Sores (Aeromonas spp.), Body Slime & Eye Cloud, Black Molly Disease (Flavobacterium columnaris), and Fin & Tail Rot, are kept at bay. It will though not affect the functioning of Biological Filters of aquarium; however can slightly decolorize water, which can be treated with Activated Carbon.
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals EM Erythromycin Medication. Use this Freshwater Medication for the treatment and the control of Bacterial diseases such as, Body Slime, Mouth Fungus, Furunculosis, Bacterial Gill Disease, and Hemorrhagic Septicemia in Freshwater as well as Marine Fish. To prevent any other Secondary Bacterial Infection, you can safely club EM Erythromycin, with any other Anti-API Ich, Anti-Fungal, or Anti-Parasitic Remedy. This Freshwater Medication will not decolorize your tank.
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Triple Sulfa Medication. Sulfa drugs are known for their Antibacterial properties. This combination Freshwater Medication of three Sulfa Drugs is your answer for the diseases like Hemorrhagic Septicemia, Bacterial Gill Disease, Fin & Tail Rot, Cotton Mouth Disease, Body Slime, and Eye Cloud in both, Fresh and Saltwater Fish. Triple Sulfa will not affect the Biological Filter and Water Color in an Aquarium.
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals General Cure Medication. This Freshwater Medication arms your Freshwater as well as Marine Tank inmates to fight and resist dreadful Parasitic Diseases, including Velvet, Anchor Worm, Fish Lice, Hole-In-The-Head Disease, and Gill & Skin Flukes. General Cure does not affect the color of aquarium water.
  • Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Super Ick Cure Medication. This dual action Freshwater Medication quickly kills the Ich Parasite (White Spot Disease), usually within 24 hours, while also combating the Secondary Bacterial Infections. This medication can cause a slight discoloration of water, which can easily be treated with Activated Carbon.

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