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Black Cap Jawfish - Opistognathus lonchurus - Moustache Jawfish

Black Cap Jawfish - Opistognathus lonchurus - Moustache Jawfish
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Aquarium suitability:
Care level:
Minimum tank size:
20 Gallon
Maximum size:
3.9 inches
Reef compatibility:
Carnivore, Meaty, Flake, Pellet
Tropical Western Pacific
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Size Shipped Range From 2.5" - 4.5"
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The Black Cap Jawfish typically reside in burrows that they construct in sandy substrate. They will stuff their mouth with sand and spit it out elsewhere, slowly creating a tunnel. Utilizing the protection of these burrows, these fish will hover feeding on plankton or other small organisms, ready to dart back in at the first sign of danger. They are territorial of the area around their burrows.

The Black Cap Jawfish are mouthbrooders meaning that their eggs hatch in their mouths, where the new-born fry are able to be protected from predators. The Black Cap Jawfish is ideal for a reef aquarium, although, it may eat small, delicate shrimps. It requires a tank with a sand and coral rubble substrate of about 5 inches deep for burrowing. The sand should be of various particle sizes and various sized rocks among the soft substrate will help to reinforce the burrows against them.

The Black Cap Jawfish is a fascinating fish to watch, as it will spit sand at anything that comes to close to its burrow. The Black Cap Jawfish should be housed with other peaceful species and small groups can be kept if the tank is large enough. The Black Cap Jawfish will often spawn in captivity and the male will incubate the eggs in its mouth.

Maximum Size: The Black Cap Jawfish grows up to 4 inches.These fish generally will come to you between 2 to 4 inches.

Tank Conditions: The Black Cap Jawfish should reside in a 30 gallon or larger aquarium with a tight-fitting lid to prevent it from jumping out, and at least 3 inches of mixed substrate for burrowing. It poses a possible threat to small shrimp.

The Black Cap Jawfish, like other saltwater fishes requires good water conditions. The water used must have a ideal temperature ranging from 72 degree to 78 degree Fahrenheit, specific gravity should not be less than 1.020 and also should remain less than 1.025, the pHvalue should remain between 8.1 and 8.4.

Habitat: The Black Cap Jawfish is known from the Indo-Pacific. In Australia it occurs from south-western Western Australia, around the tropical north and south to central New South Wales; Philippines to the Society Islands, north to Ryukyu Islands, south to southern Australia (including Lord Howe Island) and Rapa Island

Feeding and Diet: The Black Cap Jawfish diet should consist of a variety of meaty foods, including crustacean flesh, marine fish, mysid shrimp, live brine shrimp and frozen carnivore preparations once established. It prefers to be fed at least three times per day.

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