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Water Pump ExternalWater Pump External

Water Pump External

An aquarium requires different water pumping capacities at different times. Water Pump External caters to this pumping requirement at different pressure levels. Owing to the different type of water pumping requirements, Water Pump External, come in different sizes. Ideally, a desirable Water Pump External should perform powerfully well, while also being energy efficient. Fresh Marine brings to you a wide spectrum of Water Pump External from some of the best manufacturers. The ensuing discussion delves into these Water Pump External models available on Fresh Marine.

Gen-X PCX40 External Water Pump by JBJ Lighting. This Water Pump External has a leak proof; seal less, Gravity Feed Pump. Meant for both, Fresh as well as Marine Water Aquariums, this very powerful Water Pump External has a Single Phase Motor with Thermal Protector. Enclosed in a corrosion resistant Polypropylene Housing, PCX40 can stand exposure to Fruit Juices, Mild Acid, Mild Alkalis, Salt Water, Nonflammable Liquids, and other Photographic & Electroplating Solutions. Allowing a maximum flow of 1190 GPH, the Water Pump External runs quietly without requiring lubrication. Gen-X PCX55HP (High Pressure) External water Pump is another option in the range. Gen-X PCX40 Replacement Pump Impeller, meant for Gen-X PCX40 External Water Pump, is also available.

Rainbow Lifeguard Quiet One Aquarium by Pentair Aquatics. Designed for both Fresh and Marine Water Aquariums, this Water Pump External, can fit sideways into the Lifeguard Module Filter System. Equipped with a 6’ cord, Quiet One Aquarium is meant only for wet applications. These applications experience cool water due to the pump’s Cooling Chambers. The Uni-directional Impeller keeps steering the Water Pump External in the right direction, while the corrosion resistant, premium quality Ceramic Bearings make the pump sturdy and quiet. The powerful performance of this Water Pump External is entrusted with its energy efficient motor. The Water Pump External is also equipped with Flow Control Dials and Easy Grip Handle. Rainbow Lifeguard Quiet One Aquarium 800 Pump 220 GPH, 1200 Pump 296 GPH, 3000 Pump 780 GPH, 4000 Pump 1017 GPH, 4000 High Head Pump 980 GPH, 5000 Pump 1330 GPH, and 6000 Pump 1506 GPH are the options in the range.

Taam Rio Hyper Flow Water Pumps by Taam Reef. Capable of quietly keeping water flow rate at good GPH, these fully submersible Water Pump External are energy efficient, while releasing less heat as well. Laced with 6 months warranty, these Water Pump External owe their sturdiness to the Titanium Shaft with Ceramic Bearings and the durable high-impact Plastic. Equipped with 6’ Power Cord, these Water Pump External, work exclusively on the US Electrical Systems. Vortex Rotor Blade and Rare Earth Magnet give the added edge to the efficiency of the device. The multi-purpose Water Pump External can be used with several Freshwater or Marine Aquarium Equipment, including Venturi Protein Skimmers, Wet-Dry Filters, Under Gravel Filters, Ponds, and Fountains. Taam Rio 17 – 1090 GPH, 20 – 1290 GPH, 26 – 1590 GPH, and 32 – 1920 GPH are the models in the range.

Mag Drive Supreme by Danner. This Water Pump External, meant for Statuary, Fountains, Ponds, and Freshwater & Marine Aquariums, can be placed in-line or submerged. Very energy efficient, this Water Pump External can work continuously. The Power Unit of Mag Drive Supreme is enclosed in a waterproof Epoxy, which creates a magnetic field. The only moveable part of this Water Pump External is its Ceramic Magnetic Impeller. Being seal free and oil free, the pump requires nominal maintenance. Danner Mag Drive Supreme 1 – 80 GPH, 1.5 – 140 GPH, 1.9 – 190 GPH, 2 – 250 GPH, 3 – 350 GPH, 5 – 500 GPH, 7 – 700 GPH, 9.5 – 950 GPH, 12 – 1200 GPH, and 18 – 1800 GPH are the options in the range.

Universal Pumps by EHEIM. This multiple applications compatible Water Pump External is meant for Large Aquariums, Garden Ponds, Breeding Units, Water Displays, Fountains, and Ponds. High quality Ceramic Shaft and Ceramic & Carbon Bearing ensure the quietness of these energy efficient pumps. Eheim Universal Pump 1250 – 317 GPH, 1260 – 635 GPH, and 1262 – 900 GPH are the variants in the range.

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