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Rena Air PumpRena Air Pump

Rena Air Pumps

Air Pumps generate air with force or pressure to facilitate the working of Under Gravel Air Lifters, Air Stone, or Air Diffusers, and Foam Fractionators, fitted in an Aquarium. Air Pumps are made of different materials and have different categories. The shape, size and the effect of each type of Air Pump is also varied.

Fresh Marine, one of the best one-stop online stores for everything about your aquarium, brings to you a collection of effective RENA Air Pumps. RENA Air Pumps by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals are one of the leading market players in the Aquarium Air Pumps industry. The range of RENA Air Pumps at Fresh Marine has varying capacity numbers. The increasing capacity numbers reflect the RENA Air Pump’s ability to manage increasingly large size of aquariums coupled with growing pressure levels. The size choice of a RENA Air Pump is contingent upon the capacity of the Aquarium it will be fitted in. High quality RENA Air Pumps last for years without any operational trouble.

RENA Air Pumps are Diaphragm Air Pumps and support flows from 50 liters/hour to 325 liters/hour. The high flow rate of the RENA Air Pumps is credited to the machines’ high pressure. These pumps leverage your Aquarium’s maintenance by facilitating additional aeration and filtration, that too quietly. RENA Air Pumps inherit their silence from the innovative designs of their Expansion & Noise Suppression Chambers, Curved Casing, a sturdy Diaphragm, and a Precision Lock Base. The Air Pumps can be placed in an Under-Gravel Filter System to boost Biological Filtration, Aeration, and healthy Gaseous Exchange. You can also use RENA Air Pumps to power Aquarium Accessories, such as, Underwater Ornaments and Bubble Displays. RENA Air Pumps are UL/CUL approved and Tune-up Kits and Replacement Filters are now available for these. Let us have a look at some of the key options in RENA Air Pumps, available at Fresh Marine.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals RENA Air 50 Pumps. These pumps with single Airflow Outlet, can manage 5-10 Gallons aquariums with pressure at 2psi.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals RENA Air 100 Pumps. These pumps with single Airflow Outlet, can manage 20 Gallons aquariums with pressure at 2.2psi.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals RENA Air 200 Pumps. These pumps with single Airflow Outlet, can manage 20-30 Gallons aquariums with pressure at 3psi.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals RENA Air 300 Pumps. These pumps with single adjustable Airflow Outlet, can manage 45-75 Gallons aquariums with pressure at 4.5psi.

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals RENA Air 400 Pumps. These pumps with two adjustable Airflow Outlets, can manage 80-150 Gallons aquariums with pressure at 4.5psi.

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