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Air PumpsAir Pumps

Air Pumps

Air Pumps generate air with force or pressure to facilitate the working of Under Gravel Air Lifters, Air Stone, or Air Diffusers, and Foam Fractionators fitted in an Aquarium. Air Pumps are made of different materials and have different categories. The shape, size and the effect of each type of Air Pump is also varied. The size choice of an Air Pump is contingent upon the capacity of the Aquarium it will be fitted in. If you can avert from the cost based quality compromises, you can get Air Pumps that last for years without any operational trouble.

Fresh Marine, one of the best one-stop online markets for everything about your aquarium, brings to you a collection of effective Marine Aquarium Air Pumps. Each range of Air Pumps has varying capacity numbers. The increasing capacity numbers reflect the pump’s ability to manage increasingly large size of aquariums coupled with growing pressure levels. Let us have a look at some of the top brands available at Fresh Marine.

RENA Air Pumps by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals. These are Diaphragm Air Pumps and support flows from 50 liters/hour to 325 liters/hour. The high flow rate of the Air Pump is credited to the machine’s high pressure. These pumps leverage your Aquarium’s maintenance by facilitating additional aeration and filtration, that too quietly. RENA Air Pumps inherit their silence from the innovative designs of their Expansion & Noise Suppression Chambers, Curved Casing, a sturdy Diaphragm, and a Precision Lock Base. The Air Pumps can be placed in an Under-Gravel Filter System to boost Biological Filtration, Aeration, and healthy Gaseous Exchange. You can also use these Air Pumps to power Aquarium Accessories, such as, Underwater Ornaments and Bubble Displays. RENA Air 50, 100, 200, 300, & 400 Pumps are some key capacity variations available in the range. Rena Air Pumps are UL/CUL approved.

Hagen Air Pumps by Hagen. They come in a couple of ranges, Aqua Clear and Elite, and provide air streams to Air Stones, Air-actuated Ornaments, and Air Driven Protein Skimmers, along with generally facilitating aeration & gaseous exchange in an aquarium. We shall discuss each range one by one.
  • Hagen Aqua Clear Air Pumps.
  • These reliable, long lasting, and easy to maintain Air Pumps power up an aquarium’s air management, that too quietly. AquaClear Vibrator Pump Models 5, 10, 20, 30, & 50 are the capacity variations here.
  • Hagen Elite Air Pumps.
  • These pumps employ state of the art technology with a performance enhancing design, supplemented by a tensile flex Diaphragm, for a long lasting, efficient performance. These easy to maintain, sturdy devices come as 799, 800, 801, 802 (for dual outlet aquarium), and 803 capacity variant models. Hagen Elite Maxima Deluxe Pump supports aquariums with 30 gallons capacity and dual outlets.

    Hydor Ario Air Pumps by Hydros. These Color Aerator Aquarium Air Pumps by Hydor come in two capacities, Hydor Ario 2 and 4 Air Pumps. These pumps are available in Blue, Green, and Red Leds. Hydor Air Pumps work quietly yet effectively and are free of Diaphragms, and Check Valves, thereby eliminating the problems related to the pressure decreasing Air Stones clogging and vibrations. Air Control Valve regulates the amount of air flowing through the aquarium. The showy exteriors and the small size of these Air Pumps reflect them as Aquarium Accessory rather than an Air Pump. You can place Hydor Air Pumps anywhere in the aquarium, even under gravel. The pumps are easy to maintain, are reliable, and have a long life. Hydor Air Pumps go ornamental with their Hydor Ario Deco Volcano and Geyser Kits.

    Tetra Air Pumps by Tetra. These pumps are available as Tetra Whisper 40, 60, & 100 Aquarium Air Pumps. Tetra machines are dome shaped, and are equipped with Sound Dampening Chambers, wide Foot Base, Rubber Feet, thick walls, & suspended Pump Motor, to deliver work with quiet efficiency. The Diaphragms of the motor enable competent deep-water aeration. The device supports two outlets.

    ViaAqua Million Air Pumps by ViaAqua. These pumps sport unique design and latest technology to aerate the aquarium strongly, reliably, safely, and quietly. Easy to install and maintain, ViaAqua Air Pumps come as ViaAqua Million Air Pumps MA-100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 capacities.

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