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Formalin TreatmentFormalin Treatment

Formalin Treatment

Formalin, a Disinfectant and Germicidal, is a 37% saturated Aqueous Solution of Formaldehyde and 6-13% another agent, usually Methanol. Formaldehyde is actually an Organic Compound from the Aldehydes Family, derived from the Oxidation of Alcohol. It is Formaldehyde that imparts the Disinfectant, Bactericidal, and Germicidal properties to Formalin Treatment, while Methanol provides stability to the otherwise unstable Formaldehyde Compound. Formaldehyde, present in Formalin Treatments, reacts with External and Internal Cellular Protein to denature it, which in turn kills the disease causing germs.

Formalin Treatment well treats common Bacterial Aquarium Infections, such as, Gill Flukes, Superficial Infections, and other Parasitic Infections (especially Ichthyophthirius). Formalin Treatment however, does NOT protect your aquatic pets against many Fungal Infections, Molds, Insects, and Infectious Larva and is therefore, ineffective in the case of Argulus, Fish Lice, some other Macro-Parasitic Infections, and few Fungal Infections.

Prior to using this Formalin Treatment in your aquarium, make sure that it has ample Oxygen supply and that the water quality is quite high, else it may cause Hypoxia, Oxygen shortage, in your aquatic pets. Also, avoid introducing the formula in the tank just after feeding. In addition, the toxicity of Formalin Treatment increases with rising temperature. Therefore, the low concentration of Formalin Treatments should be introduced in Tropical Water Systems. It is always better to establish a separate tank for Formalin Treatment.

Fresh Marine offers one of the best Formalin Treatments by Kordon, which is effective against a broader spectrum of Aquarium Infections than a standard Formalin Treatment. Lets take a look.

Formalin 3 Treatment and Dip by Kordon. This Formalin Treatment, available in 16 oz. pack, good for treating 960Gallons of Fresh or Marine Aquarium Water, cures Fungal, Protozoan, and Monogenetic Trematodes. Formalin 3 effectively checks Ichthyophthirius (Freshwater Ich), Costia, Chilodonella, Ambiphyra, Cryptocaryon (Saltwater Ich), Epistylis, Oodinium, Amyloodinium, Trichodina, Achyla, and Saprolegnia, in your aquarium Pets and their Eggs. Do NOT deploy Formalin 3 in the tanks having Invertebrates and for the treatment of Systemic Bacterial Infections.

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