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Black Wood Turtle - Rhinoclemmys funerea - Black Turtle

Black Wood Turtle - Rhinoclemmys funerea - Black Turtle
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Central America from Nicaragua to Panama
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The Rhinoclemys funera or the Black Wood Turtle is a large species of turtle commonly found in Central America. There range extends from the Coco River, Nicaragua and Honduras in the north to Costa Rica and Panama in the south. They are endemic to slow moving streams and rivers, marshes, swamps, lakes and ponds and prefer a forest landscape. They are large turtles that can grow up to 14 inches carapace length. The carapace is domed and usually black but in some of the turtles it might show slight brown tints. The limbs are spotted with lighter spots and the jaws have yellow spots on both sides. The plastron is curved and concave and completely covers the underside of the turtle. Females and juveniles have flat plastrons that are dull gray or brown. They are the largest of wood turtle. They are some of the most popular pet turtles in America. They have a manageable size and are extremely hardy and in a short period of time share a strong bond with the keeper.

The Black Wood Turtle Habitat

The Rhinoclemysfunerais a fresh water turtle and prefers to live in slow moving and deep water bodies such as ponds, slow current rivers and streams, marshes, swamps ponds or lakes. They also prefer a profusion of vegetation and plantation both in and out of the water. In captivity keepers should provide a habitat where they can move freely. A 100 gallon water tank should be designed in such a way that it has 60 gallon water and 40 gallon land. The water area should be deep and the substrate should be soft and thick. The Black Wood Turtles love to swim and the tank should offer them mobility and freedom of movement. Under water fittings and plants, both artificial and natural should be planted in the substrate to give them a natural and homely environment. You can even plant ferns and mosses and some other plants that the turtle can consume. Keepers are advised to be careful if planning to keep them in an open environment. They are excellent diggers and might dig under fences and escape. A UVB emitting light paired with a heating lamp should be fixed over a dry basking area. The Rhinoclemysfuneraneeds atleast 14 hours of UVB light for proper synthesis of calcium. Deficiency of proper calcium synthesis the turtle can suffer from Metabolic Bone Disease. The aquarium should be a simulation of tropical climate. It should be kept humid with frequent misting.

The Black Wood Turtle Diet

The Black Wood Turtle are omnivores and their diet should be comprised of equal amounts of vegetables andflesh. You can feed them live foods such as superworms, earthworms, bloodworms, waxworms, snails, small fish, tadpoles, crayfish, mollusks, chicken livers chunks of eta and a pretty long list of non-veg food can be added to the menu. You should also feed them vegetables and fruits such as apples and chunks of banana, romaine lettuce, hyacinth, cabbage, spinach and other leafy vegetables. It is important that the Black wood Turtle’s diet comprises both veg and non-veg items. A weekly dose of calcium and other vitamin supplements is highly recommended.

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