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Aquarium HeatersAquarium Heaters

Aquarium Heaters

Aquarium Heaters are the devices, used to keep a consistent temperature inside an aquarium, be it Marine or Freshwater, for the health and growth of its inhabitants. Fresh Marine offers a broad spectrum of branded, hi tech, water submersible Aquarium Heaters, equipped with effective Thermostat to keep the water temperature precisely tuned. The ensuing discussion deals with some of the bestselling Aquarium Heaters available at Fresh Marine.

Heater 50Watt. These are Mini Aquarium Heaters, capable of stabilizing temperature in small tanks.
  • RENA Smart Heater 50W-20Gallons by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals. RENA Smart Heater is an Inline Heater for RENA Smart Filter or XP Canister Filters, which can also serve as a Stand Alone Aquarium Heater. The heater can manage the temperature range of 69 to 93°Fahrenheit, which suits most of the aquariums up to 20Gallons size. You can set the temperature accurately with the help of “easy-to-set” Temperature Dial. RENA’s Tubular design allows water flow through it for consistent and uniform heating. To ensure the safety of your aquatic pets, a LED Alert Light indicates whenever there is aquarium temperature fluctuation of +/– 5°. In addition, RENA Aquarium Heaters are non-breakable and are safe to touch even when operating.

  • Aquarium Heaters by Hagen.
  • Hagen Aqua Clear Submersible Preset Heater. Made from a High Impact, non-breakable Glass, this Aquarium Heater maintains precision temperature with an adjustable temperature control dial. Aqua Clear Elite Preset is also equipped with a Power Indicator. The Heater comes in 50W-10.5” capacity.
  • Other Aquarium Heaters. Hagen Radiant Heater 50W-8” and Hagen Elite Submersible Preset Heaters – 25W 6” & 50W 7”.

  • Heater 75Watt.
  • Jager Heater by Eheim. This automatic Aquarium Heater has a precision Bi-Stable Thermostat with +/- 1/2°F correction temperature, and an adjustable Temperature Control Dial for the range, 65-93°. The Jager Heater is strengthened with a Thermal Shock Resistant Glass of 2 mm thickness. The add-ons include a 6’ double insulated Power Cord and a Clip-On Heater Holder. This 75Watt-10” Aquarium Heater can manage tanks up to 20-Gallon capacity.
  • Other Aquarium Heaters. Radiant Heater – 75W 8” by Hagen; and VisiTherm Stealth Heater – 75Watt by Aquarium Systems.

  • Heater 100Watt.
  • Fluval Tronic Heater by Hagen. Advanced Electronic Circuits of this Aquarium Heater ensure its safe operation, while delivering accurate results. Its Fast Heating Technology gives optimum temperature quickly by continuously heating the aquarium water. This fully water submersible, UL-Listed, 100Watt-9” heater provides accurate water temperature with the help of its Thermal Sensor, which regularly checks water temperature.
  • Other Aquarium Heaters. RENA Smart Heater 100W-35Gallons, & RENA Cal Top Light Excel Heater 100W-11.625”, both by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals; Jager Heater-100W-12”-30Gallons by Eheim; Aqua Clear/Elite Submersible Preset Heaters 100W-10.5” & Radiant Heater – 100W 10”, all three by Hagen; Theo Shatter Proof Heater 100W-26Gallons by Hydor; Glass/Titanium Aquarium Heaters - 100Watts 25Gallons by ViaAqua; and VisiTherm Stealth Heater - 100W by Aquarium Systems.

  • Heater 150Watt.
  • VisiTherm Stealth Heater by Aquarium Systems. This Aquarium Heater sports Ergonomic Design coupled with Water-Calibrated VisiTherm Technology for temperature reading precision and durable efficiency. Easily adjustable, Shatterproof, Overheat protected operation, user-friendly installation & operation, and uniform temperature maintenance throughout your tank, all make UL Listed VisiTherm the right pick for your aquarium.
  • Other Aquarium Heaters. Fluval Tronic Submersible Heater 150W-11”, & Aqua Clear/Elite Submersible Preset Heaters 150W-12”, all 3 by Hagen; RENA Smart Heater 150W-50Gallons, & RENA Cal Top Light Excel Heater 150W-11.625”, both by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals; Jager Heater 150W-13”-60Gallons by Eheim; Glass/Titanium Aquarium Heater 150Watts-40Gallons by ViaAqua; Theo Shatter Proof Heater 150W-40Gallons by Hydor; and VisiTherm Stealth Heater – 150W by Aquarium Systems.

  • Heater 200Watt.
  • ETH 201 Inline Heater by Hydor. This Inline Aquarium Heater can work externally, thereby helping provide more space to aquarium inhabitants. It is installed vertically in the return line of a Canister Filter or Sump, which heats the aquarium uniformly. ETH is equipped with inbuilt Clamps for easy maintenance, while the Temperature Knob facilitates temperature setting & maintenance. Double insulated & double sealed, durable Plastic covering keeps the internal parts of the Heater safe. This 200Watts Aquarium Heater can manage a 53Gallons tank. Hydor also presents Theo Shatter Proof Heater – 200W-53Gallons.
  • Other Aquarium Heaters. Fluval Tronic Submersible Heater 200W-11”, & Aqua Clear/Elite Submersible Preset Heater – 200W-12.5”, all 3 by Hagen; RENA Smart Heater 200W-70Gallons & RENA Cal Top Light Excel Heater 200W-14”, both by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals; Jager Heater 200W-15”-90Gallons by Eheim; Glass/Titanium Aquarium Heaters 250W-65Gallons by ViaAqua; and VisiTherm Stealth Heaters 200W & 250W by Aquarium Systems.

  • Heater 300Watt.
  • ViaAqua Glass/Titanium Aquarium Heaters. These Heaters maintain a uniform temperature throughout an aquarium at a desired level with the help of an adjustable Remote Thermostat and a Temperature Probe, that too without wetting your hands. The submersible and easy to install & operate Heaters are made of a high quality, thick, durable Glass/Titanium.
  • Other Aquarium Heaters. RENA Smart Heater 300W-90Gallons & RENA Cal Top Light Excel Heater 300W-14”, both by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals; Aqua Clear/Elite Submersible Preset Heaters – 300W-13.5” by Hagen; and Theo Shatter Proof Heater 300W-80Gallons & ETH 300 Inline Heater 300W-5/8”-80Gallons, both by Hydor.

  • Heater 400Watt.
  • Theo Shatter Proof Heater by Hydor. This submersible Aquarium Water Heater, capable of handling tanks up to 40Gallons capacity, is made in Italy, and employs PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) Technology. The Micro Switch of the Heater controls and maintains the right temperature for fish. You can clamp the Heater in either horizontal or vertical positions. The Auto-off Switch turns the heater automatically off when not fully submerged to prevent overheating and any damages thereof. The UL and TUV Approved labels ensure the reliability and safety when using this Aquarium Heater.

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